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Connection Through the Series of Witches

I have genuinely enjoyed the Pure Journi Series of Witches episodes one through three already and have learned so much about my community of witches. It has been wonderful watching our fellow Pure Journi witch Art connect to witches throughout the United States. The joy I get from learning about these three wonderful witches has inspired me and also mind-blowing seeing the beautiful beings that our Pure Jounri Series has already discovered. The joy of meeting and seeing their love for the craft in all the different ways and not classifying themselves as any witch type inspires and connects to my kind of magick. It is beautiful to see what other witches are doing in their own lives and communities, and I love this fact the series highlights. I feel connected to the witches in this series since we experience our journey with the same love and connection.

The covid situation gave me insight into how I feel deeply connected to my witch community through the internet. I have had my mind blown, discovering the transmitting power of magick through our energy devices. Some of the best relationships and connections, not to mention career-altering events in my life (writing for you lovely witches here), came from the link and magick through the internet. As powerful beings, we have no idea what tool this technology has or will become to spread our power and energy. Still, from the beautiful personal connections I have experienced this year, I will say a lot is coming from this virtual exchange. I feel like I can get to know these witches from the screen, and the internet connects us to a universal craft and universal coven. Having an online coven system is a fantastic experience, and I could never say how grateful I am for the series and the connections we are continuously building through magick.

The first episode explorers the city I have always been drawn to and has so much rich history with magick it is no wonder it was the first place to be highlighted by the series. Diving into the world of witches in New Orleans means exploring the most famous swamp witch and Voodoo practitioner, Marie Laveau. Over a hundred fifty years have passed since Marie Laveau passed away, but yet this Vodoo witch still has devoted followers that worship and pray at her grave as if she was still influential. Many magickal practitioners of all crafts converge on her grave to pray to the Vodoo Queen to help them heal and many other magickal pursuits. Marie Laveau was a witch that also was a devout Catholic, and it shows how Witchcraft and mainstream religions have links throughout history in negative but also positive ways. Marie Laveau had respect as both a witch, a Voodoo practitioner, and a devout Catholic, which shows the world can accept both spirituality and religious nature at the same time. She gained her knowledge of voodoo from a man named Dr. John. The Voodoo Queen had such respect that she could perform Voodoo ceremonies on altars at the most famous Catholic Church in all of New Orleans.

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The first exceptional modern witch Mimi Curry was not born in New Orleans or Louisiana. However, she still represents the Witch of the sea working in the bayou with her willing spirits and abilities to help deal with the French Quarter’s liveliness. Mimi Curry is originally from another sea-baring state of North Carolina, does readings at Hex Old World Witchery, has her own business with the sea-witch Emporium. Mimi has a vast clientele sought after for many of her mediumship abilities. As a witch, magickal practices are vital to passing down to future generations, including her son Tristan which resonates with my path as that is a goal for me to pass down my craft to my child. Mimi has her mediumship gifts from a genetic background and has a line of witches within her family with the same gift. The gift that came from hereditary practice is Mimi’s ability of mediumship. Her mediumship arrived when she was around the age of 3 years old, and she developed her powers from there. Another hereditary magickal link is that her grandparents were farmers who planted crops by the moon phases and used many magickal gifts to connect with nature in a similar magickal practice. I felt a deep connection to the relationships and path Mimi has taken, and it was beautiful to connect with this witch uniquely throughout the magick of the series.

The series has helped me learn so much about myself and Witchcraft’s aspects that bring us all together. As Mimi states, she is just one path of the many different paths one can go on when it comes to Witchcraft and Magickal Arts. It made me feel the essence of her magick in the epicenter of New Orleans and voodoo magick even from another state. That is why this series is so unique that each will have their connections to Mother Nature and area energy to create their type of magick. No two Witches magick are alike.

Next, we have California witch Crystal Ravenwolf for episode 2. We first explore California’s history from our own California, witch, and leader of our coven here at Pure Journi. Art guides us in exploring the history of dark energy surrounding California. Many do not realize how dark this inner-city history of the sunny state is with serial killers and haunted hotels. California has dark power hidden and its light exterior. California’s sordid past has accelerated in years of decadence and disappointment from demons and ghosts, two death and greed, suppressed in California’s reputation of good vibes. This hidden energy is why a place like California can have dark energy that is even darker than the dark swamps of New Orleans. New Orleans proudly boasts and told of its history with magick while California tries to keep it hidden and unexplored, festering the most dangerous and dark magick. Proof of this energy field in California is the lure of the Winchester Mansion and the medium who lived within, Mrs. Winchester. I am convinced from Arts’ research that the lady Winchester was indeed a potent witch and was a trailblazer in her mediumship abilities. Winchester did automatic writing and other divination techniques to prove that she was indeed a witch of her time and one of the most famous when that practice was still very much taboo.

