Dark Goddesses

Bring Back the Goddess Energy Now!

Goddess energy is one of the most critical aspects of empowering women to feel valued as equals to men. In a patriarchal society, the one male God is the most accepted deity, but it holds womenkind back from embracing their energy’s real power. Goddess worship is prevalent throughout the world in many cultures and capacities. Still, throughout many centuries, anyone who worshipped Goddesses has either been killed off or vilified to the point that the worship was practically extinct. This article talks about the two sexes of men and women, even though all identification of genders are acknowledged as vital, as the actual universe is androgenous. Still, the focus is on the contrast between the man God worshipped and the woman Goddess being cast aside in this article in particular.

The Goddess movement was the first attempt at the revival of goddess energy, which happened in the 1970s. Goddess worship is now entirely accepted in mainstream society, while social media has been the catalyst for the new movement into witchcraft and occult worship. What was once taboo practices is fully embraced on a much larger scale than the 1970’s action could have ever dreamed. The revival of pagan and witchcraft teachings due to the new millennium’s social media trends has been a rebirth of acceptability in worshiping unknown deities, including goddesses. It is time to embrace the Goddess again fully in all parts of society.

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Goddess energy is the primary energy source, empowering those who represent all types of femininity, not just the archetypal female but all-female archetypes from Aphrodite to Nike. The goddess has been forgotten in most cultures, significantly in modernized cultures like America. Many women have issues finding their place in society caused by the Goddesses’ removal from the equation. When women do not feel equal to men, the balance becomes out of synch, so there are many sex issues in a new age. Women have had so much pressure on them to be subservient, but it is against the Goddesses’ natural role as equal to the Gods. Women need to embrace that they can never be subservient to men since they operate completely different capacities and could never relate to a male-dominated deity healthily.

Women are the bringers of life into this world, and to not give them status as a sentient being is devastating. Women in modern society are expected to take on the burden of being the head of the household, nurturing mothers, educated beings, and handling all of their day-to-day activities. It is an absolute injustice to treat women as second-class citizens as they run society and raise generations. Casting out woman deity energy brings down men, too, since they are not being raised by women who are getting their due justice. Then these men are not able to treat women like the Goddesses they are and experiencing relationship conflict on both sides from the mistreatment.

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Bringing back Goddess energy will give women the rightful place as being just as crucial to society’s function as men. Women should be celebrated, and young girls should be empowered to know that their sex is worshipped in precisely the same capacity as a male deity.

The way to bring back the goddess energy is to study the Goddesses and realize how important they have been to past society. Also, studying witchcraft and religions that have been dominated by female deities is a great way to be in touch with the goddess energy. Women should explore and embrace Goddess energy, but men should also sense the androgyny of life makes both sexes important.

Women and men who want to get in touch with Goddess energy need to study the popular Goddess energy archetypes like Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, Isis, etc. To deepen the study and connect with the most accurate form of Goddess energy, goddesses like Lilith, the Morrigan, and the African Goddess Oya of Protection, for example, must also be studied because even the taboo goddesses have a huge benefit to the world. Most of the more taboo Goddesses have stories warped, and empowering goddesses demonized because their actions are controversial for a reason. They threaten false manhood and fuel fear of the opposite sex. Goddess folklore tells tales of women putting their needs above the man in their lives, and these stories did not work in a society wishing to make women subservient creatures. It is a movement that leads women in a different direction than pleasing men, so the goddess is ostracized because she does not fit in a male-dominated society. They built a community that wished to keep women empowerment hidden, so women are below men and know their rightful place.

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Lilith is one of the best examples of the betrayal of Goddess energy as Lilith is one of the most empowering stories of women fighting back against man’s control. Instead, she has vilified as a demon and a child-killer. Women should be livid that the true mother Goddess has been treating with such disdain by patriarchal society and religion and should work every day to take back their rightful place as equal to men in every way.

Women are just as important to society’s fabric as men and worshiped in the same capacity. Goddess bless you, oh my goddess and Goddess damn sound a lot better than any other God exclamations anyway. The embracing of Goddess worship does not lessen the structure of God’s energy or threaten God’s place in the world. Instead, it increases God’s spirituality and worship by bringing a whole different set of worshipers into the spiritual realm. Those who may have felt left out when celebrating women’s deities could be embraced by mainstream religions increasing flocks and empowering both sexes’ worshipers. Bringing back the Goddess is positive for all and harms no one, which means there is no reason not to fully embrace the female deities in droves.