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Enhancing the Sacred Through Daily Practice

Daily practice is a sacred aspect of being a witch. It can look differently from practitioner to practitioner, or each witch may pick a different approach to incorporate each day but the act of bringing magick into each day is the same. The habit is not going to be formed overnight but once embraced, it can feel like the power is in every aspect of the witches life, and each day is more comfortable to handle. There are many opinions on what a daily practice can look like to embrace the sacred. Still, it should be something small at first, so it does not become overwhelming or interfere with other magickal aspirations.

Embracing your inner witch is enhanced with daily practice and intention setting, but it can also depend on energy levels and not forcing a practice. Being a witch is not about doing spells consistently but about feeling like you’re living in your magick daily. Spellwork is a good idea if one is in the mood, but it is not a requirement since many times life can get in the way of anyone’s daily practice. Many magical practitioners can take long extended breaks from their magick and then pick it right back up as nothing has even changed. It is best to realize that everyone needs a break to decompress, and magick never leaves us even when not frequently practiced. Daily practice is essential and will become more comfortable with time, but new witches should also understand that the small steps count, do not feel overwhelmed.

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It could help the practitioner keep consistent with frequent practice by setting up a specific day to do magic weekly or monthly, then work up to a daily routine. Christians have Sunday as their Sabbath day, which is an excellent way to keep their religion consistently in their lives. A specific day of practice could have a long or short period in the day dedicated to magic or just a small moment where spells are started and then completed the next week. Scheduling a day keeps the mind focused.

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Many witches only make time around the moon cycles, and most witches are only getting time around the full moon to charge their crystals, which is enough to keep the magick in their lives. An altar in a well-occupied space in your domain can be a good tool as cards can be drawn and items charged as a daily practice. Doing spell work can be hard to do when life gets busy, so having mantras on the altar can help set goals when life is crazy. Crystals are the best tools to keep everywhere in a witches life, always to have the chance to hold these beautiful tools and do rituals wherever and whenever the time is available. Having the magickal tools in close contact ensures that the daily practice will always be completed near or far from the home base.

Daily meditation can be another way to harness the power and keep up the daily fueling. It’s okay to fall out of a habit as long as you get back into it quickly and try to set up as many daily routines as you can. Utilizing technology is a good habit by setting reminders for spell work or meditation. Meditation applications can help with reminders and alerts when it is time to do a set meditation time. This habit can be an excellent tool for staying in daily practice. Once the meditation is complete, the magical practitioner may feel inspired to connect with a specific ancestor or complete an inspired spell.

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Lighting candles can be another great tool to get in the mood for magic. Lighting a candle can feel magical itself and can be done while chanting or recanting a spell, and then the daily practice is completed on the days with little to no time allotted. Ensuring that tarot cards are read during every major shift in life can be a good way to keep your mind active during a daily ritual when nothing else is feeling right. Many witches like to pull an angel, tarot, or an oracle daily to get advice on what is in store for their day based on the card they pulled.

Being connected to magick daily can help life feel less chaotic, and spirit guides can help with the hard days. The chaos of life does not seem to bother those in touch with their ancestors, monitoring their energy, and practicing magick. A daily habit is a reason for this since once you center your life daily and realize how powerful you are as a practitioner, the mundane issues will seem trivial but also manageable. The daily practice requires effort and may not come easy at first, but with time and dedication, it will be easy to know what magick needs invoking each day.