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The Energetics of Elemental Magick

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At its very core, witchcraft is an Earth-honoring practice. From ancient pagans to Wiccans to today’s non-denominational witches, nature reigns supreme in every tradition. Earth-based spirituality can be found from East to West, whether its flavor is Tantric, Ayurvedic, or Hermetic.

And it’s no wonder humans have spiritually connected with this planet since time immemorial. It is in working with the elements and cycles of nature that our powers are activated and amplified. Many of us may not live off the land the way our ancestors did, but we can still find our way back to a deep connection with Mother Earth and learn to work harmoniously with her energies.

This is exactly what we’ll be exploring for the next few weeks!

Namely, how to work with the earth’s energies in the form of the 4 major elements – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Elemental magick is one of the most straightforward forms of magick and serves as a foundation for everything. It is a return to simplicity and the sacred.

Through the elements, we learn about our own multidimensional nature. We find what grounds us here on the physical plane when we work with the element of Earth. What lights our souls ablaze with passion in the heat of the Fire. We dive deep into our emotions and connect to what truly stirs us in the element of Water. And take flight with new ideas and possibilities with the element of Air.

Each of the elements exists within and all around us. We are the elements, and the elements are us. When we start to work with them, the illusion of separation dissolves.

We become Fire’s flame in our sacred rage and lustful creativity. In planting our feet on the ground and feeling the grass between our toes, we remember our ability to embody the Earth’s unwavering stability. We become the Water’s tides in our ever-changing emotions, rising and falling in coherence with everyone around us. And if we’re lucky, we can become the breeze and trust the flow of wherever Air’s winds blow us.

To understand the elements, we must understand energy.

According to witches and Tantrikas alike, everything in the Universe is a form of energy. And all energy has a positive or negative charge; what the Taoists referred to as yin and yang. Yin energy is associated with the moon and is known for being receptive, passive, soft, and feminine. Yang energy is associated with the sun and is characterized as emissive, active, hard, and masculine.

While these energies appear as opposites in the duality of the 3D realm, they constantly dance together and flow into one another. One cannot exist without the other.

The same is true of the elements.

With their nurturing and adaptable qualities, water and earth are yin energies.

With their stimulating and catalyzing qualities, fire and air are yang energies.

To be balanced, multidimensional beings, we need all of these energies to exist at once. When we feel out of balance, we can always call upon the opposite energy to bring us back. For example, when we’re stuck in the dramas of our minds, ruled by the realm of Air, all it takes is grounding back into our bodies, ruled by the realm of Earth, to find harmony once again.

Our lives are a constant quest to find balance and elemental magick can assist us on this path.

Understanding the energetics behind it helps us anchor our own energy and enhance our spellwork. When we know what energy we need to call upon for greater harmony, we strengthen our relationship with the elements and the Earth around us.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the individual elements and specific spellwork for working with their energies. We’ll kick things off with Earth next week!

In the meantime, enjoy this quick overview of Elemental Magick: