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Increasing Your Sex Life Through Black Moon Lilith

The wild and stunning Black Moon Lilith placement in star charts can be a loving but sensual guide for all signs in guiding their sex lives. Lilith stands up for all the misfits of society, but she can also be a fantastic, untamed woman who needs to have her aggression released through sex and discovery. Lilith invokes all humans’ discovery for adventure, breaking the normality of life, and falling into ruts that are too common. Lilith is portrayed as a villain and can come out in destructive ways if portrayed negatively but usually only harms the judge. For Lilith to be a negative aspect says a lot about the society that holds women back to not being able to sew their oats like many men are allowed to without judgment. The first step is to find out what your Black Moon Lilith sign is in your star chart, and there are many handy calculators on the web that can assist with this, which does require the exact birth time.

Lilith influences sex in a provoking manner where she not be ignored and calls on us to express the spiciest version of ourselves. Lilith energy is when you feel like you cannot hold back giving your opinion or feel like a close relationship cannot go on how it’s going. Lillith does not settle, and she does not take the easy road to get to her path. She does not care if it’s going to be heartache and struggle. Lilith knows that suffering brings self-satisfaction, and after the pain, fulfilling life will bloom if the witch manages the transition correctly. This no-holds drive and many other reasons are why Lilith can be the female equivalent to Pluto and push each being to get there no matter what the cost. The most avant-garde artists of our day have had profound connections to Lilith. Visionaries like Albert Einstein and Malcolm X had powerful Lilith energy in their charts, showing that they were willing to break the mold no matter the cost to their reputation or even life.

Lilith, first and foremost, is the sexual liberator, and she is the one who wants us to go back to our culture of hedonism and sexual creativity. She is the most iconic sexual muse and any pinup, bombshell, heartthrob, etc. Anyone who uses sexual energy to get by in life, including famous beauties, has potent Lilith energy. All sex creatures can thank the goddess for the empowering power she provides. When Lilith brings to partnerships and into a relationship, it can be a sexual dynamo. Still, it also can be a karmic relationship where the people have things to work out the spur each other to greater heights. It does not mean they may stay together, but Lilith will make sure they live their most authentic life no matter the cost.

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A famous negative example of a relationship-focused around bad Lilith energy is Johnny Depp and his three most significant relationships. Johnny Depp has this issue because he cannot tame the wild part of himself and keeps having it expressed in his most intimate relationships even if he takes them seriously. Johnny’s Lilith is in Scorpio and is one of the darker aspects of Lilith and especially if secrets become linked with sexuality. With Lilith, a connection can lose communication when blocked, and then the unclear details of sexuality erode the relationship. Someone like Johnny Depp may feel like he wants to have a stable, functional relationship and may wish to darker aspects of sex he is not expressing. If so, he truly needs to rectify this part of himself, and if not, he should probably stay single, and that is true for all those who have issues coming to terms with their Lilith power.

Lilith’s energy conduit can be expressed very positively for relationships, especially for rule-breaking, strong women. Especially in partnerships, for example, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have an influential Lewis, and Venus Williams and Serena Williams are the same. Lilith’s energy helps push women to a whole different level of success and sexuality. These are the trendsetters and the women that break the mold who have intense Lilith energy. They are not afraid to stand up and even a man’s world and make their voices be heard, and demand respect.

Black Moon Lilith represents the most primitive of human desires, and each sign can have its dynamics and weaknesses. The point of the black moon Lilith is in the systematic exact geometric point of the farthest point in the moon’s orbit from the earth, and this is why it is very dynamic to emotions as that is what the moon represents. The black moon Lilith is your sexuality in its rawest form and may also express the dark side of one’s personality. When ignored, the black moon, Lilith can come out in a very detrimental wave and cause great suffering if not appropriately addressed. Black Moon Lilith is the epitome of the feminine psyche.

Aries in Lilith

Aries has the urge to control, and this sign does not like domination from their partner. It is very messy to figure out this side of themselves to let others take control every once. Aries in Lilith can hold back when upset, which can become an unexpected problem for the Aries and their partner. Aries needs to fix this side of their personality to have healthy sexual relationships. Lilith in Aries is powerful at going out and getting what they want in life, including lovers. Aries in Lilith can commence multiple lovers at once with their fiery passion but may lose interest just as fast. They’re defiant, so they should be with those who understand this stubborn, selfish behavior since this confidence gets Aries in Lilith precisely what they would want in a relationship. The quickness to anger can get in the way of deeper connections. Lilith in Aries can cause all beings to channel the sexual energy, but their dominating may interfere. If not handled correctly, they could turn this into an abusive role if they do not carefully take consent and boundaries before they jump into a dominating situation.

