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The Sexuality of the Wild Woman in Us All

Lilith placements are tricky since, when ignored, they cause sexual trauma from this placement, but when embraced, they can cause sex conflict with more conservative values in society that try to hold the wild woman down. Those who cast Lilith aside will notice the wild desires can come out in toxic ways or flood out so strongly that they cannot control how they express their wild side. Lilith, the wild woman, influences how we connect with our raw sexual nature. The wild woman rules over sexuality and sovereignty, where she does not let anyone rule or dictate her life in or out of the bedroom.

When embracing Lilith, it is essential to realize what sign and house the Lilith are in to be aware of their own and others’ wild habits and desires. Lilith needs recognition and her needs taken into account. Someone with a Lilith opposite their own Sun sign can have problems rectifying their personality with their wild sexual desires. Lillith also controls our carnal desires, so it could be imperative to know what zodiac character she is under on an individual natal chart to know what kink Lilith will bring out. Hopefully, this guide will help you understand what you’re Lilith’s sexual motivations are and be prepared when she gets her wild urges. Guidance into the pairing of signs that may conflict with the Lilith placements in your charts helps each individual to be ready for if Lilith faces conflict.

Most people that have been in love relationships are familiar with Eve or Venus represented in the stars and natal charts. Eve is a biblical figure and ties to Venus as being from similar energy and behavior. Venus represents the honeymoon phase and how people act when they’re courting each other. All placements experience this where the real bad habits of a sign do not come out, and all that is showing is the good side. Lilith is the genuine desire and passion when people live with each other for a long time. We ignore the Lilith in our society in favor of Venus, not realizing that it create problems in relationships when we do not understand where our wild side come from and what it wants.

An example of conflict would be a Cancer Black Moon placement around a Lilith in Aries. The Cancer will feel many discomforts that the Aries freely express the hidden wild side they have. If any of their charts dictate a calm personality, they will not understand where their wild child side comes out unless they study into their Lilith. It is essential to understand the motivations because she does not like to be suppressed or put into a corner, so she will come out even if she comes out kicking and screaming. Placements of each planet or comet in the star chart matter how Lilith will interact with these others and react to others’ sexual desires and needs. Mostly conflicting signs to the particular Lilith are the best to understand since it could create issues in the long run. Lilith is one sign that will have bad reactions with other signs, whereas she will compliment different placements as well. It also depends on how much the person embraces Lilith.

Finding a black Moon Lilith placement can be challenging since many charts or astrologists do generally not include this placement. Since Lilith is a comet, you have to request that it is featured on the chart specifically in addition to the planets. Lilith’s zodiac sign placement guides how the built-up sex energy expresses itself and how she seeks pleasure. Reading the placement of other planets around Lillith is crucial because it is an essential guide to how Lilith acts in correlation to other signs in the chart. If someone has Lilith on the same planet as something else, she will be ruling over this part with the other sign.

Lilith in Aries

Having an Aries or first house Lilith is the wild woman that rules over the self and can have selfish needs. This Lillith is very self-preserving, and she will not compromise her own self needs over somebody else’s discomfort. Aries in Lilith will have a conflict with those who have a lot of Libra in their charts as Libra is the opposite of Aries and may find the Aries Lilith rubs them the wrong way by being so selfish. An Aries Lilith will have issues with anybody that wants this wild woman to compromise. They will be loud and vocal and will be leading the charge on sexuality and everything wild. The Lilith Aries will get along very well with their fire sign placements and other fire signs to understand their self-serving chaotic energy. Other fire signs will understand the wild urges burning inside Lilliths, and the fire placements will help her burn her message into the space and time of the current place. Aries in Liliths may have a hard time with Libra placements but could also learn from their opposite sign on keeping balance in their lives. Balance is a trait that Aries in Lilith needs to remember since to embrace Lilith without restrictions, the wild woman is left without any balance and may take over. Aries or the first house Lilith will face with the challenge of selfish desires. She needs to make sure that she does not always try to be the wild woman and sometimes compromises the sanctity of a relationship or happiness with her people. When Lilith goes wild, they could enjoy being dominant in the bedroom and want her lover to treat her like a superior or hold them to a high place. This method feeds Lilith’s desire to be wild, but the Aries desires to be on top. They would enjoy worship-based sex and have sexy pictures taken to show off their sexual and somewhat vain side, knowing they are desired fully.

