Witchy Stuff

Elemental Magick: Earth

Earth At-a-Glance

Energy: Yin

Stones: Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Onyx

Goddesses: Gaia, Pachamama, Danu

Gods: Geb (Egyptian)

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Direction: North

Last week we started diving into The Energetics of Elemental Magick, and today we’re kicking off the rest of this series with the element of Earth, Realm of the Physical + Somatic.

We start here to root into our foundation. Earth-based spirituality is where all Elemental Magick begins and ends. Where all of humanity begins and ends.

It is our anchor point to the 3D realm and our own blood, flesh, and bones. It connects us to our ancestors and all those who came before us.

It is our perfectly imperfect physical bodies that hold and protect us as we navigate life on this heartbreakingly beautiful planet.

It is our grounding, nurturing, life-giving Mother Earth. In all of her awe-inspiring beauty and glory. In all of her cycles and seasons.

We feel the Earth’s energy from the highest mountains down through the lowest peaks and valleys. It is an abundant, overflowing, sustaining energy that is always available to us when we choose to tap in. Tourmaline helps us stay grounded to the earth’s energy.

In the Yin expression of Earth, we dance with the energies of trust and surrender. Sensuality and embodied wisdom lead the way. It is our firm and loving nos and our juicy, turned on yesses – an activation of all the senses.

In the Yang expression, it is all about structure, systems, focus, and discipline. Reliable and consistent, there is a predictability, stability, and unwavering trust in getting needs met. This energy feels safe, like a secure, healthy home.

As yin and yang flow together and inform one another, we come into the heart of Earth’s energy – straight to the core, where all life is born and returns again. This is where we create our own safe haven within our bodies; our calm in the face of the storm.

Calling upon the Earth, we learn to stand firm in our power and boundaries, cultivating deep trust in our ability to confront whatever comes our way.

To tap into the energy of the Earth, we always start by grounding. Feel your feet, butt, or back heavy on the ground beneath you. Visualize roots extending out from your body, penetrating all the way through the surface of the Earth, down through the soil, all the way into the beating heart center. Feel the pulse through your entire body and infuse this energy through every cell. Take as much time as you need to fill up and replenish.

How to Connect with Earth

  • Spend time in nature. Go for a hike, lay out in the grass, breathe in the smell of the flowers all around you. The key is to be present.
  • Get your Green Witch magick on! Head out to the garden, pick fresh herbs, brew up herbal teas, and study the properties of different herbs, roots, and flowers.
  • Try different forms of plant medicine, like Ganja Magick. Make time to connect with the plant and set an intention for how you want to commune with it to enhance the experience.
  • Become a Kitchen Witch and infuse your food with love and intention. Concoct potions and elixirs that fill your body with energy and life!
  • Stomp your feet on the ground and shake your body to release stagnant energy.
  • Stretch, do Pilates or yoga, exercise and tend to your physical body.
  • Create a daily ritual you can stick to, like sipping tea to wind down every night or pulling a tarot card to begin each day.