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Acacia moon shelf for crystals: does the wood matter?

crescent moon shelf

We spend a lot of time thinking about the power of crystals. You probably know that citrine attracts abundance, and people from ancient times until today use black obsidian as a protective stone. Have you ever considered the powerful benefits of wood? Whether you like to escape into the forest, furnish your home with wooden tables and chairs, or decorate with a beautiful acacia moon shelf for crystals, you can use the wood around you to heal the physical body, heal the spirit, and protect yourself and your space.  

Today, we will talk about the history of wood, how magickal wood is used in ceremonies and meditations, and the physical and spiritual properties of one of our favorite types of wood– acacia.

Acacia moon shelf: Does the type of wood matter?

A history of wood

The history of civilization is the story of wood. Ancient people used wood for fuel, buildings, and religious artifacts throughout history. Wood is a great way to beautify a home. I’ve always dreamed of having a home office with dark wood floors, towering wooden bookshelves, and a substantial wooden desk. There’s power in wood and comfort derived from being encapsulated in its embrace.

Wood is the centerpiece of our lives, and it’s the building block of the future. Planting trees today for future generations to sit under isn’t just a physical act– it’s a symbolic one.

Wood + trees in witchcraft ceremonies

Different cultures and religions across the globe incorporate wood and trees into their sacred rituals. Here are a few examples of religions and cultures that use wood or trees in their rituals or revere a specific type of tree:

  • In Hinduism, the Banyan tree is considered sacred and worshiped by those who want to have children.
  • Buddhists make a pilgrimage to the Bodhi tree to see the spot where the Buddha attained Enlightenment.
  • In Genesis 2, Christians and Jews meet the Tree of Life.
  • Across Africa and India, rainmaking ceremonies are performed under trees and in groves where the god of rain/thunder lives. 
  • Yggdrasil is a sacred tree in Norse cosmology, believed to support the universe.

Witches have a special connection to trees, and their choice of wood for ceremonies is almost as important as the ritual itself. While wood can create a physical ladder, sacred wood can create a metaphysical “ladder” that elevates your consciousness to higher planes. Here are a few ways to use wood and trees in witchcraft:

  • Incorporate sacred trees into your ritual bonfire.
  • Hold rituals in a sacred grove. 
  • Weave the twigs of a holy tree into a crown to benefit from its spiritual properties. 
  • Carve your wish into the beech tree branch, then bury the stick to be heard and reabsorbed by Mother Earth. 
  • Choose a wand based on the properties of the wood. 
  • Wear a necklace strung with red rowan berries for healing, success, psychic intuition, and protection. 
  • Use palo santo (“holy stick” in Spanish) to cleanse your space from unwanted energy. 

There are so many uses for wood in magickal spells and witchy rituals. Each type of wood carries different physical and spiritual properties. 

Spiritual properties of acacia wood 

We know people revered wood for its physical and metaphysical properties throughout history. If you were to list the uses for different types of wood, the list would dwarf the giant Sequoia tree! 

Instead of listing every tree and its benefits, let’s narrow our focus to one of our favorite trees– the acacia. It’s often referred to as the “tree of life” or the “tree of the gods.” The first Egyptian gods were born under the branches of this sacred tree, but the significance for ancient Egyptians didn’t stop there. The sacred barge of Osiris at the temple of Thebes was created from acacia wood. Because of the connection with Egyptian deities, this wood is a good choice for any rituals honoring these gods. 

How can acacia wood help you? If becoming a spiritual leader is your goal, acacia is the wood that will help you get there. Known for its qualities of protection and sensitivity, this type of wood is a good match for anyone in need of a confidence boost.

Want help in your psychic ventures? Acacia strengthens the third eye. Use this in spells for protection and psychic power. It’s also no secret that acacia is an excellent aid for meditation. Check your incense packaging– you may see the dried gum of the acacia tree listed as its base. Without knowing, you may already be using acacia in your spiritual practice!

We can’t leave out the heart of the matter! Acacia is the tree of platonic love and friendship. Incorporate acacia into your rituals to make all of your relationships as solid as the wood! Speaking of how solid the wood is– let’s talk about the physical properties of acacia.

Physical properties of acacia wood + why you need an acacia moon shelf for crystals

The spiritual benefits of acacia wood are undeniable. But is it a stable, long-lasting material for your crystal moon shelf? The answer is a resounding yes!

Acacia is highly durable and water-resistant. If you keep your crystal display shelf in the bathroom, you won’t need to worry about the wood warping or getting moldy. You probably won’t want to store food on your moon crystal shelf, but the wood’s antibacterial properties even make it safe for food.

The stunning, smooth wood grain will look as great on day one as on day 10,000. Acacia’s strength (10x stronger than pine, by the way!) means it doesn’t scratch easily and won’t crack, splinter, or split. When you choose acacia, you can pop all your stones on the shelf without worrying whether the finish will last. It will.

At Pure Journi, we offer a range of moon shelves for crystals made with sustainably farmed acacia wood from the USA. House your altar tools, crystals, and essential oils on shelves made with the “tree of the gods,” and invite their protection and strength into your home. Buy your Acacia crystal moon shelf today!