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Lilith in Taurus

The Taurus Lilith or second house is the wild woman who rules over values and worthiness. This Lilith knows her worth, and when she goes wild and sensual, she makes sure it’s with the most extravagant and exuberant of surroundings. These are primal Liliths and could be ticking time bombs if they do not get their way and may deal with it for a time, but they may one day go crazy wild if not given any release. This Lilith may be okay with being a subservient woman until she gets pushed too far and her wild woman comes out with a fury. Taurus or second house Lilith is open with her sexuality, and she does not care who knows that she is a sexual and sensual being. Taurus Lilith may clash with Scorpio or anyone with Scorpio and Lillith’s as Taurus does not like secret keepers. Taurus does not do well with Scorpio and their inner darkness, and they may clash if they’re wild woman lies and Taurus. The opposite signs do not mean Taurus cannot learn from Scorpio and keep themselves a little bit more cautious and less open if enemies are lurking nearby. The Scorpion knows that not everyone is their friend, and Taurus Lilith needs to learn from this aspect. Lilith in Taurus is not the typical wild woman as an earth sign as she rarely let herself go full wild. Also, the Taurus wild side is not what many people think is wild, and it may include binging on their favorite show or eating a decadent meal plus a decadent dessert possibly in the bedroom. It also might mean exploring a new kink or practicing sensual dance in the bedroom. The Taurus likes to stay in their sexual comfort zone with Venus ruling, so the wild woman, even sexually, is pretty open under Taurus. This Lilith does not need much more when she goes wild. Taurus rules the body, so this Lilith will want to be touched, and foreplay is a must to keep the bull Lilith satisfied.

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Lilith in Gemini

Lilith in Gemini or the third house is a big talker like many Gemini’s are, but when they go wild, it can be a sharp tongue that others may want to watch out for when dealing with this Lilith. Gemini Lilith can be very short with communication if they are restricted from the freedom to express their wild side and face too much criticism. This Lilith will not take kindly to those who try to dictate how they speak or what they expressed to others. Gemini’s opposite is Sagittarius, and they do not seem like they would have much conflict since they both are free-flowing and expressive signs. Instead, Gemini would face a battle with this Lilith placement from Cancer placements since they are judgemental and tend towards being fundamentally conservative. The Gemini Lilith could face the Cancer judgmental and go off on the sign verbally, hurting the sensitive Cancer’s feelings and destroying a relationship that still meant something to them just because of their sharp tongue. The Gemini in Lilith needs to understand that some people may speak of issues and may seem judgemental. The Gemini can easily dismiss these problems and march to their drum without needing approval. This wild woman Gemini may very much enjoy going to town with dirty talk or heavy flirty while channeling their wild side, and that could be a trick to get them to be naughty without any verbal conflict.

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Lilith in Cancer

Lilith in Cancer or fourth house is one of the timidest and conflicted Lilith placements. This Lilith is always fighting an inner battle between being a housewife and a wild woman. And may judge others for whatever path she decides to take, and they chose the opposite. She is the closest to her womanly counterpart, Eve, in this way and would side with Eve before she joined any other Lilith’s side. Cancer Lilith may have a hard time with judgment by their friends and family for being a wild woman and will suppress this part of herself in fear of this criticism. These Liliths will have problems controlling people and controlling every aspect of their partner’s sex life. This Lilith Cancer does not believe in their partner having fantasies that they do not have to suppress these desires in their partner equate they hide it them in themselves. Thie wild woman will have a tough time with those in fire signs like Aries and Sagittarius, who do not allow others to control them at all, which they Cancer will try to do no matter what other placements they have in their chart. Suppose this Lilliths is with one of those signs. In that case, she must be careful to keep her controlling nature minimum and put the relationship above any controlling behavior, especially when it comes to sexuality. This Lilith is the ultimate submissive in a relationship and lives to serve her partner’s every sexual need. This can be wonderful for the partner, but the Cancer Lilith needs to make sure their own needs are met since no one likes to be left unsatisfied in the bedroom.

