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Crystals & Sigils to Balance the Home

There’s no denying that symbols hold power. From the Pride flag to the Christian Cross, a simple image can spark outrage, charity, pain, and hope. The symbols we surround ourselves with in our homes hold the same amount of power—and we can use these symbols to charge our homes and generate the energy we’re striving for.

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As a cottage witch, we’re all about building an energetic vortex for our own bidding, contained within the walls of our homes and generated by our intentions. By combining the natural power of crystals with the supernatural force of sigils, you can keep your home safe and energized without much effort.

Let’s start with crystals! After all, who doesn’t love a shiny rock? While they’re undeniably pretty to look at, crystals actually contain a force field of energy that we can connect to and manipulate.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years, and not just by witches. In fact, troops in Ancient Rome used to wear Tiger’s Eye talismans during battle as added protection. Because the stone looks like an eye, ancient civilizations believed it to be all-seeing and all-knowing, which was highly desired while in combat. The stone is able to see threats from all corners, and ward off the Evil Eye. In your own home, you can place a Tiger’s Eye crystal near your front door to ward off evil and help you become aware of potential threats. When tuned into the crystal, you’ll be encouraged to live boldly, taking chances with full confidence in yourself and with the fire you need to go after your dreams.

To balance that fierce tiger energy, soft and silvery selenite will do the trick. This crystal has been associated with the moon since ancient times, radiating soft lunar energy to all in Her presence. Often called the “eraser,” this stone gently cleanses the areas where it lives. While other crystals hold onto residual energy and need to be cleansed often, selenite is always cleansed and ready to go. If you don’t have time to do a cleansing spell, meditating with some selenite in hand will have the same effect. By placing some selenite in high-traffic areas, you’re helping the energy in that space stay clean and fresh. Just remember that selenite dissolves easily in water, so keep yours in a dry area at all times.

Now, let’s drop back down into earth energy with the Hematite stone. When discovered naturally, this black stone actually appears red as the iron content gets covered in rust, earning the nickname “the blood stone.” In Ancient Rome, people used Hematite to decorate their jewelry, clothes, weapons, and armor. But aside from fashion, Hematite is a wildly powerful stone every witch should have in their home. Considered the “yin-yang” stone, Hematite is all about balance. It finds equilibrium between the light and the dark, allowing you to find balance between your physical life and your spiritual adventures. But be careful, because balance is easily broken. Although the outside of Hematite is hard, the inside is very fragile. This stone acts as a reminder to be soft even with those who appear tough, and to allow ourselves to look at our lives through a balanced lense. This is a great stone to keep in areas where you might find yourself being critical, such as near your bathroom mirror or your closet. It’s also a good stone to keep near your bed as added protection while you sleep, and to remind you that even warriors have a soft side. Be gentle with yourself, but don’t be afraid to fight back.

While most crystals are thought to have energetic properties, some have been scientifically proven to be gifted. If you’re looking for an all-natural energy generator, then Clear Quartz is right for you. In the Ancient World, Quartz was referred to as “the ice of gods” and some even believed that the stone was ice frozen so hard that it would never be thawed. But beyond being beautiful to look at, this crystal holds a secret: it’s a piezoelectric, meaning that when tension or pressure is applied to the stone, it generates both positive and negative charges on opposite ends of the prism. Scientists have been able to harness this natural phenomenon to control frequencies in our radios, TVs, and other electronic devices. If you’re reading this on a phone, laptop, or other device, you can thank the Clear Quartz crystal! When added to the home, this crystal actually amplifies the properties of your other crystals. Think of it as a wifi booster, strengthening the signal and aiding in smoother communication. Keep this stone by your bed, next to your other crystals, and in your window sills to help the energy in your home travel smoothly.

Now that we’ve explored some crystals to help protect and amplify your home, let’s dive into sigils! A sigil is simply an image, word, or device that is believed to hold special paranormal or spiritual power. Many would say that the Christian cross is considered to be a sigil, along with the upside down pentagram used in Satanism. There are literally thousands of sigils you can choose from, and they all have specific intentions tied to them.

For example, the most widely known sigil in witchcraft is the pentagram. A star-shape encased in a circle, each point represents an element, the five points indicating air, water, fire, earth, and spirit. The circle represents the universe and how it contains all of the elements within itself. In Ancient Babylon, it was used as a charm against evil, and the Greek Pythagoras believed it represented good health. Similar to the Christian cross, the pentagram is used by witches as an overall symbol for their spiritual path. While the Pentagram is largely used in spell work, you can also find home decor featuring the Star of Life. Add this simple sigil to pillows, door hangings, or on clothing as a frequent reminder of your craft.

If you’re into Celtic or Norse paths, you’ve definitely run into runes. These ancient symbols were once used as an alphabet, but as legend goes, the Norse Pagan god Odin discovered the runes as he hung himself on The World Tree for nine days. While he swung from the branches, he looked deep into the Well of Urd and discovered the runes, turning this simple alphabet into magickal sigils. There are literally dozens of runes you can choose from, each one being associated with specific magickal properties. Here are a few runes to research, along with their properties:

  • Fehu Rune: Wealth and good health
  • Thurisaz Rune: Resists danger and self protection
  • Ansuz Rune: Knowledge, wisdom, education
  • Kenaz Rune: Creativity and creative projects
  • Algiz Rune: Protection during risky action
  • Berkana Rune: Feminim energy
  • Dagaz Rune: Growth and progress
  • Sowilo Rune: Sunlight and warmth

Several ancient European origins have their own set of runes. You can mix and match them as you want, or dedicate your practice to one particular path. By taking the time to study the different types of runes, you’ll begin to find ones that resonate with you most.

If you haven’t found a rune or sigil that speaks to you, create your own! You can do this easily with just a pen and paper. Write down a phrase that embodies the energy you’re trying to generate. For example, if you want to protect your home, you can write the phrase “May my home be protected from evil” onto a piece of paper. Next, cross out any vowels. For this phrase, that would leave you with “m, y, m, y, h, m, b, p, r, t, c, t, d.” Next, remove any repeating letters. That would leave you with “m, y, h, b, p, r, t , c, d.” Now it’s time to create your sigil! To do this, you’ll use the shapes of the letters to create your symbol. You can combine these letters any way you like, and don’t be afraid to come up with a few different designs until you find the right one! Once you’ve settled on a design, meditate and work your magick to enchant the sigil. Then you’re ready to start using it!

If you have a rental, you can simply draw your rune on a piece of paper and tape it throughout the home, or you can go crazy and make wall art that incorporates your rune. Put protection sigils near doors and windows, and your other sigils in areas you feel are needed most. It’s all up to you!

Witchcraft is largely about symbols and patterns. They’re more than just a silly rock or a pretty drawing—especially when humanity has been giving these symbols power for thousands of years. Tapping into that universal consciousness can be extremely powerful. Utilize these tools in your craft and you’ll quickly find that these ancient beliefs are here to stay—aiding modern witches in their quest to manipulate energy and create the life they dream of.