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Healing the Trauma of Chiron, the Wounded Healer

Healing the Trauma of Chiron, Chiron, “the wounded healer,” is the placement expressed in a star chart of how a person experiences hurt, and if left unchecked, the damage can linger for the rest of the person’s life in the psyche. Chiron encompasses the triggers a person reacts to, and when navigated correctly, can be counteracted by being more aware of the issues that may arise from the placement. Chiron is another comet in the star chart like Lilith, and since both are not planet placements, they do get ignored much more than other placements.

Many astrologers dismiss one or both placements as not vital on chart readings, but they are beneficial to understanding what causes trauma to the person and their relationships. It is a shame to ignore such valuable insight the comets give that significantly impacts people’s lives as much as the planets do and are just as necessary to understand. Chiron is newer to astrology but, when ignored, creates many problems for a star chart, just as Lilith does. Lilith and Chiron are the forgotten twins, and they both subtly wreak havoc on our lives when abandoned.

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Chiron in a Star Chart

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Chiron in a star chart explores the chronic rejection faced in a lifetime and the uniqueness each human has in reaction to the world’s rejection. It is a natural link to male powerlessness and is just as crucial for men to work with Chiron as Lilith is for women to work on.

It works well for both sexes to embrace just like Lilith does, but men seem to have a particular link to Chiron’s energy. Chiron’s connection is vital because it represents the common male reaction to hurt in society and how so many generations have stifled this expression of healing. Culture is excellent at telling men they need to be healthy and do not need to dive into their emotions.

Chiron disagrees, and he will either cause trauma or teach how to heal the created trauma. There is no way around his influence. In general, women seem to address their trauma and try to recover from it on a much larger scale than men do, so they are not affected by Chiron’s wrath as men.

Men face programming from an early age that boys don’t cry, and it has created a negative expression of male emotion. This teaching by society and parents causes escapism and minimizing feelings in many males instead of facing emotional issues, thus healing the trauma inherent in all humans. The male species’ healing is just as vital and essential as the female species to progressing society. Sadly many men find it taboo to discuss mental health issues and even rarer to seek out help.

This behavior may cause men to take their psychological or physical health to a breaking point until they address it, and it may be past the ability to heal by the time they are ready. Many people use substance abuse and addiction to cope with past trauma but rarely fix the situation and ultimately make their lives worse. As a society, we need to teach all humans they are worthy of healing and resolving past traumas, and being aware of Chiron will help these wounds.

Greek Mythology

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Chiron, the centaur in Greek mythology, was the wisest and most just of all the beastly centaurs and was rewarded for his healing nature, sacrifice, and thirst for knowledge by being placed in the stars after his death. This placement is a centaur similar to the Sagittarius zodiac sign, but they are not linked. Chiron has a sacrificing quality as he chose multiple times in the mythology to sacrifice himself for the greater good, and he will reward those who decide to do the same and take the high road of healing.

The same goes for the flip side that this placement will allow the bearer to damage themselves as much as possible until they realize they must heal their pain and trauma to have a healthy life. Chiron placements are also crucial for relationships because they will show the self-hurt and the possible trauma of a partner. You must be willing to deal with the trauma and pain your partner will bring to the table and help any way you can to heal, or it may be something that breaks the relationship apart.


In Aries, Chiron takes on the firm and argumentative responses that Aries are usually known for and turns it into a massive issue if left unchecked by this placement. The Chiron in Aries confidence will be wounded when being assertive. Those around them may reject this behavior when expressed, making them feel abandoned by all those who experience these bold responses. Chiron in Aries will be hypersensitive to how others experience their assertive nature.

It may make them hesitant and unsure of themselves, creating even more rejection from themselves. The trick to control this issue in Chiron in Aries is to make sure they speak what they truly want in their hearts but try to do it more sensitively to those around them and consider others’ feelings.

They also need to allow themselves to say yes and no when they mean it, not to cause unnecessary arguments later on when they feel forced to do something they did not want to do in the first place. Give yourself credit, Aries in Chiron, because you’re learning vulnerability and trusting your instinct. This is difficult for such an explosive sign, but you can learn sensitive ways to speak how you feel without letting others’ sensitivity bother you.


