How to Be a Witch in Today's World

How to be a Witch? Contrary to pop culture, the modern witch is just like the next average person you see walking down the street. They work regular jobs as you do. Indulge in the same latte you get from your local Starbucks. Have friends (although carefully picked) and socialize as you do. They are just as human as everybody else. The difference is, witches are more in tune with nature and the cosmic energies of this world. They embrace it, respect it, and connect with it. The day-to-day life of a witch is both ordinary and EXTRAordinary.


Let me share with you some typical daily activities on how to be a witch or how to live like a witch:


Coffee or Tea?

Who doesn't like being woken up and energized with the smell and taste of a hot cup of coffee or magically infused tea? Witches generally are sipping on a cup of coffee, herbal tea, or their favorite green or black tea in the morning.


Alignment Rituals

Morning and evening rituals are essential to a witch. It helps them capture their thoughts in a journal and ground themselves to take on the messages or issues in front of them. For example, mediation or talking to spiritual guides are a way to align. The goal is to align your physical body with your mind. It helps to keep you both physically and mentally healthy making you stronger every day to face whatever life sends your way! This alignment process also increases your focus on your Magick and takes you to the next level of understanding your gifts.


Connecting with deities is another way to keep you aligned and feel closer to the divine. Some also take this time to pull out their tarot cards or pendulums. They conduct mini-readings to glimpse the overall tone of their day or work on futurecasting. Futurecasting is looking into the future to clarify questions or directions on how you should proceed with your life.


Bonding with Nature

Always a recommendation to spend time with nature. Whether it's a walk-in your nearby park – bring along your cute pet – or just simply tending to your backyard or balcony garden. Walking or spending time by the sea is also another good option. Express gratitude to the nature that is around you, and this helps you keep grounded. Some also collect nature's trinkets along the way, either for future rituals or simply for keepsake.



Perform purification or cleansing before or after your day is done. Cleanse your house with incense or sage, and cleanse yourself with a shower or a nice sea salt bath. You can also use this time to cleanse crystals that you own to remove any residual energies from previous days or rituals. General self-cleansing can usually occur every day, but purification is ideal during a new moon. If you do not follow the phase of the moon, do not worry about that. All witches are different, and you need to follow your calling. There are a lot more that can be said about cleansing and purification.


Everyday Activities

These kinds of activities usually consist of your everyday happenings. Going to work – if you are employed, dropping and picking up your kids from school – if you have children, grocery shopping, socializing with friends and family, and household chores.


Working your day-to-day witchcraft is simple. Even if you have kids, I learned over the years that you can conduct most of your objectives while sitting waiting for your kids to get out of school or doing a few rituals or meditations while the kids are at a friend's house or asleep. There is time to get your work in if you schedule it properly.


Extracurricular Activities

Performing these activities may vary. These can occur daily or on a set schedule (particularly with rituals). It all depends on the witch in question. These activities are at a time when the witch gives a little more attention to their practice. This moment is spent by researching and studying more about their craft and ardent practice to perfect their craft or even learn new ones!

One interesting activity that you can combine with your Magick practice is dancing. Sensual dance is becoming a well-known activity for modern-day witches.

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

The knowledge of witchcraft is vast and exciting! Even seasoned witches still learn something new every day! Some witches also use this time to shop for clothes based on the path that they follow – witches that follow the darker path tend to purchase darker clothes to physically identify with their craft, while witches that follow the lighter path tend to buy more lightweight clothes – yet this is not a rule or a must. Dress in whatever you most resonate and feel comfortable with no matter what path in life. If the witch is part of a coven, this is also usually when they would meet and mingle with their fellow witches for things such as group rituals, spells, and collaborations.


ANYONE can learn how to be a witch and become one if they choose to do so. You can still be normal and continue living your everyday life - with just an added flavor and a sprinkle of magic!

One common misconception is that Magick is evil. Evil does exist in the world, but there is nothing that can make you evil. Studying Magick is a blessing, and it can help you do much good in the world. I highly recommend studying Magick and if you feel it is not for you, then, by all means, stop. Yet, I can tell you that you can easily blend your Magick with Christianity, Catholicism, and other religions. No devils will come to you; no demons will follow you. All you will experience is joy and the ability to help your fellow human being like you have never experienced before.


I wish you well and send you a blessing. As always, we are here to help and answer your questions. Feel free to contact us or send your questions.


If you are interested in learning more about witchcraft or just the lifestyle of a witch you can always find more information about how to be a witch and witchcraft in general here.