Creator of Magickal Content

Amanda Marie – aka Blue – is a retreat leader, embodiment facilitator, and alchemical priestess of the goddess. As an artist and performer, she is always on a mission to create beauty through words, song, collage, and dance. She believes in the transformative power of movement and living in harmony with the cycles of nature, and views archetypes as her greatest allies. On her path to trauma resolution and spiritual evolution, she looks to all magical traditions and dimensions to uncover healing tools for herself and the collective.



Crystal Healer and Writer

Art is a Professional Crystal Healer, Investor, and CEO. He is well versed in Celtic Goddesses and non-denomination Magick. He is constantly learning and growing in his ability to help others find their uniqueness in this world.



Magickal Content Writer

Lily De Rose has been interested in the craft from a very early age with a focus on goddess energy and embracing the magic of Womanhood. Lily also embraces both the dark and the light side of witchcraft with specializations in chaos magick, sex magick, and the left-hand path. She has a passion for Tarot and Oracle card readings in correlation with phases of the moon as well. She works to do everything in her life with magical intention and a Sigil or two to help with goals. Lily de Rose is always studying and open to any paths of magic to open up to and build upon.