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Sigil Creation is an Artistic Form of Intention Setting

Sigil magic is one of the most exciting parts of chaos magic and one of the most useful functions of this occult practice known for having no boundaries. Chaos magick is one of the newest magickal practices and is free of a set doctrine, which means practitioners can make up on how to perform the magick to whatever standards the practitioner pleases. Chaos magick is also called success magick or results-based magic, which are much better ways to describe this magick form. When people hear the word chaos, they believe that in this form of magick, there are no guidelines or function and would be correct in ways, but with sigil magic, there are some firm rules to follow to create a good sigil symbol to meditate with and charge.

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The most crucial aspect of making a sigil is to make sure the intention is stated confidently in the sigil statement. There can be no unassured or hopeful words in the mantra, and the wording must be complete affirmatives. For example, a sigil statement should not say, “I hope I will get the promotion I have been working hard towards” instead, it should be “I will get the promotion I have been working towards.” These confident statements assure the universe that one is ready for the intentions to come true and also prepared to put the work into manifesting the goals set out.

Creating these confident messages is what is called positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are what the universe responds to since the universe does not understand “not wanting” and will give you what a person needs to learn from first and foremost. For example, in the phrase “I do not want toxic relationships,” the universe only understands the want wording. The universe will take the negative statement as the intention setter is unsure and may need toxic relationships to learn about since it is precisely what the intention setter asked for from the universe. The intention setter must learn how to rephrase to the positive in affirmation. The other side is the lacking confidence since this is a message to the universe that one is not ready for what they ask for, so make sure it is always a confident, positive affirmation to get what you want and need.

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The steps to create a sigil are first to write out the full sigil statement. It is best to write the whole message out first since it is much easier to see the words out on paper instead of trying to do it in the head by memory. Ensure that statement is wholly written out, including numbers in their word form, and remove any grammatic symbols. Then remove any vowels, repeating letters, and double letters. Now it is time to create the sigil or glyph as it is sometimes known by in chaos magick. The sigil is a creative character representation of the written letters left behind as formed by the desired wish and are used as a visual tool for setting intentions and inspiration to complete a goal.

A trick to give these created sigils more influence is by placing a robo-sigil in with the other sigils. This act is shoaling works the same way like a school of fish, where the robofish leads the rest of the fish to the desired destination. The robo-sigil works just like the school of fish, with the main sigil activated by the daily habit and then set off the rest of the sigils to come to fruition as well. The setting of an intention that will be an action, the practitioner, is sure to do that day without fail like if you are a coffee drinker and you know you will be drinking coffee every day, use that as a robo-sigil. Use the prior exercise to create the symbol from the sentence: “I will drink coffee today” and put it in with the rest of the sigils when charging to manifest all of the sigils once the robo-sigil is activated. The power of the completed task will give your wish to symbol the power you need to accomplish it.

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The charging of a sigil is as essential as creating the sigil, and the practitioner must go into a gnostic state to give the sigil the power to activate and start creating. The sigil creator must implant the glyph into the unconscious mind, and that is done in a state of meditation or euphoria. Meditation is a great way to charge a sigil by looking at the sigil or sigil a long time before the meditation until the sigil is almost burned into the mind, then going into the meditative state. In the deepest part of the meditation, open your eyes and look at the sigil again to fully activate and charge the symbol. Another way to start a sigil is through masturbation or sex magick, where the sigil activates, similar to the act of meditation. During sex magick, the orgasm is when the symbol needs to be looked at and fully charged at the euphoria peak.

Sigils should be displayed where the practitioner can see them daily to be regularly and consistently charging the symbols. These powerful symbols should be highly visible and posted in a personal area such as a prayer shrine, meditation garden, spell casting circle, invocation space, or an altar. The power of sigils is an excellent tool for keeping intentions clear and working throughout a more extended period. Having a daily meditation practice with a sigil makes the manifestation activate with the daily routine and uses the meditation to make dreams come true.