Spiritual Cleansing

Energy In, Energy Out

Cleansing the house can be the best daily habit to aid in a magical practice to help keep a space and life in positive energy. The energy in a space needs to be regulated consistently since everyone in the house brings different energies from the outside. Regular practice can stop the other energy from clogging the space and creating issues. Negative energy can also be brought in while opening the windows and doors, allowing energies to fill our house that may be detrimental if left unchecked for too long.

Foreign energies can build up and create stressful unwanted feelings that the people in the house might not even know where they may arise and what they could do to the vibe of the home. This is especially true if a house has never been cleansed before. Since an older house can have decades of past energies from all the owners, which will create chaos for the current occupants, a conflict could arise between the people in the house. Cleansing frequently helps only the current household’s energy envelop the house. This is why a house should always be fully cleansed when first occupied and then periodically cleansed after the start of every new season, with the moon phases, or at least every six months.

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The best time to clean out negative energy is during a new moon to get the best cleansing results. Opening all the windows and doors helps get the negative energy out before you fully begin the cleanse to ensure the negativity has a place to go out. Sage is one of the most popular tools to cleanse a house or called smudging, but it has become vital to find new plants to use to cleanse the house since unsustainable harvesting practices have created an extinction issue with white sage. It is best to leave sage burning to only the original developers of the practice, indigenous people, since the white sage is threatened. Another option would be to use rosemary, which is very common and can grow in many home gardens. Palo Santo wood is another good option, but it is also a scarce commodity and could be more detrimental to the Earth when mass harvested. A chant should be spoken while walking around the house while smudging a sustainable plant, and an example phrase would be “Negative energy leave this space.”

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Essential oils could also be used with the cleansing of a house since they can make the house smell good and release energies from the people in the house when they smell a particular scent. Sage oil and clove are the best oils to use to cleanse out the negativity in a house. Citrus and mint oils are tools to bring positive and refreshing energies back into the house after the negative energy banishing is complete. The cleansing process’s best method is to put a dab of the essential oils on the window sills, above the door frames, and on doorknobs. Using essential oils that also have a smell close to the home dweller’s heart and that may bring back positive energies is very beneficial since these smells are likely to create a comfortable but familiar domain that always feels safe.

After cleansing out the negative energy, it is important to bring back positive energy, which can be done with holy water and citrus essential oils during a full moon. Closing all the open windows during the negative energy dispelling is important because it makes sure that the positivity stays in the house while the ritual is being restarted. Lighting incense or a favorite blend has a similar reaction as the familiar essential oil technique by bringing back the positive memories associated with the smell. Energy is tied to the person’s olfactory gland and one of the easiest ways to bring the good flow back into the domain. Chanting or casting intention spells can be a great way to put the intentions into practice, and the phrase “I am bringing only good energies into my space,” which will set the tone for the energies that are being allowed in, will encompass.

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Any magical practitioner can make holy water by laying out filtered water in a bowl and then praying or casting protection spells over it. This process makes sure the best intentions are going into the water. The best holy water has a creator who draws all the positive thoughts and energies into the water creating a magical liquid that can be used for many purposes.

Once the fresh energy fills the house, the homeowners will be set to stay on a good energy path and create positive life manifestation. A house should be cleaned often, and many of the home dwellers should be apart of the process. When everyone is involved, it sets the intentions as united for the home, but it also makes all that live in the space be much more aware of the energy they bring into the house.