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Lilith in Leo

Lilith in Leo or the fifth house is the showstopper, and these Lillith placements are the star of wild woman placements as they are the most comfortable showing off their wild side. Leo Lilith should be very careful when dealing with their opposite sign Aquarius who does not understand Leo’s passion and strong physical drive. Lillith in Leo can be very judgmental of those who do not think the same way they do and will have a hard time relenting to another’s restrictions. Leo will not put up with any criticism and does not like anyone to dull their shine. They will not take people calling them out and may blow upon these people damaging relationships. Lilith in Leo must be careful to control their pride and ego, or they may end up hurting those who genuinely do support them. Leo’s wild woman would not do well with air signs like Aquarius, who does not get passionate about sensual things and would much rather have intellectual pursuits. This Leo Lilith will have a hard time with those who are a bit more humble, like the water signs, and they may find this Lilith is too exuberant for their taste. Lilith in Leo also struggles with the fear of rejection since they are such a song that expresses being. They will show their wild side with exhibitionism and public displays of sexuality to keep their wild side fulfilled.

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Lilith in Virgo

The Virgo or sixth house Lilith is an interesting character since the Virgo represents the Virgin or the maiden, but Lilith is the wild sexual being, so they are opposites. When paired with Lilith, Virgo may feel like they cannot ever make anyone or themselves happy with sensual endeavors. Virgos are born to serve, but with this placement, they may feel criticized for how they give their devotion and sex. Lilith Virgo is more of a practical lover and will be very quick to express what they want and need in the bedroom. This Virgo also is a sexual servant, and they do love to please. They are absolutely a switch in the bedroom, and a partner must prepare to roll with whatever role the Lilith Virgo is feeling that night. Virgo will not do well with Pisces placements since they are all about living in a fantasy that Virgo cannot stand. Pisces will try to pull Virgo into this world, and Virgo will respond with an eye roll and dismissal and want to get down to business. This act could hurt the fishes’ feelings, and they shut down and refuse sex, frustrating Virgo Lilith even more. They are not into role play and instead want specific sexual satisfaction and then walk away when done without any lingering fantasies to complete.

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Lilith in Libra

Lilith in Libra or the seventh house is the demure wild woman who loves to lounge around in lingerie and serve her lover whenever and wherever they please. They seek fair play, so Lilith may turn on the power and become a whirlwind of force if someone is left out or manipulated. Libra Liltths are the friends that will find out their besties husband has been unfaithful and make sure she tells her friend but also that the husband and the affair partner will hear it from here as well. Those around her will be surprised when they unleash this confrontational monster as Lira Lilith is ordinarily sweet and kind. It’s just this Lilith will fight hard for any underdogs or those she feels are being taken for granted and will right the wrong even if others are causing the problems. Please stay away from Aries placements Libra in Lilith because they are incredibly selfish and hurt Libra’s fairness goals. Aries also acts irrationally and selfish, which drives Lilith Libra crazy, and they will confront the Aries about making everything about themselves and their own needs while ignoring all others. A confrontation between a Lilith Aries and a Lilith Libra could be world-ending, with fire and air fueling a wildfire that could burn down many structures. Libra in Lilith will have her wild woman kinky side filled with a partner who enjoys random frolics in public or during a party. This Libra likes to know they turn their partner on at all times, so if a partner shows they cannot wait to get home to take the Libra, it will make the wild woman activate.

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Libra in Scorpio

Scorpio or eighth house Liliths are sensual and sexy, but they may have a hard time having anyone take them seriously or want to be in a serious relationship with them. They feel like their sexual nature is a bonus but may become devastated when judged for this trait. They ooze sex out of everything they do, and Lilith in Scorpio is the happiest in her rightful home. Thus, Lilith in Scorpio will have a hard time trusting many with her sexual desires, but her love will notice she is very unconventional with her sexual love once she does. They may want to stay away from significant fire sign placements like someone with a lot of Sagittarius since they will not understand that the Scorpio needs intimacy along with sex to function. They also will not like Sagittarius’s desire to be open sexually with nature, which will drive the Lilith Scorpio wild with jealousy and not in the right wild way. The Lilith in Scorpio, for all the jealousy and possessive nature, may want to bring others into her sexual relationship. As long as they are the ruling queen in their bedroom, they could welcome many others into the bedroom to play on the wild side. They also will be the most inclined to bring toys and other items into the bedroom to spice up and keep things fun.

