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Angel Tarot Cards

Are you fascinated by fairies, dragons, angels, and mermaids? Angel Tarot Cards will encourage you to stretch your spiritual wings as you seek divine guidance from these magical creatures.

History of Tarot Cards

Tarot is an ever-evolving practice. While tarot cards are associated with divination and mysticism today, they began as a card game for Italian aristocrats. In the late 14th or early 15th century, tarocci was a game with similarities to modern-day bridge. The hand-painted cards spread across Europe and were renamed tarot by the French. The name stuck, even as the cards evolved.

In the 18th century, tarot cards became a tool for divination when Jean-Baptiste Alliette released the first definitive guide to tarot under the pseudonym Etteilla (that’s his surname backward). Along with the book, Etteilla released a brand new deck designed to be used for divination purposes. He spent the rest of his career as a cartomancer, conducting divination sessions professionally.

Do you know how to read tarot cards? It’s easy to get started! In most tarot decks, you’ll find 78 cards, divided into two groups. There are 22 major arcana (or trumps) and 56 minor arcana. The major arcana depict symbolic elements which provide guidance on major life lessons or events. Minor arcana are divided into four suits (swords, pentacles, wands, and cups) which can help you understand everyday situations.

In more recent history, Pamela Colman Smith illustrated a tarot deck based on the teachings of academic and mystic A. E. Waite. The Rider Company published the deck of simple images on detailed backgrounds in 1909. While modern decks may make changes to the imagery and names, the rich symbolism instilled by the Rider-Waite-Smith deck continues to inspire authors and tarot enthusiasts.

About Radleigh Valentine

On Radleigh Valentine’s website, you’re encouraged to “imagine being best friends with a grown-up Harry Potter or with Peter Pan or Aladdin . . . or having a sparkling guardian angel or fairy godbrother whispering in your ear, encouraging you to believe that your life . . . is magic.”

After his first encounter with a guardian angel at age 5, it was clear that Radleigh had a gift for communicating with the divine. He is a spiritual teacher, medium, and intuitive, sharing a message of pure love and unconditional support.

He is a tarot master with a goal to bring “comfort as well as clarity, affirmation, and awakening” through “kinder, gentler Tarot for the 21st Century, using imagery and wording that soothes rather than frightens and encourages rather than intimidates.”

While traditional tarot decks contain frightening images and disturbing language, Angel Tarot Cards were created as a gentle alternative. He’s removed the blood and gore and renamed some cards, but the divine messaging of each card remains the same. He’s kept all the power of tarot, without the fear.

In this deck, Steve A. Roberts illustrates uplifting scenes full of symbolic imagery. Angels represent the major arcana and the traditional suits have been renamed:

● Fire is represented by dragons

● Cups are represented by mermaids

● Swords are represented by unicorns

● Coins are represented by fabulous fairies

How to use Angel Tarot Cards

This deck was created to retain all the magical effectiveness of tarot in a beautiful and affirming package. If you want to learn how to communicate with your angels, or you’re enthralled by fairies, mermaids, unicorns, and dragons– this deck is for you. Angel Tarot Cards were designed to help you practice divination with these magical energies as you seek answers to your questions about life, love, and your career.

On his website, Radleigh explains that he used a Sharpie pen to note the meanings of each card on his very first tarot deck. In order to avoid any confusion (or the need to write on these gorgeously illustrated cards), he’s incorporated the meaning of each card into the design. At the bottom of every card you’ll find key words and phrases explaining the card’s meaning, so you can get started using the deck ASAP.

When you’re ready for deeper insights, the guidebook delivers. Discover the in-depth symbolism of each card and learn how to perform a reading.

What are Angel Tarot Cards and where can I get my own deck?

If gory images or frightening language has held you back from exploring tarot in the past, Angel Tarot Cards is an ideal deck for you. Radleigh Valentine has removed the disturbing parts of tarot, while staying true to the symbolism and traditional meanings of the cards. Call on the magical energies all around you to guide you through major life decisions. Pure Journi sells tarot and oracle cards for beginners and enthusiasts. Browse our selection and pick up a tarot deck that speaks to you!