Dark Goddesses

Black Moon Lilith Archetypes

Black Moon Lilith expresses herself very differently in every individual star chart. Depending on the Lilith placement and what sign and house it falls under, Lilith will express herself in many unique ways. The sign and house in the black moon Lilith decides what the person will be like to express that dark goddess energy, and if they resist this expression, it can be devastating to the person. The wild woman of the zodiac has faced oppression throughout history to the point where the black moon Lilith can cause determent to star charts that ignore her power.

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Lilith is the archetype of the tough woman cast out but comes back kicking and screaming, making all wish they never messed with her power. She is the icon of single mothers, the ones who will not be beaten down by the patriarchy. Lilith is the archetype of the women who break the mold, who are misunderstood but live their truth anyway. Lilith’s energy-charged the suffragette movement, and abortion clinics are filled with her strength as well. She is the hard part of womanhood, the part that gets ignored but is vital to keeping womankind healthy. These are the parts of our culture that we need, the messy process of birth is Lilith’s energy, and she is the natural part of motherhood. She is the discipline, punishment, and the embracing of all of a woman’s role, even the gritty hard to manage ones.

Each Lilith black moon sign and house placement in a chart has its strengths and weaknesses, and it is expressed either way depending on how much Lilith gets acknowledged. People who embrace their Lillith are a lot happier than those trying to go against her wild nature. For males, if they embrace the wild woman they’re attracted to, it will not be as much of a struggle with their Lilith. If any person ostracizes their Lilith and tries to repress and go against the wild woman’s energy, they will develop unhappy relationships. Lilith has faced exclusion before, and she came back like a disease that could not be ignored by convincing women they are worth so much more than what society allows them to believe.

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Lilith placements in the sign of Aries or the first house are the women leaders who empower the movement. Lilith’s Aries energy was the driving force in the women’s suffrage movement, which wanted to make womanhood better for all who identify with women. These are the best friends who will stand up for you and tell you to leave that man who mistreats you and get mad when you don’t follow their advice. We need these Aries Lilith women to push us forward as women, who will not let us sit on our laurels and accept subservience behavior to men. Thank your first house, Lilith, for even if her harsh relationship advice or hard truth hurt your feelings, she speaks up since she wants you to live your best life.

Lilith in Taurus or the 2nd house has the contrast of both Venus and Lilith’s energy. One would think that would make her more powerful of a woman, but these contrasting personalities hold her back with these archetypes fighting. The second house is the house of values and worth, and these Lilith signs know they are worth their weight in gold. They are confident and sensual at their best, and at their worst, they can be very judgemental of other women or scared of being judged themselves. Taurus Liliths represent the many roles of what womanhood has to offer. These are the mothers who are both career women during the day and doing perfect craft projects at night with their children. They want to do it all, and they do because they enjoy every aspect of being a woman. Badass women, and they should acknowledge it more.

Lilith in Gemini or the 3rd house is more than the social butterfly. She is the outspoken advocator fighting for women’s justice, never stopping until she has tipped the pot. The haters of the day want to minimize her as a “Karen,” but this Lilith is the one that makes sure everybody is held accountable for their actions and is not afraid to speak up. She is the advocator and the one who gets into politics to be the first woman President. Lilith in Gemini has the ambition to change the world for women, and she is getting it done every day. We should never silence the third house Liliths as they are the voice of womanhood and should speak their truth, or else who will speak for the left-behind women.

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Lilith Leo’s or the 5th house Lilith is the epitome of a vixen, she is confident, and burlesque dancers would be great examples of this Lillith. Leo Lilith is proud and strong and wears her sexuality on her sleeve. Leo in Lilith likes to show off and show her sexuality in any way possible, and she is the ruler of dancers and all sex workers. Fifth house Lilith may have faced shame for this openness, so letting go of others’ judgments needs to be what this goddess embraces.

Lilith in Virgo/6th house is the closest sex bomb, the pure definition of a lady in the streets, freak in the sheets. This Lilith likes dirty sex and is all about that life in the bedroom, but you may never be able to tell that from her poised demeanor outside of the house. Virgo Lilith knows precisely what she wants in life and is afraid to say how to do it all right for her standards. The sixth house is the dominatrix energy that keeps sex exciting and will never be controlled by a man. If anything, this Lilith will take control of the partner she posses sexually and throughout the household. As she should since she will make sure everything is just right.

