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Black tourmaline meaning and benefits: 8 ways to enhance your life

Black tourmaline is a chakra-balancing, negative energy-banishing crystal that can help you experience enhanced peace and positivity in your life. If you’re wondering about the black tourmaline crystal meaning and how it can benefit you, you’re in luck. This grounding stone is infused with healing properties that make it an essential addition to your crystal collection. Let’s dive into the black tourmaline meaning and uses to enhance your life with positivity and balance. 

8 black tourmaline crystal benefits

Much like Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility, black tourmaline shields you from unwanted energies and the consequences of a psychic attack. While you “hide” from negative energies, black tourmaline spiritual properties work on your behalf to transform negative into positive. Discover eight of the top benefits you’ll experience with black tourmaline. 

Cleanse your aura

Have you ever experienced an encounter with someone whose energy was “off”? You may not have been able to put your finger on what was exactly wrong, but you knew something wasn’t right? You may have encountered a person whose aura was in need of a cleanse. Perhaps your own aura could use a little spring cleaning. Black tourmaline has the unique ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy. This leaves your aura sparkling clean so your true energies can shine through. 

Dispel nightmares

If you’re plagued by persistent nightmares that won’t let you get a good night’s sleep, get ready to catch some ZZZs. Black tourmaline may be the key to getting a full eight hours of uninterrupted rest. When you place a piece of black tourmaline under your pillow or on your nightstand, the crystal forms a shield of protection against negative or evil energy. 

Protect yourself against unwanted energy

Sensitive souls are susceptible to the negative and unwanted energies of others. One of the best benefits of black tourmaline is its ability to act as a “bouncer” when psychic attacks and negativity come in your direction. While you can’t control the energies around you, when you wear or keep black tourmaline close, the stone will absorb any energy that doesn’t belong to you. 

Reduce anxiety

When your base isn’t stable, anxiety is a reasonable response. Black tourmaline works to activate your root chakra while simultaneously absorbing your anxieties. When you use black tourmaline to heal your emotional wounds and eradicate self-doubt, you’ll be amazed at the release of anxiety and stress. 

Replace negative patterns with positive ones

If you’re caught in a never-ending cycle of self-inflicted negative thoughts and behaviors, black tourmaline can stop the pattern and set you on a different course. Let the negativity-blocking powers of black tourmaline transmute your negative thoughts and patterns into positive ones. 

Restore balance 

If you feel lost, unbalanced, and untethered, black tourmaline can restore a sense of balance and grounding in your life. This stone works with the root chakra, which provides a base for your life and gives you the strength you need to withstand challenges. Tourmaline activates the base chakra to restore balance in your life. The result? You’ll feel more secure and stable in your foundation. You can also use Tarot Cards along with Tourmaline to help provide guidance in restoring your balance in life and in spirit.

Stimulate creativity

Every artist experiences a creative block at some point in their career. The powerful energy-shifting properties of black tourmaline can rearrange the energies blocking your creative center to open the flow of ideas and inspiration. 

Work toward your goals

You’ve got big goals. You might just need a little help bringing them to fruition. The magnetic energy of black tourmaline enhances your energy and attracts and amplifies the energy of the Universe to set you on the path to your goals. 

Step inside the “cloak” of black tourmaline and experience the protection of the crystal that helps you stay grounded and attract positivity. 

Black tourmaline healing properties 

Black tourmaline metaphysical properties make this stone a must-have for any crystal collector. The benefits don’t stop there, though. This crystal has unique electromagnetic properties that interact with negative ions and electromagnetic frequencies to provide physical benefits to those who wear black tourmaline or keep it close. 

Black tourmaline physical benefits

Due to a high concentration of iron and/or manganese, black tourmaline is more magnetic than all other natural transparent gemstones. These magnetic properties can improve circulation, reduce fatigue, and prevent injury due to muscle tension. 

Block electromagnetic frequencies 

Did you know that we’re exposed to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) every day? Your phone, tablet, computer, and WiFi router all emit small degrees of electromagnetic radiation. 

Most research shows EMF emitted by these devices isn’t enough to cause major damage. However, others say we don’t have enough data yet. 

Don’t take chances with your health. Black tourmaline emits a natural output of negative ions, alpha waves, and far-infrared rays which account for this crystal’s ability to block and absorb EMF.  To benefit from black tourmaline’s protective nature, keep this crystal near your electronic devices to absorb the bulk of the radiation. 

How to clean black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a metaphysical sponge, soaking up negative and unwanted energy. Unlike citrine, kyanite, and selenite, black tourmaline is not a self-cleansing stone. Instead, it needs regular cleansing so you can continue to benefit from the black tourmaline crystal properties that block bad vibes. 

Are you ready to use this crystal as a spiritual cleansing tool for yourself? Use one of the following methods to recharge and cleanse your black tourmaline: 

  • Cleanse with water while focusing on positive affirmations
  • Place it on top of a piece of selenite
  • Wave through the smoke of a sacred herb like sage
  • Leave it in the moonlight overnight 

When your crystal is cleansed and charged, you’ll enjoy its powerful negativity-blocking power. 

Discover black tourmaline meaning for yourself when you add this high-energy crystal to your collection. To experience all the benefits of black tourmaline, wear this crystal as jewelry or place it near doorways. Rid your home or office of negative and unwanted energies, experience a balanced and grounded emotional state, and block electromagnetic frequencies from causing damage to yourself and your loved ones.