Taurus encompasses the bull’s slow and deliberate nature, relying on its systematic nature to get things done, ensuring success with patience and attention to detail. The Chiron placement in Taurus will create hypersensitivity when others rush them or demand immediate responses. In Taurus, Chiron feels rejected by others whose life experiences require a quick pace and give Taurus a hard time being too slow or methodically paced. Give yourself time to figure out your flow Taurus and not let others rush you or expect fast results since that is not how you operate. As a Taurus, you have a robust value system, and any rejection could come with self-esteem issues with questioning their methods and how they live their lives.

Healing Chiron in this area with Taurus involves both the body and the mind and encompasses mental and physical steps. They will need to enter their bodies’ consciousness and keep up on self-care necessities to ensure they operate entirely at their capacity. They will never speed up their pace with frantic behavior, only doing things how they like them to be done and quicken with experience. Taurus’s emotional needs in Chiron need help from physical activities to realize that they are the best at keeping a slow but methodical pace while others tire from energy bursts. They need to learn a self-validating response since they know what is best for themselves, and no one can push against what they feel in their conscious.

Chiron in Gemini is overly sensitive to how others receive their communication and react to their opinions. This placement may feel rejected when they contribute to a conversation and do not get a positive response or feel like their opinions are never validated. They also feel like no one ever understands them and may confuse others when jumping around in their heads and only expressing half ideas. Chiron in Gemini may jump from concept to concept, and then others do not understand what they’re trying to express, frustrating both parties. In Chiron, Gemini may also feel like others do not take them seriously, but in truth, others do not know how to engage with this communication style.

To heal this Chiron, one in Gemini must accept the unique nature of how their mental process works and find the confidence to communicate with others in a way they understand. Over time, they will let communication flow how they would like to, but only if they embrace their audience and adapt to their understanding style.

Gemini is the ruler of communication, and this ensures their unique ability to adapt and discover how others comprehend to get their ideas across. They must observe how they can express themselves to each person and how the listener may react to the idea they are trying to convey. Healing the Chiron will also help validate the communication level by evoking a slowed communication process, which may frustrate Gemini. With practice, others will accept their unique mind and voice, which will meet all of this Gemini placement’s communication needs.

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Chiron in Cancer is very susceptible to how others feel about their own emotional needs and feelings. The Chiron in Cancer is exceptionally aware of others’ feelings and does not like when others do not consider their emotions. They are very mindful of others’ pain, suffering, self-judgment, and pitying, making their focus shift from their own pain and feelings. They feel like other people’s feelings outweigh their own and may react to others’ unspoken feelings offending the person who may not have wanted to share those emotions at the time.

The Cancer in Chiron then feels rejected since they feel like they were trying to help heal the person but do not realize that they may not be ready for healing. This behavior may create a disconnection from family and friends, who feel like their energy will always be called out by Cancer.

To heal, Chiron in Cancer must realize they are very in tune with human emotions, even to the point of understanding more than a person may recognize in themselves and their feelings. They must focus on their healing to be an inspiration and support to others when they are ready for their own recovery instead of getting into others’ healing process before the person is prepared.

They need to get their feelings out and then let them go so they don’t give too much meaning to their senses, creating a backlog of emotional feelings that can carry on with them through their lives. Cancer in Chiron must heal themselves, focusing inward and not absorbing others’ pain.

Then when the time comes, approach others with compassion and awareness when they encounter an issue. Cancer in Chiron must be aware that human nature is to heal thyself through hurt and let others heal their problems without saving everyone from injury. Accept them as humans Cancer with compassion and understanding that they will be stronger when dealing with their feelings independently.


Leo encompasses the self-expression, creativity, and playful nature of the Lion, but with the Chiron expression, they might feel hypersensitive to others’ reactions while being themselves. In Leo, Chiron is very sensitive to people’s responses to jokes or playing around behavior, feeling like they need to edit themselves if they did not get the right reaction. This sensitivity may cause Chiron in Leo to shut down in those situations and keep their playful nature away from others. Devastation since they are an active and fun sign and should share that nature with the world, not taking others’ adverse reactions seriously and then dulling their light.