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Crystal Ravenwolf is an 8th generation witch who lives and was born in California. She’s from the Simi Valley area and it is more of the farm country in California full of magick and generations of witches. Crystal represents California witches because she is strong in mediumship but also with strong ancestry through many different forms of witchcraft or spirit practice. Being hereditary is being born into a set of knowledge but also requires seeking knowledge like Crystal is very interested in doing. I feel close to Crystal because she has a strong generation of witches is in her family, but they’re also strong women that have passed down generations of knowledge even in the face of adversary. Crystal also works extensively with her spirits, and that is a deeper form of magick that is losing touch in modern witchcraft. It is incredible to see the history that Crystal represents. I feel the sisterhood connection with a spiritual witch like her through the Native American roots that is a part of witchcraft that I am connected with through my practice. The best part about this series is that it does make me feel like all the witches are on similar paths, and it does not matter fully where we are from in this country, we have a connected source in the community. All the witches so far seem to be fighting for the same message of healing the darkness and expressing light. Too little of spirituality and religion focuses on the true light. It’s good that many of us witches are coming together as a community in supporting each other to form this message of light bringing.

The third episode in the series is with Kristen Nedopak from Oregon, and she is one of the foremost nature witches In the Northwest. Nature encompasses the magick and magickal realms of the out self but it is still what the soul craves. Kristen Nedopak is a witch from Oregon that lives on the coast, and she is a cosmic and nature witch.

The Oregon Journi takes us to Lafayette cemetery, a haunted cemetery in the heart of Oregon. We are there to explore an old historical urban myth about the cemetery being extremely haunted. Then we had to the coast of Oregon to meet or an excellent modern-day, which she is cosmic and nature. If you ever get a chance to visit LaFayette, there is an old abandoned cemetery called LaFayette Pioneer cemetery, established in 1850. The Lafayette cemetery has many stories online about such scary instances people had at the cemetery. From the experiences, it seems to have powerful spiritual energy and maybe even a vortext to the other side.

Kristen Nedopak was originally from Western New York and lived close to nature in a park where you can tell she had a connection early on with the Earth. She then moved all around the world from Los Angeles and has established herself in Oregon ever since. As moving from one coast to the other, Kristen has a strong connection with the sea and Earth while keeping a view from her altar looking into the sea at all times. Kristen is fiery energy with many Aries signs in her chart, and you can tell with her red hair, but she also has a down-to-earth nature from the Earth realm. Kristen was close to nature from an early age but did not discover her gifts till later on but always felt a connection to nature. Being a witch was a taboo subject when Kristen was growing up but she was able to fully embrace the title with the new modern acceptance. I agree with Kristen fully when she states about everyone is compassing both divine feminine and masculine how to each have their path.

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Kristen is a witch who discovered her abilities after she was already an adult, so she’s been able to establish how she expresses her nature magick. Kristen wants to protect her magic and what she connects to without any influence from family or any other magical path. Kristen feels no binding to any spiritual way, and she considers herself a witch but is not following any doctrine. Kristen practices the magic but feels natural to her while connecting with Earth energy and the cosmos. Things like astrology mean a lot to Kristen, which resonates with me as I love that path of the zodiac and the free practice. It is incredible how much I agree with Kristen about enhancing your power’s magic, and it’s not always about what doctrine is correct or worshiped. It is about what feels natural to the being when practicing magick.

It is incredible how much I connect with all these witches. I already feel like part of a larger community. Having a witch community in life can represent All different paths, but they feel very close to what I enjoy and worship. I connect with the nature of all of these witches, and it is incredible to experience such a community with which is I have never met just because we were all modern witches. It is remarkable how each witch’s magics connect through nature but also through technology. I have the Native American practice with Crystal and the connection I have with Mimi in the sea, which aspect and then the nature magic I represent with Kristen. It is incredible and sensual nature, being her both in compass with the goddess energy. It is fantastic to see how much I connect with these beings. It is like we are already a part of the community. Even though we’ve never met and talked to each other in person, we still are part of a universal coven of witches. It can be isolating being a witch in quarantine times, especially in communities that are not supportive or do not have a large community of witches. Still, technology helps break this barrier of isolation.

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The series of witches highlighted that community we share as all beings connect through this universal magic. Technology has allowed even more communities to come together through practical ways like through the Internet, and this series inspired me to highlight this aspect. The technology magic will develop as we muse more of technology connect through a community of witches in other powerful beings. It will be interesting to see how useful this new documentary series and the Internet method to connect and learn more about the craft will be for all future witches. We could share many generations of knowledge with other witches that have never been able to practice because of the taboo nature for centuries before. Bonding over a community like this is crucial. Having a coven is vital to most life-changing aspects of a witch and to experience this on a universal scale, could connect the whole magickal community like never before.

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