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Pure Journi is more than an online gemstone store. It is a place to find yourself and discover your life's true path. It is a place to find artifacts of magic to celebrate, create, or protect. Our products are sometimes unique and other times practical. Yet in the end, they serve their purpose and that purpose is whatever you choose them to be.


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Pure Journi started as a concept from years of working with semi-precious gemstones, precious stones, and precious metals. Although we do not sell the higher-priced gemstones and metals here at Pure Journi, we do on our other websites and companies.

Such as Halo, and a few of them are found on Harmony.

If you are looking for a finished product in 21 Karat Gold, plated gold, or high-quality 950 pure silver, then these two websites are the places to go.

You will find all your favorite semi-precious and precious stones yet beautifully designed in a finished product. We carry rings, necklaces, pendants, charms, bracelets, and a lot more.