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If COVID Did Not Kill You, Just Wait for 2021

2020 has been straight up a challenging year for many to get through and grow through. The forecast for 2021 is one of caution. Many empaths have already felt the hesitance going into this New Year. The New Year is usually a time of reset and hope that everything will be immediately peachy as soon as the clock hits midnight and the current year is over. The wakeup of 2020 has made a lot of positivity wain in people’s lives, and it’s hard for anyone to believe that this new year will suddenly bring in any relief. A cautious mindset is an excellent collective opinion to have because thinking that things are just going to change overnight is what got us into this mess in the first place. Humanity should be cautious of diseases and careful with where they expel their energy because the 2020 pandemic showed life could easily be disrupted and brought to a halt.

Life May Never Be the Same

Going back to the way things were is never going to be entirely possible because of the trauma. Trauma is a part of life and tests resilience. This year, we learned valuable lessons from the trauma, to cherish our relationships, value good health, take better care not to spread sicknesses, and appreciate our time outside of the house. As a performing artist, my area of passion and artistic expression has been dramatically affected this year, along with many others who are passionate about what they do for crowds of people. Performing artists may never go back to how things used to be since audience sizes will always be slightly smaller due to the scary situation of getting sick by close contact with strangers. It may take a whole other generation to get over this pandemic and go back to large crowds and being up close and personal with people we do not know.

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Numerology Presents the Risks

The 2021 numerological aspect points to power number 5, which creates an opportunity to create a bridge towards all life possibilities. This shift seems like a perfect alignment to this next year because the number five encompasses the unexpected, fun, and adventurous. A numerical sign of 5 could be promising for the year since it could mean the covid pandemic will come to a possible end this year, which would be a worldwide relief if people can finally get out and do what they want to do. The number five has an extreme energy level of intelligence and opening the mind to do things that a person may have been curious about but may have held back from doing. It could be a good sign meaning perhaps this will be a time where people who are stuck at home can finally get out and start living their dreams that have been held back for so long during this pandemic. The number five is an encouraging signal for this year, and it is telling us to do things we like with gusto and energy. Numerologically, the five could be a dangerous sign if it is foretelling people who stop taking the lessons they learned last year seriously and risk themselves to get out and have fun without caution of the consequences. Doing things with gusto may not be the smartest idea in this never-ending pandemic, so the five may be an ominous sign.

The OX is Asking for MORE Patience

People are over this pandemic and the lock-up in their houses. They are tired of being asked to be patient and wait a bit longer. I hate to break it to all those people, but 2021 is the Chinese New Year of the Ox. which is an animal that represents slow progress. The Ox is about being diligent and staying the course. In the Chinese lore, the Ox is kind, and it’s why the Rat came in the first place because with the Ox’s diligence and forgiving nature, he let the Rat take the journey on his back. He was one of the animals that were the farthest away from the wise man and finished second because he left at the right time and made sure he got to the place he was supposed to be there. He is not a sign of rushing things, and the Ox will not be one to be forced to get to a place sooner than he will arrive on his own time. Ox’s are known for determination, so those who have it will be rewarded this year with success and luck. The result that this will be a good year for fun will be much more likely to happen with patience and a desire to progress cautiously. The promising nature of an Ox coming right after a Rat means that the growth we learned last year will have its chance to be put into place this year but only with patience.

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This Combination Could Be Fatal

The number five mixed with the OX can be a dangerous combination, with the five representing energetic fun times and the Ox being slow diligence. If the number five does not incorporate well with the Ox energy, this could be a scary year of those breaking quarantine and risking getting sick on a much larger scale. The restless energy has built up in the year 2020 to almost a fever pitch. If there is no severe release of this energy, it could build up and explode. In the same breath, if people do not approach the release of lockdowns with patience and diligence, many more people could get sick and possibly die. 2021 is all about the larger puzzle and will be another testing year for all of humankind. They can have fun and live their dreams as long as the Ox says it is time.

There is Light with the Age of Aquarius

Astrologically the year 2021 should be a good year for positivity, vitality, and happiness. A lot is going on in the planets this year, but the big one is Jupiter and Saturn going conjunct in Aquarius. This placement has not happened since the 1400s. What an exciting time to be alive, and 2021 may finally start the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is when all of humanity finally comes together in perfect harmony, very 1960s vibes. 2021 is the year for Aquarius as every country and every person on this planet was affected by the pandemic. No one was spared from the lockdowns or potential to get the sickness, so mixed with this planetary alignment, 2021 may bring a sort of peace and enlightenment to humanity that has long been missing. The rebirth of Aquarius in this placement is a good sign that could foretell the health issues from covid will wane this year, and people will come out more enlightened by the struggle.

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2021 could be an excellent year for peace and togetherness, but it will take diligence and stay the course to make all of our collective dreams come true. The plans to get out of the house, be with community, have fun in person, talk to strangers without fear, and many other things we all took for granted before this pandemic hit. It will be a great year to be grateful for getting through the mess that was 2020 but also the growth that came with the rough year will be able to be implemented in this next year. If the number five implements with having fun and enjoying life with gusto but respecting the Ox and the patience and diligence, this could be a great year for personal growth and accomplishment. Aquarius’s energy should help this and hopefully spark a feeling of peace in humanity to appreciate and cherish being around their fellow humans. Approached with cautious optimism, 2021 could be a fantastic year to heal from the trauma of 2020.