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The Black Tarot Card Deck Set and Keepsake Box

the black tarot deck

Are you drawn to the darkness? Looking for a tarot deck that helps you explore your shadow self and face the things you fear the most? The Black Tarot takes you to the midnight realm through eerie imagery inspired by the author’s visions of the dark underworld. This deck isn’t for the faint of heart, but those who are attracted to dark imagery and feel a curiosity to explore it will experience a soul connection to the black tarot card.

Black Tarot Card Deck Set with Keepsake Box

The history of tarot cards

While tarot cards are most frequently used as a divination tool today, that’s not how these famous fortune-telling tools got their start. Italian aristocrats in the late 14th or early 15th century used handpainted cards called tarocci to play a game that was similar to modern-day bridge. The cards spread across Europe and were eventually renamed tarot in France.

So how did tarot transform into the tool for mysticism we know and love today? We owe our gratitude to Jean-Baptiste Alliette, who published the first definitive guide to tarot card reading under the pseudonym Etteilla (that’s Alliette spelled backward). Alongside his guide, he also created a deck designed for divination purposes. With that, he became the world’s first cartomancer and made his living through tarot card readings.

Do you know how to read tarot cards? If not, it’s really easy to get started. Most modern tarot decks contain 78 cards, which are divided into two groups– the major arcana and the minor arcana. The 22 major arcana (also known as trumps) are usually numbered 0 through 21 and typically depict symbolic elements. The 56 minor arcana are divided into four suits (swords, pentacles, wands, and cups) with 14 cards labeled Ace, 2-10, Page/Jack, Knight, Queen, and King. Because the major arcana gives you insight on major life events or lessons and the minor arcana helps you gain clarity on everyday situations, a full reading will give you an oversight of the big and small issues you face.

Meet The author, Victoria Iva

Victoria Iva is the author, illustrator, and witch behind The Black Tarot Card Deck. On Da Brigh’s website, the publisher says Victoria, “believes art should immerse the person completely and possess a hidden magic that unfolds while being viewed. Her main criterion for any work is that there is something in the painting that resonates with the individual.” That “magical realism,” which this talented Russian Capricorn describes as an “artist’s strength and ‘glow’ coming out in their paintings, with the help of color relationships” is evident in every illustration in the black and white deck.

The intention and symbolism you’ll find in The Black Tarot

If you’re looking for a colorful, uplifting tarot deck, you can find it– you just won’t find it in The Black Tarot Card Deck. Instead, The Black Tarot is a deck for the shadow self. Carl Jung defines the shadow self as the aspects of our personality we reject or repress– often our sexuality, anger, greed, envy, or selfishness. This deck draws you toward your darkest desires, beckoning you to look inward as you explore the hidden and unknown elements within. That is when the true inner-work, healing, and growth can begin.

Each card is hand-illustrated and finished in Photoshop to create abstract emotional art that will add an air of mystery to your readings. The eerie and macabre images, inspired by Victoria Iva’s visions of the dark underworld, are illustrated with inky black and contrasting white hues. The resulting deck is designed to lead you to bask in the darkness while acknowledging the hints of light that shine through.

How to use The Black Tarot

These gorgeous black-gilded cards draw you to another dimension when you use them to conduct a reading. This deck is especially good for use in shadow work. Conduct a one or three-card pull to find out what’s lurking beneath the surface, and draw additional cards for further guidance. With these emotionally-charged images, you will be able to pinpoint the source of your fears and learn to overcome them when you do the inner work.

The surrealist, nebulous images contain nightmarish depictions designed to bypass your analytical eye and open the inner eye. The imagery speaks to the deepest parts of your soul, allowing you to learn hard lessons and work through past trauma.

What is The Black Tarot and where can you buy it?

The Black Tarot deck is a stunning black and white deck designed to take readers on a trip to the dark underworld through symbolism and a sense of mystery. This deck comes with a basic guidebook, so it’s best for advanced users who have a working knowledge of each card’s meaning and a penchant for intuition-driven readings.

Those drawn to the dark side will find wisdom for working with their shadow self in the 78 haunting cards of this deck. The cards in this black-gilded deck speak directly to your psyche and the included full guidebook will shed light when you need a little move clarity. Purchase your copy of The Black Tarot deck at Pure Journi, the best source for tarot card decks and oracle cards.