Heidi Summers


A powerful mystic in the art of Light Language, Ritual Magick and Tools, Shamanic Journeying and Guidance, Channeling Angels, Ancestors, and Guides, Graveyard Rituals and Magick Spells, Demonology: Casting out Dark Energy, Reiki, and Chakra Therapy, Spiritual Psychology, and Navigating Emotional Pulse Points, Rites of Passage, and Ceremony.

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Heidi is a dark goddess, witch, Starseed, and non-binary priestess who has journeyed timelines and varied experiences to bring you expertise and excellence in soul honoring service.


Her focus in her magickal workings is to embrace the human experience wholeheartedly while finding a deep feeling of oneness with soul presence and the Universe. She has honed the important skill of shadow work and holds space to help others traverse their shadows with love and compassion.


Her experience and work align with the expansive energies of star beings and the healers who thrive in the underworld. She has found deep comfort and peace through her personal witchcraft and daily rituals as well as serving others through their magickal journey.


Her hope for all her fellow humans is to experience a sense of real majesty in feeling at Home in their body as a sacred temple of ecstasy. She considers us all to have intuitive abilities and loves to help others move through initiatory rituals to remember their sacred gifts. In your session, you will journey to discover the medicine you need most to fill your cup with restoration and truth.


If Heidi were to describe her personal connection with magick through tarot, it would be the embodiment of the sacred Death card with the transformational support of The Tower.

Education & Certifications: BS in Psychology with a research emphasis in trauma-informed processing and neuroscience, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, Trained in Intuitive Healing and Channeling, Chakra Therapy Training, 200 hours Certified Yoga Instructor.

All sessions with Heidi are custom to each client’s needs and her specialties are:


  • Soul Chanting

  • Past Life Reading

  • Ritual Magick with Tools

  • Shamanic Journeying and Guidance

  • Intuitive Human Design Readings with a focus on the elemental self

  • Intuitive Support with Tarot

  • Channeling Angels, Ancestors, and Guides

  • Graveyard Rituals and Magick Spells

  • Demonology: Casting out Dark Energy

  • Reiki and Chakra Therapy

  • Intuitive Movement with Breathwork

  • Spiritual Psychology

  • Navigating Emotional Pulse Points to cleanse energy

  • Rites of Passage, and Ceremony

Come join Heidi in a customized session to expand, evolve, and tap into more of your innate power and magick. 


A 90-minute session is recommended for your first-time visit. It allows me to integrate deeply and focus divination and energy work on your specific needs. A 60-minute session can be more beneficial to build on the understanding and direction we gained from the first visit. 


Booking your service will allow Heidi to contact you and create a custom experience for your specific needs.