How to Learn Witchcraft?

When you make an effort to learn witchcraft, you walk into a world of spirit and energy. This energy interacts with nature and the universe. It is simply an evolution of spirituality. We must first accept that not all of what we were taught was correct and that we have the chance to relearn the boundaries of reality and see them for what they are. That’s not to say that learning the craft doesn’t have its technical side. Fortunately, in this day and age of virtualization, finding ways on how to learn witchcraft isn’t as hard as it used to be. You can now quickly turn to the internet and find certification classes in the art of witchcraft from a real and powerful Priestess.



Websites like (Pure Journi’s Academy of Witchcraft and Mysticism) offer an array of online educational materials for you to get started on your magical journey. From crystals to spells to incenses to simple tips and tricks. They cover various topics about how to learn witchcraft created and curated by Priestess and Witches with decades and centuries of knowledge. These classes are suited for students from all levels – whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, students can become certified in the craft.


Aside from these recommendations, another great way to learn more about the craft is through a coven. Finding the right coven for yourself deserves a whole article of its own, but basically, it involves a lot of self-reflection and questioning – what part of the craft are you most focused on? Is the coven gender specific? Is it deity specific? More formal or casual? Dark or light path? Open to include family members that practice the craft as well? Online or face-to-face? – being crystal clear with who and what you are can help you tremendously find the coven that is best suited for you.


The beauty of learning and how to learn witchcraft within a coven is that not only is it a collaborative process; you also get to know and share witchcraft secrets that may have been passed down on my ancestors for generations and even tried-and-tested techniques that have never been written anywhere else. There’s a lot of learning, growth, and support being with a coven.


Now it is not always easy to find a coven. Covens rarely advertise, and those that do are not true covens. How you find a coven is through word of mouth, and once you discover the coven, an invitation is often granted to join. Not everyone will be accepted.


The knowledge of witchcraft is endless and rewarding. You get the feeling of exhilaration whenever you discover something new. Even seasoned witches still endeavor to learn new mystical techniques as long as the yearning, commitment, and passion for wisdom are kept alive and burning. There are always methods that you can also learn to help you cleanse yourself whenever you feel burnt out. It’s not only learning witchcraft, but it is also learning about yourself!


And, of course, knowledge comes with practice. There is no point in learning anything if one does not apply it. So, don’t fret and take your time. We are not in a race, nor is anyone in competition with you. Sometimes progress may be slower for some, but even small efforts/movements still progress. Always express gratitude whenever the universe bestows new knowledge unto you, and remember to be kind to yourself and those around you.

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