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Getting Familiar with a Witches Familiar

When a witch connects with an animal familiar, they can experience one of the most divine links as a magickal being. A familiar is usually a helpful spirit that has taken on an animal form but could also just be a host body for a spirit that wishes to help the witch with magick for a short time frame. Feeling the energetic connection to another being without having to speak is a mind-blowing experience. It solidifies a witch’s deep relationship to animals and the world of Mother Nature and all her creatures. Connecting to a familiar can be natural for some but also takes work from others. This is specifically going to talk about animal familiars as there can be all types of familiars, including sentient beings and even dark magick familiars. A genuine connection to an animal familiar depends on the witch and her relationship to animals. A particular animal may arrive, and the immediate association is up to the animal and its openness to being connected. It can take years before a witch feels the innate connection between their magick and a familiar, but once felt, it is a magick altering experience.

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Witch familiars have a strong association with demonization throughout history, which commonly tied the animals to evil entities and bad intentions. The ostracization of familiars is one of the worst aspects of demonizing witchcraft because it creates a negative relationship between animals and witches, which is a sacred bond. Witches are powerful beings who can feel the vibration and energy from animals, and this connection should be celebrated, not vilified. Many lore stories say that a witch can hide in her familiar, and this can be true in the way that a familiar can hold part of a witches energy and magick until they are ready to use it again.

Once the connection develops between a witch and a familiar, the bond ignites life-changing fuel for all magickal acts. The dynamic changes from each witch to familiar, but all of these bonds can be intense with work and the right level of building the bond. Like any relationship, the bond between the witch and the familiar takes work and the right level of finesse. The best method is to talk to the familiar like any other being and ask the companion what they can teach you. The magickal being could psychically deliver at the moment, might be subtly shown through actions, or maybe answered later when the familiar believes the witch is ready to absorb.

The bond with a familiar is similar to one with a pet, but it doesn’t always have to be a pet that is a magickal companion to the witch. That said, the bonding is still very similar to the process of getting a new pet. Familiars can come already bonded, and it might be an inherent connection, but it’s also something that can be built with time and effort. Treats and affections can work wonders on a familiar while also making trust and energy exchanges flow smoothly. Ensure that you stay safe if a familiar is a wild or stray animal since they can carry diseases, so stay smart and always trust your instincts.

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The first way to get close to a familiar is by sitting close to the companion and seeing how they make you feel and what emotions you are invoking. It is good to know what magick the familiar is best at channeling. Each type of animal encompasses different kinds of magick, and a witch may have multiple familiars that help with various aspects of their magick. WIld animals would have much more chaotic magick than domesticated animals, and stray animals would be in the middle of chaos and calm magick.

My familiar is named Pixie, and she is my mother’s cat. The connection with this pet that is not mine shows how random the finding of a familiar can be and how it is not always your pet. I have this unshakable bond with Pixie, and she is regularly teaching me lessons and keeping me in check. Whenever she is close, I feel powerful and centered, and my magick and inspiration are always healthy. This is different than the dog I had for eleven years, as he was more like a child to me than a powerful witch ally. A person can have a loving pet, which is also a familiar, but usually, it is an equal counterpart to the witch and less likely to be a loving pet.

All types of animals can be familiars and have different purposes when channeling various forms of magick. Cats are the most common because they link to the goddess Bastet, one of the strongest goddesses to encompass divinity and protection. Snakes are another common familiar, and they are known to be super intuitive creatures. Birds and other feathered creatures are common, and they represent intelligence and wit for a witch. All different animals can be familiars, and it just depends on what animal the witch connects with on a spirit level.

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The familiar is a gift from the universe to a witch and cherished on many different magick and ritual levels. Familiars help empower the witch and refresh her energy when she is feeling low and drained. They hear and see all the witch goes through and can give the best comfort in times of struggle. A witch’s familiar is an animal with a psychic connection and link to the witch, an animal that seems always to be around when the witch is living their daily life. Familiars can come in and out of our lives, but the most crucial part is how they impact our magick as witches and the thanks we give them every day. Just like friends and covens, we may change familiars many times throughout our lives, but their magick will always stay in our hearts.

What are your most unique familiar connections? Or share a fun story about your familiar in the comments! Who doesn’t love good animal stories!?