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How to Energetically Prepare Your Home for Party Guests

Energetically Prepare Your Home for Party Guests

Energetically Prepare Your Home for Party Guests

Who doesn’t love a good party? There’s nothing like spending an evening laughing your ass off with some friends, but once the drinks are gone and your last guest has walked out the door, the house is left to process all of the residual energy that was dumped in your home. As a cottage witch, your home is your altar, which means that house parties can feel a bit invasive, both for you and the home. But don’t let that stop you from throwing a rager. By intentionally preparing the home for house guests, you can create an atmosphere your friends will love and that will leave your home feeling recharged rather than depleted.

Energetically Prepare Your Home for Party Guests

Before friends arrive, take some time to remove any items you don’t want your guests to see or interact with. This could include a Book of Shadows or Grimoire if you have one, any special ritual or spellwork tools you want to keep private or anything else you just don’t feel comfortable being available for your guests to interact with. Heaven forbid they accidentally open up a spell jar!

Once your items have been removed, let’s create a party candle that you can burn when your house guests arrive. The purpose of a party candle is to fuse your intentions and set your boundaries for when guests are in the home. When you light the candle, your home will know that guests have arrived and the energy of the home will adjust to your boundaries.

Energetically Prepare Your Home for Party Guests – Materials

To create your party candle, gather the following materials:

  • 1 white candle, preferably one in a glass jar rather than a stand-alone candle
  • Rosemary leaves for friendship
  • Rose petals for love
  • Lavender buds for serenity
  • 1 small Black Obsidian crystal for protection
  • 1 small Lapis Lazuli crystal for communication & connection
  • 1 small Citrine crystal for new beginnings
  • 1 piece of paper
  • 1 pen
  • 1 stick of incense
  • 1 cauldron or fire-safe bowl

Now that you’ve gathered your materials, cast a circle and drop into meditation. Visualize some of your favorite house parties or your favorite interactions you’ve had with guests. Feel how warm and happy you are when a friend visits, and how much those people bring joy and happiness to your life. Once you’re ready, connect back to the room and light your incense stick if you haven’t already. Let the smoke cleanse the candle until all residual energy has been removed. Next, begin sprinkling the rosemary, rose, and lavender herbs onto the candle. As you do this, embody each element and imagine them fusing with the candle. Once your herbs have been added, place each crystal on the candle, again taking the time to embrace the elements of each stone. Once your candle has been dressed, it’s time to grab your pen and paper!

Candle magick is a favorite among many witches. It’s a great way to play with the elements and use them as actual tools for your craft. There are many ways you can incorporate candles into your practice, and one way is by burning your spells. With your piece of paper, write down the following spell:

Say the Spell

“When this candle is lit, the energy of my guests can not stick. Protected by this burning flame, no residual energy may remain. Let the light of this candle shine through every room, so that new connections may surely bloom. Serenity, joy, and love abound when my friendship candle burns in the background. So mote it be.”

Once you’ve written down the spell, fold it into a small piece of paper. Make sure that your cauldron or fire-safe bowl is nearby. Hold the paper in your hands and connect it with the candle. When you’re ready, light the candle and use the flame to light the paper. Drop it into your cauldron or fire-safe bowl and watch as the paper burns. Do not leave until the paper has been completely destroyed by the flame. This is a great time to fire-gaze and imagine the spell expanding out into your home as the smoke fills the air. Fire-gazing is a beautiful practice you can do to calm the mind. The flames can become mesmerizing, helping you dive deeper into your spiritual practice. As you watch the flames burn your spell, imagine the magick within being ignited and enchanting your candle with its purpose.

Once the paper has been completely burned, blow out the candle and close out your circle. Place the candle in a room where most of your socializing happen and light the candle a good 5-10 minutes before your guests arrive. This will give it plenty of time to activate and set the boundaries you want while adding some extra ambiance. Keep the candle lit for the entirety of your guest’s visit, and only blow it out once they’ve left.

Results of the Candle Magic

This candle should make a huge difference in the amount of residual energy that’s left in your home, but sometimes the energy can be extra stubborn, which is why many witches use the sweeping technique. This is where we get to play with some good ol’ witchy stereotypes! While the mainstream world believes the witch’s broom is used to fly under the moonlight, it actually has several more practical (and realistic) applications.

If you think of energy as microscopic dust particles, the witch’s broom is just a special tool that’s specifically designed to pick up and move those particles. By adding specific elements to the broom, you’ll attract those particles and have the chance to move them around. The first step, of course, is to find your broom! You can make one out of a stick you collect in nature, you can go to a thrift store and pick up a study hand-me-down broom, or you can grab a new one from the grocery store. There aren’t specific criteria you need to check off to find the right broom, as the “right broom” will be different for everyone. Just take a look around and grab one that catches your eye.

Now that you have your broom, gather the following materials:

  • Lots of string, yarn, or rope 84058
  • Dried Juniper leaves
  • Dried Cedar leaves
  • 1 Black Tourmaline crystal
  • Glue or a hot glue gun
  • Knife or marker

How to Cleanse & Seal Mirrors

Now that you’ve gathered your materials, cast a circle and drop into meditation. Hold the broom in your hands and channel the energy of your home through your root chakra and into your hands, then imagine that energy expanding into the broom. Once you feel that the broom has been charged, use a knife or a marker to draw or carve either the pentagram or a sigil of your choice onto the broom. Once the sigil has been added, it’s time to start decorating! Use the string or rope to tie the dried leaves to the broom. You can do this anywhere on the broom, get creative with it! Once your leaves have been added, glue the Black Tourmaline crystal onto the broom wherever it fits best. Now say the following spell:

“As I sweep with this witch’s broom, may all residual energy be picked up and moved. Only peace, love, and serenity may abound when my witch’s broom makes their round. With each sweep, negativity dispurses, leaving a clean slate and removing curses. So mote it be.”

Time to Close the Circle

Once the spell has been cast, close the circle. Keep your witch’s broom in a place where it won’t be disturbed by pets or people. The next time a guest leaves your home, go through the areas where they were and gently sweep the area with your broom. This doesn’t mean a literal sweep against the carpet, but instead, do a sweeping motion in the air as you move through the room. Imagine the particles sticking to your broom like a magnet as you sweep. Once you’ve gone through the whole house, open a door and sweep your broom outside so the energy can escape. It’s smart to use a cleansing spray on your broom after you do this, or build yourself a cleansing and charging station where you hang the broom so it can be properly cleaned after the ritual.

If you’re sensitive to energy, having guests in your house can be overwhelming. The beautiful thing about magick is that it can actually help you set up the boundaries you need to thrive. When someone might have otherwise avoided parties in their home, they can now have guests over without worrying about feeling drained. With his boundary, the party can go harder and longer. So set your boundaries, do your magick, and have fun with your friends. Now you know how to energetically prepare your home for party guests.

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