Spiritual Cleansing

2020:The Rebirth of the Lightworker

2020 has been a difficult year for all, but it was a rebirth period, and that can be very challenging but rewarding for those who channel the light. Lightworkers work to bring shine to the dark parts of the world, and this is not always the most comfortable work as this means the dark has been exposed and is in focus. The darkness must be exposed to the light to no longer hide the shadows and revealed to heal.

This year’s struggles were vital for all humans to grow and change through a revival. Discomfort and pain are sometimes required but can be tools to get that process started. Birth can be the most challenging thing to go through, it’s gross and messy, but it brings a beautiful new life into the world. That new life is then full of innocence and opportunity. The year 2020 was that test, and we have seen the actual break and new build of humanity for all of humankind. We must grow through this new cycle, and those who will make it into this new cycle will be the ones who work on expelling their own shadow. Those who are not scared to face struggle and learn what they can to become a better witch and lightbringer.

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This year was the beginning of the new decade and a new cycle in the Chinese astrological calendar, which starts with the year of the Rat. The Rat is a nasty rodent to our culture, but if one looks into the story of the animal’s journey that makes up the Chinese zodiac, one will see the Rat came in first because it planned and was cunning. This year rewarded those who have good plans and can think of their feet like our friend, Rat.

A conclusion from this struggle of 2020 was cleaning out the old useless energy and bringing in a new progressive life. Transformation times are tough, and it isn’t always the easiest to transform. Transformations rarely come from easy times and are instead inspired by rough days forcing change. Change usually happens because of discomfort and knowing there’s something better out there for you. That is precisely what 2020 did, and if most people look at it in retrospect, they can see the positives.

The numerology of 2020 is powerful because it is a double number and a link to foresight. The numerology links with perfect vision and accomplishment, which is why there has been so much realization about the human condition. Many breakups have happened this year, not just because of covid and being in quarantine with people that do not mesh well but also because it was a year of cleaning out old relationships. This movement could have easily been because many people we’re stuck with loved ones that they may not have gotten along with, but it also was about seeing the truth in things that did not serve growth in the last decade.

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The new decade has brought in the foresight to realize what’s essential in our lives, what we cannot live without, and what we must let go of from our lives. Change doesn’t happen with comfort. It happens because of discomfort. If an itch needs to be scratched, it will keep itching more and more until the person aggressively attacks it with such force that sometimes the skin gets wounded in the process. Life is exactly like that, and this was a year where we can no longer ignore our problems and societal constructs. We had to reach back and aggressively scratch the itch, and we had to move forward from a particular way of thinking or else something was going to get hurt. Some humans will suffer and be held back by this year since they were unwilling to embrace change and build a better life full of accomplishments.

2020 could also have an adverse numerological condition that signals foundations are crumbling. Not a complete negative as sometimes foundations deserve demolition since they’re old and unstable. When they are gone, it lays the ground for new and vital foundations to rise. That is what this year has been for many that have embraced the flow of life. Building a life on an old and broken foundation does nothing but create a life that is as unstable as the shaky foundation. All the positive, energetic work can make the house as beautiful as possible but will have a bad foundation. The beautiful structure will one day face a strong storm, and it will topple. 2020 was that storm.

This year’s message is a wake-up call to society to stop blaming others and look inward for healing. The most positive aspect of the struggle is finding peace and healing the darkness within ourselves and society. Become a lightworker and face punishment if you encourage the dark. An example of this is the people who deny the covid-19 is real and then do not wear a mask, get the disease, and possibly die. The darkness will punish, and it punishes those who embrace it more than victims of its abuse.

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Those whose negative issues burden the lightworkers will have to start managing their energies because they will not be taken care of anymore in this new decade. It is the age of stability and self-care, and those who have been drowning in other people’s issues are getting their lifevest. The person may be drowning themselves in their muck or putting themselves at severe risk, but those who are now having to preserve their energy must step away. Sadly there might be innocent victims when people live this way, but you can not save everybody, and people need to start preserving their strength for times of transformation. All you can do is protect yourself. 2020 has been a year for awakening that fact and hopefully having people focus on themselves and their Reapers/ healers and let the world take care of itself. For if you don’t take care of yourself, the world will never heal.

Personal responsibility is one of the most neglected parts of society. If each person took more responsibility for their energy and magick, the world would be a better place. Not everyone has to be a lightworker, but everyone must channel the light. Sadly, many people want to pass blame and deny responsibility to the point that energy builds up and needs to be released somewhere. The year 2020 was the exact example of what happens when life gets built up, and responsibility gets passed. Bad energy blows up into forced change on massive levels. All humans eventually face testing, which allows the universe to see how much work the person has done. If the human has participated in self-work, they will have new opportunities and growth.

Still, the same goes for the flip side. If a person denies fixing their negative energy, these issues will blow up that self-work becomes overwhelming and sometimes impossible. The universe will force upon the person who has never done any self-work to the point that healing will seem overwhelming. There has been an uptick in those with substance abuse issues passing away this year, and this is a perfect example of why this build-up can be detrimental to those who deny their healing.

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Healing and moving out of comfort zones can even be hard for the most practiced lightworker witch and this is why giving yourself a break to meditate and do protective spellwork is vital during times of transition and rebirth. Carrying a crystal mojo bag is another way to protect the energy, and Crystals need consistent charging to keep these tools strong. Witches must be very proactive, and 2020 was an excellent time to set a daily practice. Even the most consistent witch can get caught off their guard, so setting habits in easy times can save them from being forced to recharge during the difficult days. Sometimes the darkness is pushed to the surface, and this spark is what a dormant witch needs to get back into consistency, so always go with what path feels right.

Being a part of a coven can help keep the lightwork activated since the fellow witches will hold your space in the coven and want your participation. A coven is a way to stay accountable and responsible for participating in events hosted by the coven and your fellow coven witches. Signing up for witch email lists is another great way to keep in a coven space without having to always participate at a certain time or place. Reading the daily postings can keep the magickal side activated even when magick and light cannot is not fully activated for that particular day, maybe due to a full schedule. A virtual coven or a consistent magickal practice is a great way to keep the magick healthy for activation in times of need.

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The year 2020 has encapsulated the concept of falling awake. The process of having a detrimental situation happens, which awakens the person to realize that life is worth living, and they need to be more proactive in their days. The shared fear also bonds people that have gone through trauma together and brings them closer. The covid situation in 2020 has done that in many ways. When we have as a world gone through a trauma situation, it does bring us closer since we realize we are all in this struggle together. It does not work for everyone, but most channel the light and know we are all humans and can be affected by the same issues. The bringing together of all humankind is vital in this current climate where the world is dying, and only humans coming together can fix the problems.

Every lightworker is vital in these uncertain times, and the best part of 2020 has been the healing and channeling of positive energy that I have seen from many powerful beings. I have witnessed many of those channeling this energy who have never participated in this magick before these uncertain times. The healing is activated, and it is beautiful to see their right light come out and shine. 2020 has genuinely been a robust year for many dormant lightworkers. Magick has been embraced on such a large scale that it has truly created a much more vital magick force unseen at these levels previously for humankind. This next decade will be a mighty time of rebirth and new paths since this year has been a great start. The more power and healing that has been channeled will create such an incredible force for generations to come. Plus, we all have almost made it out of the year we knew at 2020.