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Citrine Crystal Meaning – A Guide to Abundance and Self-Confidence

What is Citrine Crystal Meaning?  For starters, it is referred to as the “money or merchants stone is the most powerful manifestation gemstone that exists in the mineral kingdom. Because it is one of the only crystals that does not store any negativity or need to be cleansed, it is a favorite among gemstone enthusiasts, crystal and light healers, as well as life and spiritual coaches. There are differences in the color of citrine. Yellow citrine crystal meaning is the focus of the article. Yet there are other citrine gemstones with the color of blue and brown that have similar, the benefits of citrine under these colors may provide additional support.

It is all this and many other reasons that give citrine crystal meaning to those who focus heavily on its ability to bring about these kinds of changes in a person’s life.

It radiates positivity and growth making it one of the best gemstones to wear to attract wealth and abundance into your life.

Citrine Properties and Benefits

A semiprecious gem that has a resemblance to the rarer types of topaz. Citrine’s meaning comes from the word lemon. As if it were Vitamin C for the soul, crystal collectors have loved this stone for its sunny and bright disposition and sweet energy that infuses our lives with happiness, confidence, and overall energy. As a stimulant, Citrine strengthens the intellectual and creative thinking faculties, encouraging motivation, inspiration, and self-expression.

Yellow Citrine Crystal Meaning

Color does make a difference in the kind of benefits you get from any stone. This is also true with Citrine. Most people are familiar with the yellow Citrine crystal meaning, yet there are others such as blue and some brown citrine.

Deeper Magick of Citrine

Citrine is a very diverse crystal with a lot of positive benefits. The one really important and beneficial benefit of Citrine is its ability to cleanse chakras. It can also supercharge your intuition.

Using Citrine for a few weeks will result in a greater sense of alertness and a spiritual connection to one’s self. Over time your wisdom will increase along with your clarity about all things in life.

Citrine crystals are associated with the sacral chakra. This chakra is one of the most important for creativity and manifesting the life you want to live. A fully functioning sacral chakra is important to awaken one’s abilities to achieve their creative potential.

The energy of Citrine is gentle. It is soothing and over time you will feel its ability to not only directly impact your sacral chakra.

It will improve your ability to make sound financial decisions, protect your wealth, increase your confidence and control those risks in life that can potentially be bad for you.

Citrine Crystal Meaning

Manifesting a life worth living is core to anyone living on this planet. Citrine is crucial to supporting what you want in life and having the courage and self-confidence to go after it. You will find that wearing Citrine over time will directly impact your self-confidence. Have anxiety or depression issues, then you need this stone in your life.

It takes a little more than just wearing Citrine. You want to have a few pieces around your home, office, and even in your car. Keeping this stone around you in abundance can really support the life you want to live. Combine Citrine with Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Obsidian to protect what you gain by using Citrine.

Tourmaline and Obsidian will create a protective barrier around you keeping those with ill intent to stay away. Amethyst will boost Citrines abilities to help you manifest and also supports an increase in intuition.

The Benefits of Citrine – How to Use Citrine to Heal, Attract Abundance and Better Your Life

There are many ways to use it. The benefits of Citrine start by figuring out how you want to use it. This can include wearing, carrying, and placing it somewhere in your space. All of these methods heal and manifest wealth and success. Use this step-by-step guide to find a Citrine crystal method that works for you. It will allow your Citrine to act as a pure source of positive energy filling your space with good vibes.

1. Wearing Critine

One of the best ways to have consistent access to the high vibrational energy si to wear Citrine jewelry.

Almost immediately after the Citrine gemstone touches your skin, you will feel a boost of positivity and elevated energy. It will pull you towards the actions you need to do to manifest your dreams. Wear Citrine jewelry like a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. It will remind you to tap into the light and positive energy that is in the world and always available to you.

2. Carrying Citrine

Carry a piece of natural Citrine with you in your pocket, purse, or wallet. This is another avenue to utilize this gem’s manifestation energies.

When you carry Citrine with you, you bring positive energy with you wherever you go. It can hold the stone whenever you feel the need to raise your vibration and fill your energy field.

3. Where to Place Citrine

Citrine Crystal Meaning

Placing a piece of Citrine crystal in your space (and car) is a wonderful way to concentrate its manifestation on your wealth. We suggest having it in your home office or business space.

Placing it on top of important documents or business cards of meaning is a great way to draw positivity to those situations.

When bringing your attention to Citrine, don’t forget your affirmations of intention including: “I choose to be happy”, “I manifest wealth, success, and abundance” or “My body and mind are well”.

Where To Buy Citrine

The yellow Citrine crystal meaning will become more clear the longer you wear or have the stone around you. The stone interacts with a person uniquely, so don’t worry if the benefits you receive are not exactly as described.

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