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A Beginners Guide to Choosing Your Tarot Card Deck

If you have tried reading books or watching Youtube channels for guidance on the best divination tool for you, may I suggest the Tarot Cards?

Tarot has been around for centuries. Kings and queens would have their soothsayers perform sessions in mystical settings to tell their future, project an outcome, or plan for war. Intuitively the use as a tool for the wealthy, royalty, and commoners was every day.

If you are looking for tools with a long track record for success, tarot cards are right up there with the ouija board and crystals.

Choosing your first deck isn’t as hard as you might imagine. All it takes is for you to use your intuitiveness to select a deck that resonates with you and your energies.

Some things to consider are the illustrations on the deck. They need to call out to you. The feel of the cards should work well with your fingers and not stick. The size of the cards should be comfortable for you to work with and be able to read. Finally, the energy coming off the cards is essential.

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First things first are to glide your hand over a deck. How does it feel? Do you feel warmth, cold, thickness in the air, or nothing at all? If you feel nothing at all, then move on to another deck.

Do this until you find a deck that calls out to you. Once you found that deck, now play with the cards. Are they easy to shuffle? Are the text and font easy to read? Do the pictures on the cards call out to you?

An example would be a circus deck I found last year. Its beautiful illustrations called out to me. When I passed my hands over the deck, I could feel an energy coming from them. It was easy for me to know these cards were a match.

Storing Your Tarot Card Decks

Once you find a deck, you will want to take care of it. One way to ensure your deck does not get damaged is to find a wooden box to place them in. I usually place my deck in a hemp pouch and then into a wooden box.

Your Cards Coming In Contact With Others

Most people are afraid to let their cards come in contact with others. But there is no danger to this, and their energies will not stick to the card. Quite the opposite, you want those you are working with to touch the cards so you can get a better read for them.

Will Your Cards Predict the Future?

The cards are a tool. Just like anything that provides guidance, you and the ones you are doing readings for will need to believe in the cards for them to work. Secondly, the guidance may not materialize as exactly as it shows itself to you. The future is a fickle thing and can change at any time.