Dark Goddesses

Goddess Triple Threat: The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone

The triple goddess is the most prevalent symbol in modern-day Wicca and neopaganism. Though the goddess belief system dates back for centuries and generations, the triple goddess symbol is one of the newer developed witchcraft symbols. Still, lately, it has become commonplace to see the symbol for the triple goddess as many more embrace being a witch without fear of punishment and, in extreme cases, death. Many still do not know the significance of this symbol in witchcraft and think it only symbolizes the moon phases when it means so much more.

The triple goddess’s symbolism is the three moons, the two crescents on each full moon’s side. The triple goddess symbolizes the vital phases of witches life and not just women as men go through the same phases as a witch in their lives. The three phases have significance in the journey, and none is more important than the other since they all have their purpose in a witch’s life. A witch must embrace all life phases to be the most powerful in each stage, including magic in line with the stages to be truly powerful with themselves and the universe.

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The maiden, mother, and crone archetype or triple goddess originated back to the Celtic goddesses. The goddess Brighid ruled over the three crucial skills of Celtic society healing, poetry, and smithcraft. They also represent the three different phases of a woman’s life before, during, and after the body’s ability to have a child. There are many different movements of the triple goddess over the years, but during the 1970s, the mother, maiden, and crone became the firmly stated names for these archetypes rooted in Wicca. The triple goddess resonates with all magickal beings, and the individual focused spellwork can be performed at any time but are most powerful when channeling the correct archetype. Both women and men resonate with this energy even though they are feminine based archetypes since it can reflect the complexities of human emotions, the psyche, and life cycles.

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The Maiden

The maiden is also known as the huntress or the virgin. The maiden is the first phase of a woman’s life, or as she first reaches womanhood. She is aligned with the crescent to the waxing phase of the moon. The spells to work and with the maiden include new beginnings like new job spells, new living spaces, and cleansing spells. Also, pregnancy, love intention, and birth spell work are suitable for working with the waxing moon and Maiden energy. A witch can perform these in any phase of their lives, but they should channel a maiden’s energy while working with these spells. Working with the maiden power can be done by having fresh blooms around the alter, floral scents, and fresh herbs. The color white symbolizes the virgin or the huntress witch at an innocent time in her life, so white candles are great tools to focus on the maiden energy. The maiden is a time of growth, as the moon is moving towards fullness. This stage is associated with the new dawn and the beginning of the year, and Springtime when everything is dewy and fresh like the maiden. They are full of hope and wonder, and the world is bright during this phase, but the maiden can also fall into naivety. The maiden must be aware of protecting her flower and not letting the world’s darkness destroy her in this early life phase. She is associated with innocence, self-confidence, intelligence and Independence, and activities like exploration, discovery, self-expression, and creativity. Different goddesses throughout cultures have encompassed this energy, including the greek Persephone and Artemis, Roman Diana, the Celtic Rihannon, and the Nordic Freya.

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The Mother

The mother goddess Gaia gave birth to all the abundance on Earth, and this is the archetype of the mother in the triple goddess. The mother energy is associated with midday and summer, the lushest time of the year. She is associated with forest and fields flourishing with bounties of flowers and crops also the young animals growing into maturity. She is also associated with nurturing, responsible adulthood, and the fullness of life. The mother goddess is the giver of life and is associated with manifestation and intention setting spellwork. The mother stage charges spellwork for childbirth, fertility marriage, and other significant life decision intentions. Rich, vibrant colors represent her energy. Represented by the full moon, the mother is a phase in a goddess’s life that is not only when she becomes a mother but also when she reaches the age and phase where she begins to mother the world as a whole. Goddesses that have been compared to the mother energy are the Greek Demeter and Selene, the Roman goddess Ceres and Celtic Danu and Badb. Some goddesses never become mothers, but that does not mean they do not reach the mother phase since there is still supporting and taking care of other creature in a motherly fashion. The mother phase is when the maiden’s naive nature has left, and the woman has blossomed into her confident true self. The mother can still be a professional focused woman who has nurtured her career. The mother supports all prosperity by developing goals and a path to reach them. The mother phase can be one of the most extended stages in a goddess’s life as they mature into the person they feel most confident with, and depending on maturity, could have started this any time in life. It is not just an age requirement.

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The Crone

The crone is the most societal shamed stage of a witch’s journey, and she gets a bad rap because of society’s judgmental view towards aging and the elderly. Her color is black, and she is best used with spells to increase abilities unlocking in-depth Mysteries protection and manifesting strong spells. The crone represents the darkness of night and the moon’s waning period. She was initially called the hag, and she represents the post-childbearing years of life and is associated with autumn and winter sunsets and night and the winding down or ending of the growing season. This also the guardian of harvest time, the time to harness all of the work we’ve done during the seasons before. She governs the aging, endings, death, and rebirth of a past life with transformations, visions, prophecy, and guidance as her main skill base. She is the one that reminds us that death is a part of life, and it is not the end but something to be celebrated. For those who worship her, she provides constant opportunities to grow through connecting to all of her three aspects since she has seen it all. The crone is the most feared and looked down on the part of the Goddess energy, but it’s the most powerful and secure those who are strong enough to reach and accept this phase. One should be proud to reach the crone stage, and some may never reach this wisdom in their lives, especially if they reject embracing the stage. It is an honor to reach the wise woman status, and these are the rulers of our generations and society. They are the pillars that hold up our society’s foundation from taking others under their wing to teach them their ways. Sit down with a crone, and you will learn more about yourself and the world than you would for reading multiple books or researching for hours. Their guidance is priceless, and they are the true queen goddess of the life experience.

Embracing each phase of the triple goddess seems more difficult as time passes, but each one is a vital and enjoyable time of life in its own rite. Society teaches us to relish in the maiden phase, not even realizing how precious youth is to the journey. As a society, we treat mothers as the proudest stage in life and how this should be the happiest time of a women’s life. Society begins to shudder when they begin to face old age and look towards becoming the crone. The joys of being elderly should be the most joyful days of the journey. Sadly society has greatly warped the knowledge experience and beauty that comes with being at the final stage of the journey in life. Igniting the triple goddess-focused mindstate will change that belief by emphasizing all the beauty of every stage of life and the magick harnessed throughout the three stages of a goddess’s life.