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Gardening is Magick in Physical Form

Gardening is one of the best daily rituals a witch can do if they want to stay connected to nature and harness earth magick in their lives. All witches should incorporate some form of connecting the self to Earth magick since all witches have nature magick in their blood. Watching something grow is the most real invocation you can create because it makes something out of nothing and creates energy as every plant is an energy source. Gardening is the most authentic form of creation magic as it allows for to put their energy into something growing in front of the eyes.

Witches should document the plants and herbs they come into contact with within a grimoire since it is an excellent categorizing system and helps document spells later. Gathering herbs and plants can feel like one of the witchiest things you can do. Before cutting the plan to the white-handled knife, thank nature and plant do visualize energy, and as you miss it, say the phrase,

“Oh, plant of Nature and magick. I asked you to give of your bounty that it may Aid me in my work. Grow Stronger by my stroke stronger and more powerful, oh plant of the Earth.”

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The key to using plant magick and connecting with this power is to respect the plant as the tiny but mighty energy force in the world. The plant should be shown gratitude and thanks just like any creature giving their life for a greater good. The key is only to take as much as you need and never from the bottom of the plant and make sure to take the whole stalk so another can grow in its place without changing the physical plant’s shape like too much short stalk trimming can do. Not to say the witch cannot mold the plant into whichever shape they would like it to grow in since plants are genuinely flexible with growth to a certain level.

Plant herbs and spell items that you will use in mini ritual since they will grow abundantly, and you do not want to create too much waste. It is good to have a compost area in a garden as you can put any leftovers or flowers that you do not use in spellwork into the composter and use it to create soil. Gardening is another active form of magick. You build the compost and make your soil from leftover scraps, another form of transfiguration and magical usefulness in nature by connecting energy and magic and creating.

There are sacred herbs of the goddess, and each goddess has its area of worship and ability to channel through. Include the herb or flower in ritual work to have assistance from that deity or put on an altar to worship the deity at your discretion.

Plants of the Goddesses

  • Aphrodite: Cinnamon, Daisies, Cypress, Quince, Iris, and Apples.
  • Artemis: Silver fir, Amaranth, Cedar, Willow, and Mugwort.
  • Astarte: Alder, Pine, Juniper, and Myrtle
  • Athena: Olives and Apples
  • Bast: Catnip and Vervain
  • Bellona: Belladonna
  • Brigit: BlackBerry
  • Demeter: Wheat, Barley, Rose, Pennyroyal, Myrrh, and All Cultivated Crops
  • Hera: Apple, Willow, Orris, and Myrrh
  • Hecate: Willow, Henbane, Aconite, Mandrake, Mint, Sesame, Dandelion, and Garlic
  • Ishtar: Acacia and All Grains
  • Isis: Fig, Heather, Palm, Lotus, Onion, and Iris
  • Persephone: Pomegranate, Parsley, and Narcissus
  • Rowan: Clover and Rowan
  • Vesta: Oak

Plants of the Gods

  • Adonis: Fennel, Lettuce, Corn and White Heather
  • Aries: Buttercup
  • Apollo: Leek, Hyacinth, Bay, and Frankincense
  • Dionysus: Apple, Pine, Ivy, Toadstools, Mushrooms, and All Wild Trees
  • Eros: Red Rose
  • Horace: Horehound and Lotus
  • Jupiter: Sage, Acorn, Houseleeks, Violet, Ox-eye Daisy, and Vervain.
  • Mercury: Cinnamon, Hazel, and Mulberry.
  • Osiris: Acacia, Grape, Clover, and All Grains
  • Pan: Pine, Reed, Oak, Fern, and All Meadow Flowers.
  • Prometheus: Fennel
  • Thoth: Almond
  • Thor: Thistle, Houseleeks, Hazel, Ash, Rowan, Burdock, and Birch.
  • Woden: Ash
  • Zeus: Oak, Olive, Aloe, Parsley, Sage, Wheat, and Fig

Every witch should know how to garden so often to connect to the nature aspect and 2 creating something out of nothing. Planning specific plans also combines two different gods and goddesses, but also, worshiping those gods and goddesses are making items to put on all turds towards them. Having as many plants as possible to connect to all the gods and goddesses makes sure that you surround them at all times, and that’s why gardens can feel so magickal. Gardens are also magickal because they incorporate the power of living beings, so this is the connection of gods and goddesses being the guardians over us. As witches, we guard over these magickal plants and their little souls. In turn, they give us power in the ritual.

What herbs will you be planting for spells or magickal rituals you hope to practice?