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Black Tourmaline Benefits

The Black Tourmaline Benefits are many. It is such a powerful and protective stone; I recommend it to everyone no matter what happens in a person’s life. Black Tourmaline crystal benefits are highly effective. If you are a doctor, nurse, or professional healing others, Tourmaline is a vital stone on your body. It is also essential to wear Tourmaline if you are in sales, marketing, or any profession in an office setting or around clients.

Black Tourmaline crystal benefits are many, and some of the benefits are similar to other protection crystals, such as obsidian, Labradorite, and others. Still, Tourmaline is easy to find in most crystal stores and not expensive. Plus, a large piece can go a long way.

Black Tourmaline Benefits - Gemstone Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits

Placement of your Tourmaline Stone

  • Everyone should have a piece of Tourmaline carried on their body.
  • A piece of Tourmaline in their car.
  • A piece of Tourmaline in every room of their home or in your bedroom where you sleep.

If you can’t afford to have a piece in every location, as stated above, start carrying a Tourmaline piece with you on your body, pocket, bra, or in jewelry you wear.

Regardless of size, tumbled, raw (natural) Tourmaline works. The energy and protection will work the same irrespective of size or shape. What is essential is that you have it.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits

Tourmaline protects from the energy that does not belong to you. Many people call this negative energy, but that is not accurate. Energy is not harmful because that same energy could be positive for another person. It is simply energy that does not belong to you or can help you along your life path. When you contact this kind of energy, your stone absorbs it or reflects it to where it originated.

The protective element of Tourmaline comes in handy when there is an actual psychic attack directed towards you. This stone easily deflects it away and keeps you safe, a critical stone for healers energy workers. It is crucial for those who come in contact with someone who needs spiritual healing or casting out energy. Tourmaline will keep the healer safe.

Another great Black Tourmaline benefit is its shielding capabilities. There is science behind the ability of this stone to shield a person from electromagnetic radiation. So, the next time you sit and watch TV, drive around, walk around, use your mobile phone, have a piece of Tourmaline with you.

Tourmaline is part of a family of healing crystals that work to strengthen immunity and is a detoxifier. It does this by blocking out physical environmental energy around you that may affect the physical body.

Grounding and Balancing

Tourmaline is a grounding stone tied to the root chakra. It promotes the release of stress, anxiety, self-confidence and promotes a feeling of calm within your environment.

Tourmaline is also a fantastic balancing stone. It can balance and clears chakras and auras.

If you are an empath, then pair Tourmaline with a piece of Labradorite and take your protection to the next level. Labradorite stops the energy of those around you. It places a protective spiritual ward around you, so draining energy cannot attach to you. As a result, you will feel more confident in large gatherings and easily brush off critical people.


How to Wear Your Stones

Do the best you can to always wear your stones on the left side of your body; this is where energy enters. You can either place them in a bit of hemp bag and your pocket or put them in a purse, bra, or other places on your body. One great way is to wear them is in jewelry. Placing your stones in a bracelet and wearing it on the left side of your body is ideal. Another place is over your chest on a necklace.

If you cannot wear them on the left side of your body, you will still receive adequate protection no matter where they are on your body. The left side is just a suggestion as it is the most venerable part of the body for spiritual protection.

Sometimes the best stones with you are the most basic and easy to find and purchase. Tourmaline is one of those basic stones that is sometimes overlooked but may solve many of your problems.

Black Tourmaline Benefits in Your Environment


Black Tourmaline Benefits - Gemstone Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits

The benefits of Tourmaline make it a stone that can fit any environment. The larger the stone, the more overall square footage will benefit.

Since Tourmaline is excellent with blocking electromagnetic energy, place your stones close to your windows, by the door outside your home. You can also put them in the corner of your homes. It can allow the stone’s energy to capture more of what may radiate out from different areas of your house. Flat-screen TVs, mobile phones, and similar items need much energy to work and at the same time emit much energy that is not so great for the body and spirit.

What Tourmaline Protects Against

  • If you live close to live powerlines, you will want a lot of this stone around your home. It will ground all that unhealthy energy and send it downward into mother earth.
  • Suppose you live near an airport near a flight path. Tools to track planes and guide them usually send out very high energy. Avoud and guard against this kind of energy.
  • Use Tourmaline for things like an old microwave that may leak radiation energy, old appliances, or gadgets manufactured before putting regulations on equipment. The list can go on and on.

Black Tourmaline Benefits for Pets

Lower energy states and places generally attract cats. Since Tourmaline is an excellent stone for capturing energy, cats may find it soothing. You may see your cat sleeping close by your Tourmaline or even lying on top of it. Like humans, your cat will also get the same protective Black Tourmaline benefits.

Some dogs like this crystal as well, especially if they are the nervous type. The stone is a calming stone for anxiety and other conditions that causes stress, uneasy feelings, and emotions.

Emotionally well-balanced dogs may not even notice your stone or care much about it. No matter your Tourmaline is protecting your dog or dogs as well.

Tourmaline in Your Daily Witchcraft or Spiritual Practice

Almost every witch I know has quite a bit of Tourmaline around them. It is a protective stone, but it is also a grounding stone. Black Tourmaline crystal benefits go way back beyond witchcraft or paganism.

Creating a protection circle with Tourmaline included gives your circle and powerful source for protecting you. The energy that materializes is contained within the Tourmaline and can be released when ready. Once you close your protection circle, you may want to clean your Tourmaline stone with sound, breath, sage, or flame. Even though you intend to capture and release energy, there will be some still hanging around, and you want to make sure you remove that last bit into mother earth.

Once your Tourmaline is clean and ready to reuse, take it in your hands. If it is too big to bring in your hands, position yourself over it and charge it with a quartz wand or your breath. Your intent needs to be for whatever you want it to do for you while working with it.

Crystals, in general, are very resilient, especially Tourmaline. From mother earth, the structure of crystal forms. It is nearly impossible to do any harm to its spiritual properties. You may only need to dispose of a crystal if it is physically broken in half or badly damaged.

Damaging a crystal in this way will change its properties and its protection, healing, or other.

What to Do with a Piece of Damaged Tourmaline Crystal

Black Tourmaline Benefits - Gemstone Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits - Earth Stone

When a crystal, stone, gemstone, etc., sustain considerable damage, you never want to throw it away. There still are some Black Tourmaline crystal benefits that can come from a damaged stone.

  • Tourmaline was created within nature and must be returned to nature. Go outside to your garden or take it to a park and bury it. Then thank the Tourmaline for what it has done for you and thank mother earth for bringing this crystal to you. This ritual will allow other powerful stones to come into your life.

Never Throw Away A Stone

The Tourmaline stone absorbs the energy that does not belong to you. When you throw away a Tourmaline stone, you could be unknowingly causing some harm to another who finds it and picks it up. Of course, you can clean it before throwing it away, but as discussed in the first bullet point. You may experience a bit of a downward trend in your energy and other things in your life until that energy settles. To keep things moving nicely, bury them and return them to where they came from.

The final reason not to throw away a damaged stone is that it could benefit your other stones. For instance, if you have a damaged Tourmaline, it will still have unique advantages. They are not as strong as they once were, but they will still be there. You could place some of your stones next to overnight and allow the Tourmaline to do deep energy cleanse.

There are many ways to repurpose a gemstone, but if the Black Tourmaline crystal benefits are not as substantial or no longer working, bury it, and all will be right for your highest self.

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