Chiron in Leo is very playful and humorous, and if someone does not find their jokes funny, they need to accept it and still keep that fun side on display, just maybe not around the grumpy grouch. It also needs to be in the right place in time, so Chiron in Leo needs to make sure that they express their emotion and energy at the right time and in the right situation. Also, not making jokes at others’ expense and hurting their feelings in the wrong space and time. Suppose they try to rag on the wrong person. In that case, they may trigger insecurities and then have the person lash out against the playful side by putting the Leo on down or ignoring their funny behavior, thus rejecting the jokester. The Chiron in Leo needs to validate their naughty side and not accept others’ adverse reactions.

They also could find themselves humorous to heal the hurt when a joke does not go over the way they expected. If they do not resolve this issue, their ego could get hurt, and they could lose this wonderful playful nature that makes Leos so unique. Accept the fun abilities and let go of the insecurities. Be compassionate to the self, and don’t let others create an image for you. Your self-image needs to be dominant since no one matters to your story but yourself. Own and show who you are and exactly why you are the king of the playful jungle. You are a unique creature Chiron in Leo, and you deserve to be accepted and liked for this gregarious, confident nature.


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Virgo is a sign of improving, fixing, healing, helping, serving, and working every day to make the world a better place. Always aware of what isn’t working and switching it over to what is working and what can make the situation more perfect is Virgos’ forte. With Virgo and Chiron, these placements may feel insecure about not being perfect all the time and not controlling the pressure the world puts on them. Virgo endures by putting a tremendous amount of pressure on themselves and is hypersensitive when others point out their flaws and that they may not be doing a perfect job.

Virgo in Chiron needs to make sure they are not beating themselves up for not being perfect and realize that imperfection is a part of being human and the part that is learned to be better. Everyone is a work in progress, and Virgo in Chiron has a hard time accepting this truth. No one knows how to do everything correctly, so we have to learn from our mistakes. Virgo in Chiron needs not to let this truth create insecurities and vulnerabilities since everyone has flaws. They may be wired to believe they are not lovable if they’re not perfect, but truthfully they are the ones that need to change their behavior and accept some imperfections.

Healing the Chiron in Virgo will be best done by harnessing unconditional acceptance of what they do well and working on things they may not do perfectly. This will be done by encouraging themselves to try hard but not beating themselves up if they cannot achieve the level of perfection they seek out. They need to be encouraging to themselves and let go of the criticism or fear of criticism from others. Others may criticize Virgo in Chiron, but in reality, they are their own most prominent critic. They need to encourage themselves to let perfection go instead know they are achieving miraculous progress and changing the world every day to become a better place.


Chiron in Libra is hypersensitive to what others feel about them, especially their partners, which relates to what Chiron in Libra needs out of relationships and emotional support. Chiron in Libra may attract partners that have a noticeable amount of unhealed issues and painful wounds. Libra in Chiron will then respond with self-sacrifice causing problems with them loving themselves in the long run. They may create people dependent on them because they always go after people who need help, and support and face suffering.

Libra will never work on themselves, only on others and then if this person leaves them, they will feel rejected and abandoned by everyone, including themselves. After this rejection, Libra in Chiron may try so hard not to let others’ pain affect them that they end up building walls, not allowing anybody to connect to them. They may blame their partners, family, friends, and support systems for their pain and an ability to heal then lose all support systems.

They may also feel like they have less right to love and support and may always support needy people and never think they are worth any help themselves. The best method to heal the Libra in Chiron trauma would be learning from people who positively handle their emotional issues and those who improve on how they deal with their pain and suffering. These Libra placements in Chiron need to make sure that they love themselves and not take on support cases that damage their psyche. They will then find healthy and empowered ways of dealing with their own emotions and not taking on others’ pain, attracting partners doing the same healing work.

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Chiron in Scorpio is one of the most intense placements since the scorpion is already the sign of the darkest and most profound aspects of the human experience.

This Scorpio in Chiron is hypersensitive to understanding what people believe is dark and letting others see their darkness. Scorpio involves opening up the deepest and most vulnerable sides of a person. If this Chiron placements deep thoughts face rejection, their trust issues will trigger since they do not feel their dark thoughts are accepted.