Taurus in Lilith

Lilith in Taurus tends to be a bit lazy and lusty, just like any other signs in Taurus who can have an issue with getting stuck in a sexual rut. Lilith cannot handle putting down the wild side for too long without stress, so Taurus in Lilith needs to make sure they make efforts to please their sexual side. Black Moon Lilith needs to remember to incorporate all the senses like the taste as food can be a valuable aphrodisiac for the Lilith Taurus. Their lust can rule Lilith in Taurus, and no one will get in the way of a Lilith Taurus who wants an object of their desire, not even that person being in a relationship. The Taurus can be very jealous of what others have and must be aware of this flaw or constantly search for the next best thing. This wild bull needs to fix this search for lust to get the fairytale ending they crave finally. The Lilith in Taurus needs to remember sex is not just about them getting pleasure but about finding contentment in pleasing their partner.

Gemini in Lilith

Gemini in Lilith will have issues in sex if they do not speak their mind entirely with sex partners. Gemini needs to talk about their needs with a sexual partner or run the risk of having intimacy issues. Gemini in Lilith seduces their lovers with lusty talk or communicating exactly their needs, being irresistible to those who crave dirty talk or lots of noises during sex. Black Moon Gemini in Lilith is a hard one to pin down, and they are rarely able to be controlled channeling the true spirit of the untamed woman Lilith. These Liliths need to remember not to let sex become their only motivation in a relationship and instead look at how a partnership can be fun exploring places with another person and getting kinky all over the world if they so desire.

Cancer in Lilith

For the Lilith sign in Cancer, they can be too submissive and may have issues with feeling like the wrong partner is using them. Their needs cannot come across fully unless they assert themselves, challenging for even a Lilith in Cancer. A Lilith Cancer needs to take advice from an Aries and be a lot more dominant and expressive of their needs. Lilith Cancers are some of the softest water signs. They should be careful not to let their softness become a weakness when it comes to their sexual appetites period they can be givers and never takers, which can cause them to resent their lovers. Lilith in cancer is a sex pot in the bedroom. Lilith in cancer takes back the dominance that the Cancer Suns gives away so quickly. The sign can be highly controlling and can think of their lovers as possessions and careful to remember their lovers have feelings sometimes just as deep as the Cancer in Liliths. The Cancer in Lilith needs to give their lovers space for the fires to burn intensely, and this will be hard but worth it for the Cancer in Lilith.

Leo in Lilith

Leo in Lilith can be the drama queen, but she can also be the Greek goddess of Lilith placements. She wants to be adored by all different types of suitors but gets upset if she is rejected or dismissed by even one. This Lilith is the type that will perform and use her sexual promise to get what she wants from whoever she wants, as many have a hard time not falling for this Lilith when she is performing. Lilith in Leo can be a diva, just like a starlet in Hollywood who puts on a good show in front of the cameras but demands excess in the dressing room. Leo in Lilith can be too much of a show person and feel like they need to have their partner dote on their every need through all sexual processes in love and lust. Lilith in Leo leaves little room for a partner to have their devotion focused on themselves, and instead, it may always be on the Leo. Leo in Lilith needs to be careful to make sure that they show their partner the same sort of behaviors they want to show them. This Lilith in Leo needs to stop seeking validation and work on boosting themselves up, not caring what others think of them or speaking of their sexual prowess to keep a clear head and avoid narcissism.

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Virgo in Lilith

Virgo in Lilith can have a very contradictory essence to their being. This Lilith can be very traditional to want their partner to treat them as a chaste Virgin at times and especially in front of specific energies, but they will also like those that push them out of their zone and bring out their naughty side in the bedroom. Virgo in Lilith needs to make sure that they open themselves up to both sides of their personality and not be too judgmental when their partner wants to get freaky. Virgo in Lilith still has the perfectionist streak and can be very demanding of their lovers to be the perfect ideal and not be patient with them working on themselves. Virgo in Lilith can be the least wild since she is such a stickler for rules and regulations, but with the right sex partner, they can get as wild as any Lilith. Since when it comes to her wild side, she will find it genuinely kinky ways and help her break out of her sometimes boring behavior in the Virgo placement. Virgos in the Lilith will have a lot of energy in lovemaking, so they will need to have a lover who understands that they may struggle to cut loose and are willing to work on opening them up.

Libra in Lilith

The Lilith Libra is the archetype of the romantic lead finding love in a challenging situation but using their excellent essence to get through to their happy ending. Libra in Lilith has the essence that when most signs meet this Libra in Lilith, they feel like they found “the one” since this sign has such intense energy of romance and becoming anyone’s romantic ideal. The Lilith in Libra can be the perfect woman and knows how to please any mate, but they need care not to give too much of herself away. Libra and Lilith can be very giving, and it becomes a fault when she provides to those who are not worthy or makes lovers fall in love with her out of boredom. Libra and Lilith should be careful to make sure she only picks the best lovers to give her a unique type of wild love and not lead on those she doesn’t see a future with as any sign will fall hard for the Libra in Lilith.

