Amethyst Healing

What is Amethyst Healing?

Amethyst is a purple crystal that many have thought has many powerful healing capabilities. It has been considered a natural healing stone. Amethyst healing has been known to help regulate hormones, reduce headaches, improve digestive health, and improves the skin. Amethyst healing has been used for mental health. They can help bring about calm and peace. They have also been known to help reduce anxiety and pain. It is considered a natural healing stone because it can open your third eye. The third eye has been known to bring about wisdom and power. They have been used to improve enlightenment and vision.

It has been recommended that amethysts be placed in the home so it can take on the negative energy from your house and live peace in the house. Amethysts can help to block the frequencies that are electromagnetic that bring about stress and negative energy. In addition to placing them around your house, you can carry an amethysts around in your pocket or purse. You can wear jewelry, such as necklaces or rings. If you place amethysts around your body, you can help to open up and clean your chakras. Crystals absorb energy, so it is recommended that you clean them after you use them. These crystals can also be used during meditation to help focus your energy. They can be purchased online, at natural health stores, or at a jewelry store.