The Chiron in Scorpio people may open up to others that they trust to get close to, and then the person could easily trigger them to not feel safe by not reacting and the correct way to their emotional needs. This reaction could be a retreat since they think they are being judged and picked apart for any psychological issues. Then the Scorpio will regret ever opening up to this person, severely damaging trust between the two and the relationship. Scorpio in Chiron also has an uncanny ability to find things that others may be ashamed of in themselves, and they may be able to help others through this issue.

Still, they might have a hard time only helping heal problems they have with a similar situation. Healing the Chiron in Scorpio would be best done by keeping healthy boundaries. They need to be cautious when opening up to others since just because they see someone’s pain does not mean that it is an opening to share their own until they fully trust the person. They also need to observe others’ pain and help that person with the problem only if they do not want others prying on their dark feelings and treat others’ issues similarly.

The healing does not also mean that they need to shut it down if they go through their process and need someone to vent about problems. Still, they also need to realize that people are responsible for healing their wounds and loving themselves, and Scorpio, no matter how hard they try, will not heal their wounds for them. The most profound issue in a person who needs healing for Scorpio in Chiron is the need to heal themselves. That’s the only way they’ll be able to get a resolution to help others and keep themselves open to trusting in relationships.


Sagittarius is the zodiac sign that is ruled by the need for expansion and adventure. Still, Chiron in this placement may cause the Sagittarian to fear risk-taking and imagining big things for themselves. They may have felt in their life that others react badly and judged their big ideas and imagination. This rejection causes them to question their imaginative beliefs because others don’t get them or don’t think they are logical. The ideas that pass through Sagittarius might not always be the most realistic, but they are brave and full of wonder, so deserving of celebration. Their creativity makes them unique since they allow themselves to resist the mundane, allowing themselves to have a traveling mind and imagination from thinking outside the usual constraints. They need to realize that new ideas make the spark of life and allow their minds to wander too far off places remembering tomorrow can always bring a new journey.

They should never let others dull their fire of dreaming and feel bad for those who cannot see the world’s possibilities around them. They also need to be aware of human energy and jealous emotions not to care when others do not get them or understand their ideas. Their ideas are always worth expressing. They may feel like they are not worth accepting because their views are so off, but they deserve love and acceptance for having such an optimistic mind and vivid imagination. This rewiring will take optimism and not fall into pessimistic belief systems from critics. The positive and hope for tomorrow are what define them. Their beliefs in big ideas may trigger others’ sensitivities because they are not as creative as Sagittarius. Let this slide off your back, Sagittarius in Chiron, and know you are worth so much. This shift will be the best way for the cheerful Sagittarius to heal and keep their dreamy spark. The healing behavior will open the door to their unique viewpoints while also helping others tap into creative and unique perspectives.

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Chiron in Capricorn faces their typical energetic and emotional security by being tested by others. The self-respect of a Capricorn may not be as healthy in this Chiron placement. They can try to work hard and prove themselves, but they will never fully feel like they have what it takes to succeed if they listen to the negative input. They then may encompass the belief that they have an unattainable goal, and this goal defines their feelings of success. This creates self-doubt about their abilities and their capacities to follow through on a long-term project. If they incorporate this self-doubt, they really will become a self-fulfilling prophecy since their abilities will be damaged when losing self-respect.

With this damage, they do not have the confidence to have follow-through, thinking they will not finish anyway, so why bother trying to complete the goal. If they have a history of being shown that their work is not good enough by others, they will have damaged self-esteem. They need to realize others play into their doubt, and this will cause them to get off their game. Their ability to approach work maturely and responsibly will be unique to heal with this Chiron in Capricorn.

They will see the ones sabotaging their job and stop listening to these people since they do not benefit the Capricorn to reach their goals. Still, it doesn’t always mean less competence that they listened to these naysayers, to begin with, since they are an open sign, and they needed a little bit of tweaking in their work values.

It could be that they may have heard they’re not good at something, and instead of working towards it, they give up and admit defeat. They need to realize they are worth the time and energy investment to fix things and improve their situation without giving up if others do not believe in them. Capricorns in Chiron need not care if others do not believe in them. They believe in themselves.

