Spiritual Cleansing

Energy Medicine: How a Witches Do Healing

Energy medicine is the healing of the natural energy flow that surrounds every being at all times. This form of healing is vital to all health because if our power is out of sync, then the physical body cannot heal. There are many forms of energy healing, including reiki, psychic healing, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, and many other alternative healing methods. Energy healing is beneficial by certified practitioners but just as helpful for a self-healing path by a witch choosing to recover in their magickal practice.

Reiki is a Japanese traditional medicine that dates back to the early 20th century. It is a type of energy healing done through palm healing or hands-on healing by transmitting energy exchanges between healer and patient. It focuses on the Qi or life force energy of the body and realigning this energy with the divine life force creating harmony between body and spirit. Another form of energy healing is the Hindu practice of aligning the seven chakras described in ancient Hinduism text as the healing centers and the body’s energy transmission points.

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Buddhism has used meditation with the chakras, demonstrating how vital a healing technique can be for a practitioner’s spiritual side. Ancient Chinese cultures used meridians, the energy superhighways of the body, to develop acupuncture. These are all energy healing types, and the ancients energy healers were very well-versed in mind/body healing and energy work.

Energy healing has validation in scientific studies since energy work links to molecules in the human body, and all matter encompasses energy molecules. All molecules are vibrating, so energy healing works effectively with cells, and the force within these atoms creates positive or negative charges. When we talk about people’s vibrational frequency, this is the energy this person produces. Humans have vibrations, but everything, including spaces with molecules, has a pulse and encompasses life force.

Anything with molecules can benefit from energy healing. Energy flows through all animals, humans, and physical spaces. Energy healing can take anxiety, stress, or negativity out of a room or entity to help it feel better, relaxed, and balance. Energy healing is essential to get done frequently since outside stimuli, and daily activities can easily disrupt the positive healing session outcomes. The body will heal, but if the person’s space lacks cleaning, then the energy work will not be as effective, and the sick person can have their energy be tainted again by negative space. Energy healing is a whole space type of work and has to be maintained by the person who supports a cleansed area around them at all times, keeping up the energy work. Keeping a sacred self space can include carrying positive crystals or meditating and aligning the charkas daily.

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The changing of self-talk and mental energy is essential to the full healing of life since a negative mind space wastes energy healing. Western medicine has rejected much of energy healing, and the culture has suffered due to this rejection. Eastern medicine has kept with ancient traditions and has meshed it much more seamlessly with modern medicine. This is has created a juxtaposition between the two cultures and has benefited Eastern medicine by giving clients much more options than Western medicine. Luckily energy healers have been able to make a comeback in the Western world, and hopefully, they can be integrated back into modern medicine as our magickal ancestors intended.

Finding a good energy healer depends on personal preference, but it also is best done through feeling how the energy healer makes the client feel. It is good to keep an open mind and be willing to let the healer know when it does not feel like a good fit since they should understand energy intuition. Energy healing can be done at home as well, even by the novice healer. It could be self-care rituals like taking baths in Epsom or Himalayan salt, smudging or burning sage to clear energy out of the space, and lastly, crystal magick is another tool to be able to self-heal the energy power.

Energy healing can be done as a hands-off, hands-on, and distant healing practice and is usually done by those who have practiced with energy for a long time. The method needs to be done by someone with experience because they know how to put the right energy into the session and do not energy dump onto the client like a less experienced healer may accidentally do. Novice healers usually work long and tedious hours to become experts at energy healing and work with those who control their energies before taking on sick or low energy clients. Energy healing is one of the most accepted forms of magical healing, and both experienced witches and certified practitioners practice this divine science and healing method.

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Bringing magic to a larger audience is always favorable to the larger magick community because it makes sure that this oldest form of practice is widely accepted. It is sometimes useful to reach a larger audience because beneficial tools and techniques like magick and energy healing become more acceptable and widely used. When magic and energy healing becomes embraced by all society and widely used, the energy field becomes much more viable, and recovery is more manageable as a collective. The ancient sciences of energy healing are never forgotten and become beneficial to generations to come. One day we may face the point where energy healing integrates into mainstream healing since the spirit is just as crucial to recovery as the body.