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How to Perform Witch Rituals

So Many Rituals, So Little Time

How to Perform Witch Rituals. Witches love to put rituals in everything they do. It is a great way to incorporate daily magickal practice and make sure energy is protected. You ensure that you’re living your most authentic life by putting magick into everything. Rituals help to keep your Magick alive. Yet, not all Magick has to be done through witchcraft. These can be things like cooking, and other general tasks that can change into a Magickal experience. Daily tasks can be one of the most significant rituals a witch can do to put their magic into their space and make sure they keep their energy clear and protected.

Daily Rituals of Cooking and Eating

An immense daily task that all beings must experience is the daily act of cooking and eating. This essential task should have the most ritual put into it, but sadly humans have fallen out of food ritual. Any witch can put magic into their cooking depending on their mind-state while making their daily meals. If a witch thinks of cooking as another chore, they will be putting rushed and uncaring energy into their food.

Meals can be quick will little intention into the process as long as they eat like a ritual and give thanks for the food from nature, which adds to the ritual energy exchange in eating. It is just not an excellent magickal habit to get into to make every meal quick and with little effort.

Cooking with Magick

Cooking is one of the oldest forms of ritual magick with the boiling temperature and seasoning with the spell ingredients. Preparing every meal with positive intentions and good thoughts brings magick to the body with nourishment. Adding the right herbs and seasoning add to the positive intent of the meal. Once you incorporate magic into cooking, you will feel like a whole new connection to the food you put into your body.

How to Perform Witch Rituals

Another act to put magic into is cleaning yourself and different hygiene acts for necessity or pleasure. Making hygiene and cleansing a ritual shows the body you worship it, and it will pay you back with health and power. Fueling our bodies with cleansing energy and practices helps both magick and non-magick aspects of our lives by putting love and care into creating cleansed spaces within ourselves. A bath can become a ritual all on its own with the right sort of maintenance, energy, and magick. A witch can cast a bath with herbs and oils, then lighting a candle or incorporating another magickal item turns the regular bath time into a magickal ritual. Bath bombs have become popular with oils and natural ingredients. In the mainstream culture, they are all about the ritual process of enjoying a bath and soaking in good vibes, defiantly channeling magick. The act of lighting candles during a sensual or calming bath is also very witchy and based on rituals. Many rituals need to be incorporated to make cleanliness an enjoyable experience.

Masturbation and sex rituals

Masturbation and sex are among the most magickal rituals a witch can do in their daily lives and one that magick can easily fit into to be a part of proper energy flow. Creating practices out of sex can increase the bond between the individual’s body and a partner’s body. Sex magick is one of the most intense charging magicks, so having the ritual of sex magick in a magickal practice is beneficial to every witch. When sex and masturbation arise with the ritualistic repeat the intimacy deserves, it becomes less taboo to discuss and resolve any issues in the sex realm.

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One of my most common rituals is dance, and especially sensual dance can feel like a complete magick ritual. Even basic dance gives me an outlet to calm and relax even if I’m stressed. Though dance can be a lot of movement and physically exhausting, it helps charge my magick and personal energy. Dance has become a ritual for me since I feel like I’m supercharging my life when I close my eyes and spin around. Every person has that thing they can meditate into that helps charge their inner being and gives them an outlet to recharge their magick and regain the spark of life. Celebrating these passion rituals should be done with as much importance as the more mundane chores, as all practices serve their purpose and create a balanced life.

Monitoring yourself and rituals

Everything a witch completes should be with ritual magick. This is true since checking energy and flow should be a priority for any witch. Rituals should encompass all acts dealing with life’s mundane aspects like child work and social media interactions.

The most dangerous thing is not to control your energy and disperse it without training or good reason. Living a life based on tradition and magickal rites protects your energy. It is a catalyst for becoming your most authentic self.

Your body is your template, and rituals help to bring respect and acceptance. Your body is the most powerful witchcraft tool you can have in your witchy toolbox. The more you grow in your gifts, the more Magick you will gain for other lifetimes.

When daily habits become ritual, a witch is much more aware and sovereign in their energy and magick. It also helps to stay focused.

Slowing down and check-in with yourself to ensure your Magick is serving you well.