Magick Spells

Candle Magick – Protections

Candle magick is a gentle way to raise energy and not too complex. It is also a less expensive way to conduct magickal work. Basically, all you need are the right colored candles, a strong intention, and some oils, herbs, flowers, etc. to get the magic flowing. The flame, your intention, and energy are the main components of this spell.

There are other more complex ways to do candle magick, but as long as you have a very strong intention and a flame, you are in a great place to conduct some witchy work. This simple spell is all about generating protection.

Use it to create a barrier between you and someone you rather not be around or to ward against an event you rather not be involved in or protect against money problems.

The thing with candle magick, is it is subtle and takes time for it to work. This is not the kind of magick that will happen right away. Sometimes it does, but normally it is more like a marathon than a race. Over time you will notice things changing and going your way.

Follow the spell below to create your own protective barrier.