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Lilith in Sagittarius

Ninth house or Sagittarius Lilith has intuition beyond any other sign but can keep these ideas to themselves if this Lillith feels rejection. They also may be punished for having this guiding principle, and Mets are afraid to express this. They must have faith and keep this beat to their drum since they will inspire many with their Wild Side. Sagittarius should stay away from those with Taurus lowest or any other Earth sign as they may be too grounded and unable to see Sagittarius wild visions. Lilith at sporadic times and may want to travel sporadically and will not be liking anybody trying to control these plans. This Sagittarius Lilith will wish to have destination sex or even will not want to wait to get to the destination, making themselves a member of the mile-high club. The Sagittarius Lilith will feel best expressed when they can have sensual experiences worldwide and possibly with people from other cultures.

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Lilith in Capricorn

Capricorn in Lilith is the boss and will not be ok with anyone trying to take control of their wild side. They are ambitious and will go their way if too many rules or limits on their goals. They may find they choose work over all other relationships, including the one with themselves. They should stay away from Libra, who is the opposite, and give up all their financial resources for relationships. This Lilith will be the ice queen if her hopes and desires face ignoring, and she can leave a lover quicker than they may even realize. This Capricorn Lilith needs to make sure she reasons about if she wants to walk away from a relationship due to one little bit of lack of support. She could end up alone and bitter of not careful. Lilith Capricorn is the dominatrix of the Lilith wild side and will be the one to take charge in the bedroom at all times. They must have a partner that is willing to be submissive to this wild woman energy of Capricorn in Lilith.

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Lilith in Aquarius

Aquarius in Lilith is very protective of their individuality and will not like any controlling behavior on this aspect. Lilith in Aquarius how the wild side may come out in her dress or how Lilith expresses the sexual side creatively. If she feels any lack of support from a partner or relations, she will pull back and not let them see this side of her anymore. Lilith in Aquarius is very fickle when it comes to relationships and will not be afraid to have a few going on to keep their scattered mind healthy. If anyone would be polyamorous, it will be a Lilith Aquarius. They should stay away from Scorpio Lilith since they are incredibly jealous and smother. Even though they are open to others in a relationship, they would want to be in charge. The Scorpio will quickly push out an Aquarius Lilith into a relationship and want to control every aspect. They do not like the status quo and will rebel against it to prove a point. Aquarius Lilith is the most aggressive Liliths and the most free-flowing, letting their wild woman live right out in the open even if their sexual desires are taboo or unaccepted. Lilith did not want to be controlled by no God or human, and Aquarius lives their life by believing in the wild woman’s true spirit of not fitting into any system. The new movement towards freedom of sexual expression and loving whomever you would like is true Lilith in Aquarius vibes.

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Lilith in Pisces

Pisces in Lilith is a fantasy queen and can live most of their life in their dream world. They prefer fantasy over reality and will withdraw if someone tries to make them live too much of their life in stagnant reality. They enjoy tapping into their wild side in every way since it allows them to follow a path of being like a magickal creature connecting to another world. Pisces in Lilith need to stay away from Capricorn and earth sign placements because they will continuously try to pull Pisces into reality. Pisces Lilith will not be happy with this but will be too scared to leave and instead withdraw into their world farther. Pisces in Lilith is one of the only real sensitive Liliths, and this aspect can come out in addiction and escapism if not supported. This Lilith can be a very sexy, sensual partner when supported by giving all of their wild nature to a partner entirely. The dreamy Lilith will enjoy role play and dressing up sexy for a partner to get wild and fulfill their need for fantasy. The Pisces in Lilith will also be the most likely to practice sex magick since they will have the psychic abilities strongest when tuned into the sexual frequencies.

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