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An Anxious Witches Guide to Learning Magick

As an anxious witch, I understand the need for assistance to guide other worried witches on how not to be overwhelmed by how many different witchcraft aspects there are to study. Studying magick can be a bit overwhelming when you first begin, and even when you try to get back into it, there are so many different opinions and aspects of magick. Being a baby witch is hard to know what is real and what is not as important to learn and can wait until later. Learning magick is based on what type of magic you feel within your heart, what drew you to magick, and what you are interested in the period to be. No witch is fluent in all of magick, and as a learning witch, you do not have to be articulate or even knowledgeable in all areas of magick.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the different magick parts is where many witches become bewildered by doing everything at once when learning magick. There’s nothing wrong with trying a little bit of everything but do not beat yourself up if you are not fluent in every part of magic or if a part of it does not connect with your soul. Magick is an entirely personal experience, and no two witches are like it. For example, it took me years to get into crystal magic, and in a lot of ways, I felt like I wasn’t true because I did not know much about crystals. I love studying crystals, and they have finally begun to resonate with me, but it took me years until I got to the point where I felt their energy and felt the connection to many crystals. It happened to come for me by being inspired by articles on our site and finding a stash of my gramma’s crystals that I didn’t even know she was into that former magic. I have many anxieties about magic, and I want to share a few tips to help when all the different magical forms are becoming too overwhelming to study all of magick.

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The best tip for a witch who wants to learn magick but feels overwhelmed is that they should focus on the basics. The magick basics are complicated, but a beginner witch can study within many different explanations all over the Internet and literature. Learning the basics is positive as it helps to get many different opinions on the basics to grow and develop your skills as a witch from whoever voice resonates the most with your voice. Search other teachers and guides until the guide’s voice resonates with your soul and you feel the connection to the magick.

The basics of witchcraft can vary but typically are spell casting, magick types, alter creation, book of shadows creation, and casting a circle for protection. Studying the types of magic can be overwhelming, but it is good to start with a few basics or whatever call to your magick. More intriguing areas include nature magic, Wicca, Thelema, chaos magick, herbalism, rune casting, divination and Herbalism, the definition of animism, spirit work, and rituals.

The basics are spell casting, Types of magic, alter creation, book of shadows creation, and casting a circle for protection. Studying the types of magic can be overwhelming, but it is good to start with a few basics. Good starting basics could include nature magic, Wicca, Thelema, chaos magick, herbalism, rune casting, divination and Herbalism, the definition of animism, spirit work, and rituals.


Divination uses a tool or tools to gain answers to inquiries or determine what will happen in future events that witches cannot discover any other way with the divination tool. It can be messages from spirit guides or the universe, depending on what the witch believes. It also interprets statements through your higher self or inner spirit.


Herbalism is the practice of using plants and herbs to do spell work or also treat illnesses. Herbalism is healing and is both practical and magical for healing elements and benefits human life.


Animism Is any soul spirit or energy living that could be tapped into by the witch. These could be the spirits of living animals, plants, natural events, earth or cosmic features, and everyday objects manipulated through their energy. Everything has power, and that is how animism is topped into most of these qualities.

Spirit Work

Spirit Work is working with the past on spirits or ancient spirits to build relationships and guidance through the spiritual and magical worlds. Spirit guidance can come intuitively from birth, but it can also be created with the proper practice and praying to the good energies. Spirit indeed, the work goes hand-in-hand, but deities channel higher powers than spirits, including gods, goddesses, and sentient beings.

Ritual Work

Ritual magic is the basics of magick, which includes spell work casting, or anything that involves magic has a ritual to it. Rituals can be as easy as writing in a book by grabbing your book in writing with your favorite pen. All acts in life should have a ritual aspect to keep the right energy levels, so this is one of the essential parts of witchcraft and magick.

Getting into a specific type of magic is not essential. It is vital to explore a few of the different options so that whatever part of the particular magick draws you, and that’s where you should start researching. The interest could be in any part of witchcraft like crystal magick draws you in start there or what a cauldron does, start studying that tool. You find interest in chaos magic starts practicing chaos magic. It does not have to be anything particular, so do not stress all the different magic types and all the different aspects.

In Wicca, there are many stringent rules on how to start or practice the craft, and the book can follow them. Luckily most witchcraft practices do not require any set structure, so if you want to start learning through a different form of magick, feel free. Even a system that may be a little bit more advanced, but, interestingly, you follow that because the worst part is forcing yourself into a strict structure and then missing out on beautiful parts of magick. Too many witches that feel like they have to be in a set structure fall out of their practice and miss out on the magic features that would have helped them just because of doctrine or system. The best part about practicing witchcraft spirituality is that it is entirely open and molded into whatever type of belief structure you want to empower every witch.
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It is essential to figure out what you want to get out of the spell when starting with the spell casting or ritual. If you’re going to do a money spell or a binding spell, the spells are casting differently and with different intentions. It is good to start with something easy before going too intricate, and elemental spells are best for a while. Try to set a choice about your magick, saying that you would be more Of a daily practice or integrate something smaller you want your life like being more positive.

Doing a protection spell could be good, to begin with, making sure that no evil spirits are lingering. The next step is to set the intention, and this is a clear message of what you want, like bringing more positive love into your life or stopping being negative about things and then doing the spellcasting. The last step is the outcome of the spell and is one of the essential parts of spellcasting.

The last step is to visualize an essential aspect as visualizing hopes makes the manifestations come true. A lot of witchcraft is visualization, and that is where our inner power comes from is what our mind can project. Try picturing yourself with a positive attitude or tricing what your life will be like when you change a habit. Developing a good visualization practice is one of the most critical parts of being a which period.

Please do not be anxious about beginning witchcraft, as it is one of the most accessible spiritual paths to be a part of since it’s all mainly self-guided. You can be a part of the coven, but it is not a priority, and it all depends on what you feel your magic encompasses. A fundamental part of learning witchcraft is that you will feel your life change, and the magic will become a large part of your life. Let it come how it will go, and do not ever stress about not doing things right. Where all on our path and we should never judge another for how they do things, how they say things or how witches express their magic, just like people are different Outside there also very different inside and we never know what’s going on in someone’s head or how they hear things. Witchcraft is one of the freest spirituality practices as anybody can be a witch or integrate it into any practice. A new witch can incorporate their magick into any religious routine as even Chritisnty has compatibility with mysticism and vice versa. Witchcraft takes time and effort to grasp fully, so take it slow and remember you may already be practicing magick and not even know it is magick.