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Foretelling Death is the Omen Superpower

Omens are a part of life, and magick embraced by all energetic creatures. Omens can be positive or negative, or they can be neutral. They are mainly symbols or signs for the magickal intuned. There are obvious signs to the nonintuitive to explaining what the year or journey ahead has in store. They are like obvious magick for even those who ignore the signals from the universe. Some considered taboo elements in nonmagickal culture are very positive and helpful in reality to those that understand the meaning, with the most significant example being black cats. Omens have a profound message, and even those who don’t practice witchcraft know magickal warnings.

Many omens symbolize death, but it is not always the literal form of the death being the permanent ending generally associated with death omens. The death in prophecies could be the ending of a relationship or a phase of life. Death is not primarily negative in life, and it could also be a symbolism that change is coming. Even though many ancient omens and prophecies focused on physical death, the signs could have meant many different things. Death is not the end for many cultures, and many believe death is just a new plane of existence or being rebirthed into something even more beautiful. So death can be the ending of life, but it also can symbolize transformation.

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The black cat omen is not always the bad luck symbol that mainstream culture has turned the warning into, and instead, it is a great sign from the universe. The black cat that crosses a path is a sign of changing directions, and the omen the person is heading the wrong way in life or should reverse the journey. Black cats have suffered from the bad press because many shelters have a sizeable number of them that do not get adopted due to bad luck stereotypes and misconceptions. The truth about black cats is they are very beneficial to witches for their intuition and psychic abilities. Next time a black cat crosses your path, it means you’re going the wrong way, and it’s a warning to go somewhere else or change courses. Seeing the dark feline is an excellent omen because it’s the black cat telling you that there may be danger ahead. Thank that beauty and head another way. Black cats also have the symbolism of if they’re walking towards you, then they’re bringing with them good fortune. If a black cat is walking away from you, they are taking good luck with them. So follow as you will to a new path.

Another good omen that people would think would be bad is when a bee flies into your home, it means that you will be receiving a visitor soon. It becomes a bad omen if you kill the bee, you will be receiving bad luck with that visitor or bringing a negative experience with the visit. Capture that sweet bee and release him back into nature to pollinate his positivity back into the universe.

When a bird flies into the house, the omen is a sign of death in the household. Still, similar to the tarot death card, it could also mean a symbol of death to a part of life, which means death to a bad relationship or something else negative in life, which is a good sign since it allows for growth. It could also be the death of a good part of life but something that needs to happen for a transformation to occur. If you say goodbye to a loved one or a friend over a bridge, this is a bad omen for the relationship and could mean that you might not ever see them again. This omen is even more true for a romantic partner or a friend telling the relationship is coming to an end shortly. Embrace the ending and know the relationship has served the purpose, and you are ready for the next path.

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On the Chinese spiritual side, cricket is good luck. If one comes into your house, it will bring good luck. Crickets are symbols of good luck in Chinese mythology and Native American lore because crickets represent joy, intuition, and the power of belief. The fact that crickets can jump so far shows that they can leap over difficult situations and have resilience symbolism. Another insect omen is if the first butterfly of the season that a witch sees is white, it will be a good luck year. There are many other butterfly omens since a yellow butterfly means hope. A black butterfly means an illness, and a mixture of colors means trials and tribulations. Yet three butterflies together is an auspicious omen.

The first blooms of spring can have different meanings depending on the days when the flowers bloom, and each can mean another omen message. Suppose the buds arrive on a Monday. In that case, there will be good fortune in the next year. Tuesday means there will be a success, Wednesday there will be a marriage, Thursday is a warning to keep an eye on the finances, Friday means Prosperity. For the weekend, Saturday implies a string of bad luck, and Sunday means good luck. Another seasonal omen, if one catches a falling leaf on the first day of autumn, you will not get a seasonal cold or flu all winter.

A few of those that symbolize death is a white moth trying to enter your house or being in the place where people reside. Three seagulls flying directly above your head and seeing an owl during the day is bad luck, or if owl hoots on somebody’s roof, someone may die in the house. Killing a sparrow is one of the worst omens of lousy luck since a sparrow in many cultures is said to be the messenger and carrier of souls to the afterlife. Killing a sparrow disrupts this balance and could cause the souls that the sparrow was carrying to haunt whoever killed the creature. Birds are sacred creatures in most magickal practices and many cultures, so most are associated with omens. A whole book could explain the different breeds of birds and their various warnings, but in general, the power that birds encompass in flight is an omen of messages and foretelling.

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Many animals have different symbols in many different omens. The beautiful serpent represents the cycle of life and death with their circular symbolism. It makes sense that many people are scared of snakes since many people are also scared of the life cycle. Snakes are magical creatures and should not be feared but celebrated for their symbolism and intuition. Frogs are omens of magical properties to predict the weather and bringing good luck. Frogs are down to be in stories where humans get hidden nest frogs, but this could also be for their protection since frogs are good at hiding and slipping into secret places. Rabbits as an omen are encouraging luck in Chinese culture, but it’s also a good omen of fertility and sowing seeds. Rabbits represent sexual magic and reproduction energy. Birds are some of the most popular Romans, and they have many routes in divination. Birds represent freedom and Independence, so are perfect creature to be associated with Magical elements.

People give omens power when people believe in them, put their energy towards the thought, and the negativity then reinforces the paranoia. It is good to believe in the good omens, but when facing daily life, avoiding the bad ones can cause stress and anxiety when they might not even mean what the person predicts. Prophecies are essential to be aware of the magick that exists in all beings and then interpreted as good or bad. It is best to think of the omens as a guide where the results could be negative or positive but a warning more than anything else. It is also important to not believe every animal, insect, or omen is a sign and many people put themselves on edge by looking for signs everywhere.

Magickal symbols and signs become much more obvious with practice and an energetic feeling. The best method is to make sure the omens are acknowledged, written in the book of shadows, or noticed but not stressed upon, and then the message will present itself when the time is needed. Putting too much stock into omens and what they may mean is the reason why black cats have gotten such a bad reputation and why they are now treated with such disdain. A true powerful creature will take the omens for what they are, a warning, and look at how they can subtly shift their energy to account for the omen.