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All Hail the Horned God

The Horned God is the most misrepresented and misconstrued deities ever to exist, and yet the God is humble and peaceful to the witches that worship him. As one of the two primary Creators in Neopaganism, the Horned God has very little material explaining his witchcraft role as most of the focus is on the Goddess aspect in the belief system. The God of witches and Wiccans is a controversial subject in lore and worship due to its misrepresentation through Christianity. Wicca and Witchcraft are known primarily as Goddess religions or spirituality beliefs. God-centered worship does not get brought up much in most circles because of how patriarchal other major religions operate. There is very little Coven worship centered around this deity due to the fact many witches already get accused of worshipped Satan when in reality, that deity does not even exist in witchcraft.

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The Horned God gets swept under the rug when speaking about Wicca, and it seems like the Goddess is the one that gets all the credit for magickal power. The Horned God is not bitter for the slight. He realizes there is nothing wrong with ignoring God’s belief as we live in a patriarchal society, and having a Goddess is empowering too many witches and women. The Christian God has dominated most religious speech, and the God of the witches understands this struggle the female creations have felt and that they overwhelmingly embrace the female part of the spiritual system of Paganism. The Horned God shows that God does not hold resentment in Wicca, yet God has a critical role in witchcraft dismissed with this lesser know worship.

The God in witchcraft also gets ignored because many do not believe many men are witches. This false belief is many falsehoods as some of the most devoted witches are men and lead the way for true diversity in witchcraft. All beings can be witches, and as much as women face stigmatization in many male-dominated fields, female witches need to be just as inclusive when acknowledging male witches. Every witch should take proactive steps to equally embrace both sides since that is the only way to get true equality. Witches can do this by making sure they give thanks and worship to the Horned God as often as they can within their planned rituals.

The Horned God is different from any common symbol of masculinity. The culture surrounding the Pagan God is difficult to understand for those who think of a male deity in conventional terms. Instead, God represents a gentle, tender, and comforting savior and as the providing hunter taking care of his family and bringing in sustenance. The Horned God is more in line with men’s actual personalities than a perceived macho nature that society wants to put upon males. He is the Dying God, as he will willingly sacrifice himself for all of creation, and his death is always in others’ service. The witches’ God will always work to preserve the life force, and it is the ultimate father of creation role. This God is a wild a though and is also untamed sexuality but a deep connecting power between individuals.

The Christian Church deliberately tainted the horned God’s image because of the devotion that pagans had to him and because they feared his open sexuality, similar to the goddess Lilith. The Horned God has also known as the God Pan, and he was where many of the Goat aspects associated with the Christian Devil arises. Witches do not believe in or worship the devil, but they worship the horned God who inspired Christians to create the devil. The witches’ God is a sexual creature that embraces sexual behavior, sacred in witchcraft, not obscene. The God also has horns, but these represent the moon’s three phases, similar to the triple goddess. The horned God is the color black but not because the darkness is scary but because it’s powerful and represents the time.

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The Horned God is one of the most misunderstood deities, and his power stifled has created many dissonances between the true nature of the wild woman and wild man. These significant aspects of our lives should not be feared and need embracing since it is a part that helped us survive for so many millenniums. Sexual elements have become stigmatized throughout culture, and now most beings are scared of their sexual side. Witches broke this mold by being entirely in tune with their wild side, and as the triple goddess and God is energy should be embraced due to this factor. In all humans, the wildness is the same as the horned God, the wild King. The horned God is humble and teaches humanity to be humble. The witches’ God doesn’t ask for much except for the world’s happiness and the creatures he protects.

The Horned God has never been wholly respected or given any recognition, even in witchcraft, but he still has tremendous power over nature and creation. There are differences in how the Horned God appears throughout magickal belief, but the God is the other piece of the Goddess creating balance throughout most of the craft. Many holidays are devoted to him as much as they are to her in celebration. The Horned God is humble enough to accept his role and willing to work with the Goddess, allowing her to be the main deity worshiped throughout witchcraft. The Horned God has taken the calling to step back in central witchcraft belief as he was long ago mistaken for the devil. This error in view has created an evil representation of witches, which he wants to protect his worshippers from the danger this ignorance may cause. The fight has been on for many witches to break the stereotype, but it persists, and ignoring the Horned God is still common in most practices. The Horned God is fine with being worshiped in small amounts of secrecy, which is why he is the humblest of the Gods. Give him thanks today and acknowledge his divine presence as the Horned God will have your back either way.