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How to Conquer the Shadow Self Right Now!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” C.G. Jung

Carl Jung was not a witch but instead a life coach, but still, he came up with the concept of shadow work, but it has now been universally embraced by all those who practice magick as shadow magick. Shadow work can be challenging since it looks within the soul and finds the flaws to rectify the issues built from past traumas and childhood neglect. The shadow work does not always fix the deficiencies in unbinding the trauma, but it works to resolve them. Many forms of magick have embraced it, but mainly in the new magick practices that are a bit different from the last time we explored shadow work. This part will be more magick-based and exploration of Carl Jung’s original ideas.

Dark and chaos magic encompasses shadow works because it’s looking within the darkest parts of ourselves, which can be very difficult for many who are on a light path to accept. The dark can be daunting and scary, but it can be beneficial to understand the worst parts of our psyche if you know how to handle it right. Shadow work is helpful for those who suffer significant traumas, and even though they could have the most challenging time, they also can have the most life-changing experiences after dealing with their shadow.

Every witch needs to become at least familiar with their shadow. That does not always mean they have to be friends with their shadow, but they need to understand it and respect its perspective. The shadow part of ourselves comes from deep-seated traumas, and this is why it can be so detrimental to our lives. The shadow can lurk behind every intention, and it depends on how deep-seated the emotions are. It can destroy a life in all relationships. Once the shadow lifts, the witch can start the journey to help others heal themselves, and she may feel a weight has lifted off their chest. Confronting the shadow is where healing work and lightwork can begin, for after shadow work gets cleared, a witch can feel a physical weight lifted. Whereas lightwork is the process of helping others illuminate their shadows and find out what they can do to make peace with the shadow, shadow work is the entire process of healing the self.

A quick shadow work ritual practice is to look into a mirror and confront the things that are bothering you. Self-reflection should only be done by those who do not have self-image or body dysmorphia issues, or those beings who have only recently resolved self-image issues should be careful about shadow work. Have a cell phone camera or water like a scrying mirror. Scrying nearest to be beneficial for which is doing shadow work because it can also help with illuminating any future issues with the shadow. Scrying goes hand-in-hand with shadow work practices since they both are in the fundamentals of looking deep within the self in the psyche to understand the mystery of the universe.

Look into whatever scrying tool you would like to use and ask the question of your shadow. Examples of questions could be “what do you want to heal, and what do you need to do to recover that part? What are you trying to teach me? etc.” Then slit with the shadow for 20 minutes in a trance or meditative state period. After this process, then take a journal and write down all the messages that come into your head, trying to think of the deepest and darkest secrets you’re keeping from yourself and delete these through light work, period. After all of the shadows erase, imagine a ball of light, but then you start from your head going down into your chest and down to your toes period imagine this whole light beam enveloping you until you are only like period.

Shadow work never ends as it is an ongoing process to extract the shadow in the self, and once one shadow leaves, another can rise to create other traumas. Each witch and person should confront their shadow constantly, and it is essential for everyone to face the shadow at some point in their lives. Just because a part of the self has been figured out does not mean that they have figured out all shadows. Each person will need to work throughout their life through many shadows to make sure new ones do not form and live a life of light.

Quick Steps to Heal the Shadow

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Diagnose the Shadow

The first step in this self-reflection is to diagnose where you are on your path and what part of your psyche or power may be holding you back from feeling complete and secure. The analysis of the shadow side is a psychological breakdown of what part of your journey you are struggling with the most in life. Going through the diagnosis phase can be exciting, and it is the most critical phase. Hence it allows you to tackle one thing at a time while dealing with the struggles of the shadow self. Journaling seems to work the best for this because it is more prominent to think of the best options. Even if the ideas do not come full force, journaling helps them stew and Brew until they can become more significant ideas.

Link Emotions with the Shadow

Link the information and the emotions with experience and patterns in our lives. Linking bad habits to our feelings helps give the shadow a name and a source. Being able to fix it needs acknowledgment, and finding out where it is from, period letting it just go unignored and not addressed can make the shadow more powerful lurk in everything we do. The emotional pain then needs to be confronted and healed through awareness and understanding. The shadow self I fixed by confronting the dynamic behavior that the shadow is creating. How does this struggle make me feel? How do I feel when my triggers happen? If anger is present, what emotion is underneath it?

Connect the Dots

Connecting the dots is one of the other essential parts, so it allows the path of the Shadow to be acknowledged and recognized so the soul can have resolution with shadow extraction. The emotions that are exposed need to addressing since they can significantly impact any future shadow interference. If other emotions come up through the process, acknowledge them and write them down for later work. The best way to see where these emotions come from is by looking at the first time you felt these emotions or the first time that they became a struggle.

Pave a New Direction

The last step is to pave a new direction and cognitively Work through the raised issues. You have now shone a light on the problems. It is time to work on consciousness and pave a new path. Starting a new course might be one of the most challenging steps as living a certain way for so long in programs the brain to think that that is the only way to live. You have to reprogram your brain to accept this new reality and to work on the self on a higher level.

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Shadow work is very daunting, but it’s so rewarding. Anyone who goes through any self-help is doing Shadow work, and it is a great way to be able to change your life into something full of light and brightness. The shadow does not help us through any traumas. If anything, it just gives us a place to hide destructive emotions and suffering. A new life is waiting around the corner, and new op[piutruities will come flooding in as soon as you heal the shadow, and most witches are so surprised how well it works to make life amazing. I, for one, have been floored by my shadow work journey and how it has healed wounds in myself I never thought could be healed. I recommended fixing the parts of the shadow that are less daunting and save the real traumas until you have had a lot of practice with shadow work. This way, you can become an expert and fix different parts of your life before tackling the large issues. You may notice once the small issues have been addressed, the larger ones have been healed in ways making the full heal much more of a smooth process.