Devi Letalis


A powerful mystic in the art of Ancient Magick and Rituals, Herbs, Protective Charms, Spirit Animals, Tarot Readings, European Witchcraft, Celtic and Pagan Rituals with a Blend of Old World Heritage

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Get in contact with your inner goddess and channel the magick all of us carry within ourselves. 

There is an inner goddess that exists in everyone. Both men and women possess this gift. Devi works with you to access this part of you that can bring about healing, creativity, abundance, and so much more. 

"It is a unique experience to work with Devi. I know a lot of Mystics and Witches, and I have yet to meet someone like Devi. I highly recommend anyone to try a session with her; it is truly amazing and rewarding. You won't be disappointed." ~ Art Saborio

Devi Letalis is a powerful European witch; her access to witchcraft lies in her Celtic and Pagan heritage. 

Devi Letalis guides you through rituals and mindfulness. She will help you to see and channel Magick in ancient ways. She will guide you using herbs and spirit animals, as well as meditation and reflecting. Her methods are unique and include easy-to-follow rituals to help you deal with all the daily struggles that you may encounter throughout your day.

Devi is well versed in the Magick of a Green Witch. She will open a world to you using herbs and the use of Magick from the blessings of  Mother Nature. She will share her knowledge of spell crafting and using protective charms.

As a historian, Devi cherishes the history of Magick and witchcraft. She has much to share about the ancient roots of those arts.

Celtics and Pagans cherish nature and believe in a "life source" and a "life-giver." Their practices are unique and involve their love of the land, nature, and its beauty. They believe that nature has graciously blessed us with everything we need. Their nature-based beliefs show in their Magick and how they performed rituals and create potions, ointments, and spells.


This ancient Magick filled the people's daily lives and gained its original roots from the Bronze Age (2000-750BC). This Magick was always all around them and taught them respect for nature and how to work with what it gave them because they could see the Magick all around themselves. They saw it in the little things, in the beautiful things, and those things that were often hidden from first sight. 

The lessons for us are to learn to recognize this Magick, cherish it, and it will bless us with our mindfulness and its generosity.

Come join Devi in a customized session to expand, evolve, and tap into more of your innate power and magick. 


A 90-minute session is recommended for your first-time visit. It allows me to integrate deeply into your specific needs. A 60-minute session can be more beneficial to build on the understanding and direction we gained from the first visit. 


Booking your service will allow Devi to contact you and create a custom experience for your specific needs.