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Pure Journi is all about creating unique and usable products that support your everyday life. We strive to bring you products that use the best materials, eco-friendly and improve a healthy lifestyle. 

Check out of coffee carafes,, no paper coffee filters and more...

100 9 oz Gold Glitter Plastic Party Tumbler Cups - Disposable and Recyclable

9 0z Glitter Gold Plastic Cups and Permanent Fancy Marking Pens for Events (100 count) 


We make our cups thicker than the average party cup. Want to wow your guests or customers at your wedding, party, or for a cozy gathering at home? Then our recyclable and disposable plastic gold tumblers what you are looking for. We want your event to be amazing. Have fun with these cups!

EVERY BOX COMES WITH 2 PENS TO DESIGN AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN CUPS! Stop the boring place setting presentation and take your party or event up a notch with our 2 fancy writing pens. Replace your name cards with these fun cups. Or add little sayings on your cups. Personalize your cups to your heart's content. Ink is permanent and will last through your event. Both adults and kids can have fun designing their own cups!

U.S.A. Design and Testing: While we manufacture our products aboard (let's be honest, what product isn't these days..) ALL of our DESIGN AND TESTING was completed and inspected right here in the USA. Lightening fast responses to your every concern and question. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority!

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