If this placement does not think they are worth the loving support and acceptance, they need to look at their accomplishments and realize they do not need any validation from others. The Chiron in Capricorn must become a devoted source for themselves and respect their ethics enough to give themselves a chance to grow into a more mature person who brings their heart to work and values even if it burns them from time to time.


Chiron in Aquarius is a sign that may feel like an energy antenna that seems like it’s never working at the right angles. Anything that comes through the Aquarius antenna may be erratic and electric in one moment and then disconnected or low at another moment. They may have struggled with being aware of how others feel and may never fully understand when someone’s coming from an emotional place. They have issues with others’ judgment about their reactions to compassion and pain, not understanding others’ suffering, and rejecting them because they feel they leave all those emotions to the Aquarian to heal. But this is also true for themselves. They ignore their own vulnerabilities and insecurities, facing much suffering when they cannot ignore the issues any longer but also do not know how to manage such feelings. Aquarius in

Chiron may not work on their healing and do not think they need wound healing or to address any pain. If the Aquarius in Chiron is not addressing their issues and instead goes about life ignoring how they feel and how others feel, they may face ultimate rejection from themselves and all those around them in their life. They also may not know how to heal themselves, so the Aquarius and Chiron think it’s better to stay in their head and be logical about emotions avoiding them altogether. When the Aquarius in Chiron is finally ready to heal, they need to realize everybody deals with emotions, and there’s nothing wrong with them for having them too.

They may have just been conditioned over time to detach from others because they’ve never been taught to honor their feelings and issues. To heal this issue area, they need to realize it’s okay to be detached from emotions from a logical standpoint sometimes, but if they never heal, the problems will come out somehow and as a large implosion or explosion. They need to work on the ability to feel and attach an emotion to things without feeling helpless. Aquarius in Chiron needs to focus on loving themselves even with emotions, and they will learn how to love others the same.

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Chiron in Pisces has issues with their energy antenna picking up every emotion in the world around them at all times. They are the most sensitive to unprocessed emotional problems that others are carrying. They will absorb these emotions until they feel very unhealthy in their personal feelings. All Chiron issues need to be addressed by opening the heart and choosing unconditional compassion.

Still, Pisces in Chiron are probably absorbing too much, and they might not be able to respond to anything with an open heart if they continue at that pace. This Chiron placement needs to be aware of all the world’s energetic stimulation around them and approach it with a genuine but cautious spirit. This awareness also means they need to protect their energy and ensure that they do not absorb all the world’s pain and carry it with them creating their hurt with others’ hurt. Pisces in Chiron needs time to unwind and unplug from the world once in a while.

They actually might need it even more than others, which means they need to be open about telling themselves and others this fact. They need to stay with their own creative and meditative pursuits to clear themselves out, often working to make sure they are expending all the other negative energy they may pick up. Pisces in Chiron need to learn how to ground themselves and unwind in nature. Hobbies can be great methods to let go of other people’s hurt, and it recenters them and gets them in touch with their feelings. Healing the Chiron in

Pisces makes it their task to learn to accept the reality of pain, sorrow, and suffering and not judge it or absorb it and just let it be. Human life is a journey from fear into love and becoming the source of love. Pisces in Chiron need to tell themselves that it is for everyone’s benefit for them to stand back and let others live their own energetic journey. They can’t possibly heal everything globally, but they should try to heal themselves and maybe heal others they feel are willing to work with them. They need to tend to their own heart first.

Chiron expressed the hurt that all humans may have experienced and any trauma from childhood or past events link to this placement. It is not always a negative, but in an area that needs healing since it is void of the effort. Any issues with Chiron signal a past traumatic event that will manifest and keep repeating until the possesser heals them fully. Chiron is another essential but obscure part of a birth chart and should not be ignored by astrologers or those interested in gaining insight into their birth charts. Healing Chiron has the purpose of not letting others hurt affect you and handling your hurt effectively.

Chiron is emotional about managing emotions and realizing the damage encompassed in those feelings, but you cannot be void of emotions. Less trauma in the world is a good thing. Every side handles their own emotions differently, and no one can deny feeling complete without having them blow up eventually. Working on Chiron is a lifelong journey, but knowing what to look out for and what traps to not fall into can make the healing much more manageable.


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