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How to Cleanse & Seal Mirrors

We’ve all heard of haunted house mirrors with rotting ghouls emerging from the darkness to snatch up your soul, and while we all love a good ghost story, it’s a different story when that mirror is in your own home. While it’s honestly unlikely that a mirror is legitimately haunted by an evil spirit, “haunted” can mean many different things.

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When we exude energy, it seeps out of us and into the environment we’re in. Whether we’re happy, sad, content, or depressed, that energy doesn’t just stay within our own bodies. It seeps into our surroundings and changes the energy of the room. This residual energy can become trapped in items within our home, and cause unwanted energetic mischief.

Residual energy is beautiful because it can connect past emotions to the here and now. However, not all residual energy comes in peace. In fact, items that have been infused with negative energy can begin exuding that energy back into your current space and time. It’s important to take an honest look at the items around you to determine whether or not it contains residual energy, and whether or not that energy is one you want to keep around.

There’s one common household item that sucks up enormous amounts of residual energy—mirrors. These reflective items are highly absorbent, and gulp up the energy in the room. They take in every moment of happiness or despair you may experience, and because they’re a mirror, they reflect that energy back at us. They contain every word that’s been said and every action that’s been done, containing an energetic record within its reflective material.

Mirrors have always been known to be portals to other realms, allowing spirits and elementals to travel into your home without much interference. Many people who are spiritually sensitive report a feeling of being “watched” by their mirror, and cover it with a blanket before going to sleep. This is an effective technique, but doesn’t exactly lay a boundary, which is essential when working with energy. Laying boundaries actually increases your power as a witch, since self-protection is one of the most powerful tools you can obtain and strengthen within your craft.

So, how do you put a boundary in place for such a power hungry household item? There are several ways to do this. First and foremost, you’ll want to create some moon water. The moon has been associated with feminime energy for centuries. She’s often thought of as the cosmic healer, helping us to purge self-limiting beliefs and channel our inner power. Within astrology, your moon sign is associated with your emotions, your intuition, your psychic abilities, and your connection with others. These are often areas where we struggle to draw boundaries the most, but the moon isn’t seen as some passive celestial being. In fact, Her energy is so strong that she controls the oceans of water covering our planet—they bend and pull to her will. She provides light during our planet’s darkest hours, and by channeling Her energy, we can confidently create boundaries and bend the energy to our own will.

Because water is known for being highly absorbent, many witches use moon water in their spells and rituals to bring in Her healing and protective energy. To create your moon water, you’ll need the following items:

  • One glass jar with a lid
  • 1+ moonstone crystal for celestial protection
  • 1+ rose quartz crystal for love
  • 1+ amethyst crystal for serenity
  • 1+ labradorite crystal for aura protection
  • Filtered water
  • Incense stick

On the next full moon, cast a circle and gather your moon water materials. Light a stick of incense and drop into a meditation. Connect with the energy of the moon—Her feminim energy streaming in through the window and into your own body. Imagine Her celestial rays entering your aura and cleansing it with Her energy. Imagine the light of the moon expanding inside you until it has filled your entire energetic field, and then reconnect with the room once you feel you have been fully charged. Using the smoke from the incense stick, cleanse the glass jar both inside and out. You can do this by letting the smoke collect within the jar for a few minutes, cleansing and healing as it swirls about. Once the jar has been cleansed, place your rose quartz, amethyst, and labradorite crystals in the jar. Fill the jar with filtered water and then close the lid. Place the moonstone crystal on top of the closed lid and hold the jar in your hands while saying the following spell:

“Beloved moon, lend me your light, and fill this jar with your protective might. Moonbeams flow through the cosmic waves and infuse this water with your celestial rays. Aurora cleansed, aura protected, may the bond within be ever connected. Now left to charge under the full moon light, may every drop fuse with your celestial birthright.”

Once the spell has been completed, close your circle and place your jar of moon water on a window sill or outside in an area where you know it won’t be disturbed. Let it stay there overnight to fully absorb the full moon energy. In the morning, you’ll have a jar of magickly-infused moon water that you can use in various spells and rituals.

Next, it’s time to cleanse and seal your mirrors! It may be best to gather all the mirrors into one space, since you’ll need to cast a circle that encompasses each mirror. If the mirror can’t be moved, you’ll need to cast and close a new circle when you move between each mirror. This is especially important since you’re working with an object that is highly absorbent and also considered a portal. You want to make sure that you’re engaging with each mirror safely and not allowing for any residual energy or paranormal entities from intervening with your work.

To begin with your cleansing and sealing, gather the following materials:

  • Clean sponge/rag
  • All natural cleaning spray
  • Permanent marker
  • Moon water
  • Incense stick

Once all your items have been gathered, cast a circle that encompases the mirrors and light your incense. Meditate and ask for protection as you perform your spell. Once the circle has been cast, it’s time to cleanse your mirrors.

Using the cleaning spray, wash each mirror until it is totally free of any dirt, dust, or smudges. Once they’ve been cleaned, drop into a meditative space and gently brush each mirror with the smoke of the incense stick. Smoke is known for removing and cleansing energy. As the smoke glides against the mirror, imagine it pulling the residual energy out of the mirror—the energy being carried off with the smoke. You may need to do this step for quite a while depending on how much residual energy has been trapped inside the mirror.

For example, body mirrors tend to hold massive amounts of residual energy. When we’re looking in the mirror being critical of ourselves, the mirror is acting as a sponge—fully absorbing that negativity and reflecting it back at us. As you cleanse it with the smoke, literally imagine those negative thoughts being pulled out of the mirror. Forgive them for being there, and release them out into the universe. Many people will keep a window open during this ceremony so the smoke can help that energy travel out of the home.

Once you feel that the mirror is once again an empty vessel, flip each one over so the reflective part is facing down. On the back of the mirror, draw either a pentagram or a sigil of your choosing. Once your symbol has been added, flip the mirrors back over. Keep in mind that if you can’t add a symbol to the back, such as with a bathroom mirror, that’s okay! Adding a symbol provides extra protection, but the following steps will still provide plenty.

Turn the mirrors face-up once again, and get ready for the final stage—sealing the mirror. It’s very important to ground during this ritual, since you will be closing a portal. With your moon water in hand, call in the protective power and energy of the moon. Dip a finger into your moon water, and in each corner of the mirror, draw a pentagram while saying the following spell:

“Bound by the pentagram, enchanted by the moon, may this mirror be sealed and protected from gloom. May no energy enter, no entities pass through, for this portal is closed and cleansed anew.”

Once the spell has been cast, close the circle and place your mirrors back where they belong. You can choose to decorate your mirrors with additional crystals, ribbons, or other symbols that can influence your emotions when you’re engaging with your mirror. For example, if you struggle with body image, adding rose quartz and a kind message to yourself written on a note can change your outlook greatly. Creating a kinder relationship with your mirror will only enhance the boundary you set. Like the mystical moon, you now control the pull and tug of your fortified mirror.