Scorpio in Lilith

Lilith in Scorpio is the sexual freak of the zodiac, and these are the ones that will try anything once but need to be careful about what they leave in their sex wake. The Scorpio Lilith Seeks freedom and many sexual conquests when they’re single, and that’s why they may seem like wrong partners and too wild to be tamed. When Lilith in Scorpio faces rejection, their Vengeance can be legendary, and they do not quickly forgive. They instead seek to make the rejecter wish they’d never refused this Lilith. This Lilith can also have an unhealthy relationship with physical touch and is the type that may seek out other connections if they are not being satisfied in their current partnership without ending the relationship first. This Lilith needs to remember that what they need in their lives will come to them, and all the other desires that do not work out we’re not meant for them. Scorpio in Lilith needs to be careful not to be secretive as Scorpios contend with hiding things, destroying any personal relationship with sexual aspects.

Sagittarius in Lilith

Lilith in Sagittarius is one of the most traveling and voyeuristic of the Lilith sign, and this wild woman loves to travel with a partner. The Lilith would love sex in crazy open places like on top of the Eiffel Tower or next to the Great Pyramids of Giza. They are in love with those who crave the spotlight and may find themselves magnetically drawn to performers and musicians regardless of their compatibility just because they respect the performer spirit. This Lilith may always be looking for the next best grass to grow on and may be very foreign to the concept of the grass is greener where you water it, not just traveling to a new spot one after another. They will look for any opportunity to change their lives and will not care about the consequences to other’s feelings. The Sagittarian Lilith can be very harsh, so be careful to watch your words when harmed or facing judgment and try to understand others’ feelings instead of just focusing on the spouse’s or partner’s feelings. Try to think realistically about making hasty travel or sexual adventures, especially if they are at the expense of others.

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Capricorn in Lilith

Lilith in Capricorn can be the CEO of the Lilith signs. Still, they can also be the harsh ruler that cared little about their employees and focus securely on profits, winning the game against competitors and those who may have hurt this powerful Lilith. These Lilith placements are turned on by power. They may find themselves magnetically drawn to their boss or CEO regardless of their relationship status just because of the power they represent. This Lilith in Capricorn needs to make sure that they are not just falling for those in power because of the ability to have success. Instead, Lilith in Capricorn should want to help their partners be more successful in business, especially when passion is strong between them. These Liliths can be the type to step on others to get their way to the top, so being aware of this tendency can help them become nobler in their convictions and not put business before relationships and friendships.

Aquarius in Lilith

Lilith in Aquarius is one of the slightest sexual signs in Lilith, but they do have the power to be sexual if provoked correctly. They rarely use their sexual abilities, and even Lilith had the Aquarian tendency to think of sex as a much more abstract concept. The idea of sex appeals to Aquarius Lilith, but they are too independent to give up their freedom to focus on a relationship to enjoy too much sex. The Lilith in Aquarius has a sexual pull that others find fascinating because they seem so unobtainable, and that is because they indeed are hard to get. Still, they put very little energy into focusing on the sex appeal and would instead attract a partner through intellect and mind connection. The Lilith in Aquarius will only have sex rarely where they crave a sexual touch, and it said or just happy to do it for themselves as they do it exactly how they want it done. The Lilith in Aquarius should take ahead to remember that their selfish behavior could cause them to be very lonely once they age and finally feel the urge to settle down but have burned all their loving bridges.

Pisces in Lilith

Lilith in Pisces is the last of the Lilith signs in the standard zodiac timeline but not the least by far. This Lilith is the epitome of romantic sexual love, and these Lillith have an addiction to love so strongly that it becomes all-consuming in their personality and essence. They need reminding that their life is not a romantic fairy tale and that reality is sometimes life and love are not all roses and sunshine. They’re the type that constantly finds their soulmate and think that every person they connect with is the one. Once they find their soulmate, it’ll feel so much different from the other times that they will know it is accurate and wonder how this Lilith ever thought they were in love before. Falling for many people is a common Pisces trait, and they are constantly looking for their soulmate, so it makes sense that Lilith would have this trait to think of every romance like the one. This Lilith needs to be careful not to jump into relationships and instead wade the waters until they find the worse person, giving their excellent love and sexual prowess.

Healing Lilith

Lilith can be our kinky side, and those who have adverse effects from sex in their life could heal a lot of that through channeling whatever Lilith sign they are under in the star chart. Sex addiction and things that are taboo with sex need healing through Lillith’s energy well, and there is no way to recover them without channeling her power. The wild woman links to the kinkiest things in life and does not take lightly to being criticized for her sexual side. A witch needs to look and see what past traumas they have invoked to channel that energy to heal through the first mother. Lilith can be traumatizing, or she can be recovering. It depends on the respective levels for this wild but sensitive goddess, and it depends on how the person uses her powers. Each zodiac sign has its effects sexually through Lillith. They may come out as positive or negative regarding the character and how they handle the desires, so study hard into the healing, and she will work with your wishes.

Being aware of the Black Moon Lilith is very important for all sexual relationships, and this has just been an example of all the different ways Lilith expresses herself sexually. It is essential to analyze the sign that Lilith is under can guarantee that happiness will come by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each star sign and the placement. The wild woman Lilith will not be tamed unless she has been pleased. Lilith will not take kindly to being bullied or forced into a specific role that does not fit her personality.

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