The siren queen is the Libra or 7th house Lilith. She is the entertainer of the bunch and the one that makes womanhood look oh so sexy. Whether in her role as a rock star, movie star, or porn star, men want to sleep with her, and women want to be this Lilith. It is not only her sex appeal but also the fact she is the fun energy of Lilith. This Libra Lilith is the free woman who gets on top of the bar and dances her worries away, the life of the party, and the Lilith that keeps being a woman fun. The sweet nature of this Lilith is prone to get into abusive relationships, so she needs to make sure she does not let anyone ever try to stop her from being the light of the party called life.

Lilith in Scorpio or the 8th house is the seductress of the bunch. She is almost hypnotic with her sexuality and makes being a goddess look easy. The Scorpio Lilith feels very at home, embracing her Lilith side and even uses her wild women’s energy to her advantage. These are the women who can get whatever they want with just a glance or a hair whip and ooze sensuality in everything they do. They are also the ones who wonder why they are never taken seriously and may fall into the role of a mistress but never the wife. These women need to realize society is judgmental of a fully woke woman, but they cannot take this personally and keep being their beautiful selves until society catches up. Then everyone better watch out that gets in a Scorpio Liliths way.

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Ninth house or Sagattaruis Liliths are the supermodel goddesses pushing womanhood to the highest level of self-worth. She is inspiring to all the women around her, and many women want to learn from this placement. Ninth house Liliths are the boss babes who run companies and have time to look stunning while going out for drinks with the girls after. They break barriers, and the CEO’s of major women-owned companies embrace the Sagattaruis Lilith energy. They do not mind breaking the mold and leaving the men who try to sabotage them in their dust. These Liliths need to remember that they can still embrace their womanhood strength by embracing the softer side of life as not becoming snow queen cold.

Capricorn/10th house Liliths rule the world. If Sag Liliths are the CEO of a major company, companies, Capricorn Liliths are the women that have built empires. Martha Stewart comes to mind when thinking of the tenth house, Lilith. She built an empire, then risked it all by disclosing insider information but then served her time and built her empire all over again. Lilith is Capricorn can be ruthless and leaves no prisoners on her pursuit to prove she is absolutely equal to man, and that is true Lilith energy. This Lilith also needs to embrace that many women are happy with a subservient role, and not all women are as ambitious as this Lilith.

The eleventh house or Aquarius Lilith is the constant Lilith of the group. She feels misunderstood and, in turn, feels anger towards the world for not being up to her level. They can be very productive with this energy and channel the energy by performing or writing down all the angst they feel. This Lilith can start a revolution with her ideas and is on the front lines of all movements towards changing the world. She is the activist out of the street for every protest, ensuring all the underdogs never feel the pain she has felt. The Aquarius Lilith is such a caring soul, and she needs to give herself just as much care to prevent burnout.

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Always Last but never least is the Pisces/12th house Lilith. The Pisces Lilith is the sorceress of the Liliths, and when she embraces her power, she could change the world with her magick. This Lilith may have always felt connected to the darker aspects of life and is afraid to embrace the murkiness in fear she may never come back. This Lilith is the energy that brought the goddess movement back and the reason witchcraft never died by being kept secret throughout the ages. Pisces Lilith is the guardian of a women’s magical powers but needs to make sure she gives herself a reality check once in a while to stay stable.

Lilith placements are just one placement, but it can be essential but rarely spoken about planet placement for womenkind. My Lilith mentor Tara Valakrie has explained how much deterrent can come from women not acknowledging and healing this part of themselves. After learning more about their own Lilith’s placements, women find a whole new part of their psyche, and it opens up the reasoning on why they have faced so much trauma in the past. Lilith’s journey can be a vast one for women and even can be beneficial for men to understand why they are so drawn to a particular archetype. The intricate studying of one placement seems redundant, but it is truly a vast area of a chart, and the black moon Lilith has many secrets to uncover for all kind.

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