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How to make a Grigri Bag – Step by Step Guide

This article will show you how to make a Grigri Bag. It is for anyone that needs support and protection. This bag may help ward off negative energy, dark energy, anxiety, marital issues, sadness through the loss of a friend or loved one, extreme hurt, depression, and other factors that can affect and attack your spirit and energy. I never leave my home without my bag and refresh it once the bag starts to wear.

From my standpoint, I think everyone should have a protection bag. This article is essential for anyone to read that is into energy work, a witch, empathy, or others who walk a spiritual path.

There is not one person in this world that will, at some point in their life, need protection from harmful energy from a loved one, a stranger, or guard from energies in your environment.

A great way to protect yourself and work on your internal energy is through a Grigri bag. Grigri bags are a Voodoo work tool, but they are also an excellent witchcraft tool used for healing, protection, love, and abundance.

Protection can come in many ways, through a spellcaster, shaman, or other in the spiritual world. In this article, I will teach you how to go about it yourself through the power of crystals, plants, and spell work.

You may be saying to yourself, how can crystals protect me? Aren’t they just stones? From a layman’s view, yes, they are stones. But from an energy and spiritual perspective, they hold the power of mother earth. Their volatile creation takes on the elements of composition, protection, and the ability to store and release energy in potent ways.

Combining the power of a Grigir bag with using other aids like Tarot Cards Decks or Srcyring can cover all your bases. We have a great article on using a very specific dark tarot card deck and approach to healing your shadow self.

There are four elements to a protection bag, and all are very important.

  1. Color of the bag
  2. Material
  3. Stones
  4. Plants


First, let’s talk about color. Your bag’s color is essential as it adds and supports the spell work needed for your Grigri bag.

With this spell work, there are two color options. No one is better than the other. It is up to your choice of color to pick each with an element of protection.

  • BLUE is a color of protection, calm, and peace and can also help speak beyond this world to gain clarity.
  • BLACK is the color of protection, uncrossing, and can be used to ward off any negative vibes that may come your way.

Which color you choose is entirely up to you and what feels right. Yet only stick to one of these colors. I recommend making a bag of each color and then using both to see which one works best.


The material of your bag is critical. Using the wrong material can block energy or weaken it. Natural materials are the only suitable materials. I recommend hemp, leather, silk, or anything from mother earth. I have seen bags made of bamboo, dried plant leaves, and other excellent materials for a bag. Keep in mind choosing a material that will last, or you will make new bags more often. My go-to material is hemp, and since I carry my bags everywhere, hemp will last about six months before I need to make a new one.


The crystals/stones you will need are a crucial spell ingredient for this bag to work right. Use these five stones.

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  • Labradorite: A great stone to block other people’s energy that does not belong to you. It acts as a strong barrier.
  • Tourmaline: It is the swallower of negative energy and creates a cloak of protection for the wearer.
  • Obsidian: From the earth’s center comes a stone made from volcanic glass rock. Obsidian is the sword against negative energy and a powerful anchor for keeping you grounded in good and bad times. It is an intense healing stone that is always ready to pull you back up on your feet when something or someone tries to knock you down.
  • Sugilite: From the deep earth of Mother Russia comes a crystal like no other. It is strong in protection and healing. This crystal will fill those voids and freshen your energy and vigor for life when you feel depleted. It does not ward off negative energy, yet it works in conjunction with your other stones to heal your energy when you take an unexpected hit from an outside intruder. This stone is expensive, but all you need is a small piece for your bag to keep the cost down.
  • Tiger’s Eye: has been used for ages to ward off curses; Tiger’s eyes have found their place among high sought-after protection stones. It offers powerful balancing energy to help ward off anxiety and gives you the courage to fight battles that come your way.


Sage: This is a plant I recommend for a protection bag. It is an old remedy for clearing a space, protecting, and bringing good vibes. You can get stronger vibes and protection from it if you grow it yourself. Sage brings protection, wisdom, luck, prosperity, purification, and healing. It is a plant connected to air and earth elements and makes it great for protection, grounding, and purification.


Now it is time to prepare your bag and seal it. Follow these simple steps.

Take all your stones and sage and place them in a bowl, shell, or container. It is better to use natural materials to hold your ingredients. Stay away from anything to do with plastics. If you don’t have a bowl, use a material rag or paper towel or set them on a rock outside.

White Sage Cleansing:

All your ingredients need cleansing before they can be helpful. There are three ways of doing this, and all are acceptable. Use the smoke of white sage to cleanse. Pass the smoke over your ingredients, going clockwise three times to bring in energy and remove the energy that does not belong to you. State out loud within your head this cleansing ritual, “Remove the energy that does not belong to me and bring in strong, clean protective energy to protect my soul, spirit, and health.” Say this with each counter-clockwise circle.

Breath Cleansing:

For those that have a hard time with the smell of Sage or its smoke. You can also use your breath. Take your hands and rub them together vigorously, which activates the smaller chakras in your hands.

Now take your fingers and gently tap them right below your throat; this will calm you and help you focus on the task.

Take all your ingredients and place them in your upright palms. Stretch your palms to the universe and blow your breath hard onto them. Do this three times. With each breath, state out loud or in your head this cleaning ritual, “Remove the energy that does not belong to me and bring in strong, clean protective energy to protect my soul, spirit, and health.”

I used White Sage when I was cleansing, but I enjoy this cleansing so much that it has become my go-to cleansing technique for almost everything.

Sound Cleansing:

Who doesn’t love the sound of a beautiful singing bowl? Take a signing bowl and places it close to your ingredients. Start to create sound by going clockwise around the bowl. As you do this, state the cleansing ritual, “Remove the energy that does not belong to me and bring in strong, clean protective energy to protect my soul, spirit, and health.”


Now it is time to add all your ingredients into your bag. Start with your sage, then add your stones in any order, one by 1. Once everything is in your bag, tie it tight with a double knot and bind the protection to you by completing the ritual with these words, “Protection bag, I bind your protection to me to always guard me against the energy that does not belong to me or wishes to harm me. I bind your healing energy always to guard my health and fill me with strong energy and light.”


If you are creating this bag for someone else, ensure you use their given name at birth to bind the bag to them.


With every spell comes some warning. Once your bag is tied, never open it until the bag starts to wear away and give out. If you open the bag, it breaks the Magick, and you will need to begin the ritual again for the Magick to work.


You just created your own Grigri (Mojo) bag! How exciting. My wish is that if your bag always protects you in your life, no matter how bad things can seem, the real Magick in your bag will come to the surface when you need it most.

Mine has helped me through terrible anxiety issues and given me the clarity to work through marital problems, loss, extreme sadness, and depression. I never leave my home without my bag and refresh it once the bag starts to wear.

May blessings always find you, may your energy always flow, and may the universe always light your true path.


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