Spiritual Cleansing

A Witch Must Create a Sacred Space

We have divulged into casting a circle before, but today, it will be a much deeper look into the process of creating a sacred space. Creating a sacred space is vital for all witches because they need a place to practice and know that they will be safe for their magick -plus, it connects with the guardians of all elements. Magick is one of the most intimate experiences similar to prayer that worshipers who celebrate other religions experience. When a witch channels their magick, they expose the most vulnerable sides of their physical and astral form. Casting a circle should be done quite often, but sadly, it is one part that seems to get neglected in most witches’ practices, which can be dangerous. It can take some time for a typical cast, and many choose to get right on to the ritual’s good stuff. Here I hope to explain why casting a circle is important and how this process can be elongated or shortened, mainly depending on whether the powerful elements feel worshiped in daily practice.

When casting, scared space creation should be the primary focus since launching the circle asks for help from the elements’ guardians and rulers. When we release the circle to protect us as witches, we create a new space and time to do a ritual without any interference from the negative energy or those that may wish to do harm or power that does not belong. Casting a circle can be done for any aspect of life, but calling in the deities that rule the different elements should not be done when a complete ritual is not the main focus. The witch should always protect their practice with a circle, and the deities’ powers are best to use when needed.

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Casting a circle can be an intricate process, or it can even be something the witch does before the ritual, like taking a bath with sea salt crystals and candles in charge while also taking the four elements and the rulers who protect them. The fifth element to complete the pentacle is that the witch is the most crucial element as it is the center and reason for all magickal existence. It is essential to protect the energy once in a while, and the action of casting a circle also awakens parts of himself and puts them in touch with the mind, energy, spirit, body, and feelings so that the being is made whole.

The first direction to call upon and become more intimate is the East direction of winds and storms. The East is the Air ruler and represents the mind, the dawn of the new day, the spring season. It rules over pale, delicate colors like white and cream and encompasses violet and other colors linked to the sky and wind. There is also related to birds’ spirit animals, especially the eagle who soars upon the wind. The tools connected with the East are the athame and the sword used interchangeably in rituals, but most prefer the athame since it is smaller and can fit in most ritual spaces safely. Since the East rules the sword tarot card, the East also rules the metal element and most hard artificial surfaces blown by the wind. The Air meditation focused on the East involves intense and heavy breathwork to channel East energy’s solid winds and air.

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The fire element rules the South direction, and the worshiper in this direction should keep in mind that the fire energy is King. The South represents the fire’s strong magick and power of the witch fueled by the energy and spirit of a wildfire. The South also rules noon, summer, the colors that are fiery red and orange. The celestial lion in the sky’s star pattern is governed by fire energy conveying will and strength. The tarot card connected to Fire and the south is the wand suit. Wands are mainly made with different types of unique wood or even crystal but traditionally made out of driftwood which creates fire hence why the wands are attached. Wands’ uses include channeling magickal energy and a direct connection to the god and goddess, so the fire element is tied to the deities’ evocation. In fire meditation, the witch should be aware of the spark within and realize the spark within the body’s nerve pulses and synapses.

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The West element corresponds to water, and all the flowing magickal aspects of magick are connected to the element. The west direction also rules the emotions, Twilight, autumn, the blue, gray, deep purple, and sea green colors or any hues in the infinite ocean. The West also rules all sea creatures, from dolphins to lichen, and the power to dare. The tarot card governing the West and water is the cup or chalice that holds the saltwater or ritual drink in spellwork. In the water meditation, make sure to feel the blood flowing through your veins like rivers when channeling this element and direction.

The last aspect of asking for evocation is the North, and it’s considered the most critical direction in the ritual channeling North is the Earth element’s ruler and is most powerful because the Sun never reaches the Northern Hemisphere. The North is thus protected from the heat and scorching, keeping entirely in its own space of energy. It is the direction of mystery, peace, and the unseen. The North Star has been the center around which societies were built and has been a geological marker for centuries. Magickal altars should face the North or place them in that space of the dwelling. The North rules over the body, midnight, winter, the colors brown, black, and green. The North brings the power of silence, listening deeply, secrets, and knowing what not to say, so verbal communication rules the North’s direction firmly. The dark Maiden representing the new moon and the God as the sacred bull are the north’s totems, which are decisive elements. The tarot that leads over the North is the pentacle which represents the craft of magick. When doing Earth meditations, make sure to feel the ground around you, and even taking off your shoes to help touch the ground is a great practice.

The circle’s center is the caster. The witch is what brings the spirit into the sacred space creating the five points best represented in the Pentacle. The caster is the point of transformation, which corresponds to the pure essence of life and spirit combining. When the witch is the center of her circle, she is the ultimate beacon for all the power. The center is the most potent magickal tool for a witch to with their own power which is why they need to show appreciation for their place in the process and show gratitude for the guardians of the elements. The magickal tool that guides the center is the cauldron, and that is also why it is one of the most valuable tools for the witch since it is useful for many purposes but also connects to center power.

The sacred circle will always be an essential part of a witches magick and should be cast with every ritual practice. It brings in the deities from all different directionals, elements and protects the center of power, which is the witches magick. A witch should do an evocation for connecting to four quarters and creating the sacred space even if short on time and this can be done with invocations. Here is an example. This following invocation can be a quick but fun way to bring in the guardians. As long as the witch considers how vital these elements are to the circle, the protectors will create the circle around the center, the witch.


Quicksilver Messenger, Master of the crossroads, springtime step lightly, into my mind, Golden One whisper, Airy ferryman, sale from the east on the wings of the Wind.


Desert flower, flaming well, a cracking with energy under my skin, red lion roaring, a pulse is racing, roaming the South, I am open; come in.


Pearl gray warrior, ghostly Quest, Prince of Twilight, sailing west, intuition, Sundown lady, ancient Serpent of the Seas, pearly queen of Twilight Waters, silver-foot come silently.


Mother of mountains, mother of trees, mother of midnight, mother of Earth, root, and leaf and flower and Thorn, come to us come to us out of the North.