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Interested in entering the spirit world when the veil is the thinnest?

Interested in entering the spirit world when the veil is the thinnest? Then read on.

The History of Samhain

There is nothing scary or evil about Samhain or its celebrations. Let’s lift the veil and dive into what this fun and festive celebration is and is not. Samhain in Celtic lore is considered to be the middle of the seasons and spirit world or in layman’s terms, when the veil between our world and the spirit world is at its thinnest and when the growing season is over.

Long ago before there were calendars, the Celtics celebrated based on the changing of the seasons. Sometimes Samhain came early and sometimes it came later in the year. It was determined based on when the growing season ended. After the Samhain celebration, nothing could be eaten from a live tree, bush, or plant. Those nutrients could only be used by mother earth. As the nourishment fell from trees and plants, it became food for mother earth to support the coming new year and new growing season.

This understanding of middle, ending, and beginning was also translated over into the the spirit world. Middle meant a thinning and less work for energies to move back and forth from the place where their ancestor went after death to the physical world. Communication with ancestors was easier and with the veil so thin, their relative and ancestors could enjoy and take part in the Samhain celebrations with them.

Samhain celebrations go way back before Christian times and before there was a calendar system. It was a celebration of nature’s ending and of new beginnings to come. It was also a celebration of the spirit world. During this time relatives who passed on, as well as other spirits could pierce the veil and come over into the physical world.

Once calendars were created, the Celtics no longer no longer followed the seasons and moved to calendars. October 31 through Nov 1 became the official Samhain days..

Now that you have a little history about Samhain, how do you take advantage of this time of the year to do some work on the other side of the veil?

With every spell, manifestation, intent there is the element of mediation and grounding. These two are the most important part of this and has to be done right for protection and for results.

Before starting your work, light some incense, sage or whatever other kind of scent you enjoy.

Sit in a place where you are upright and place a grounding crystal between your feet. Then take your mediation crystal and hold it in your hands.

Two really great crystals are below:

Moss Agate is a very powerful grounding stone and would work perfectly for this kind of work. Its main purpose is to connect you to mother earth. This is exactly the kind of strong grounding you need for this kind of work. You can find out more about it at this link – https://www.pjourni.com/product-page/5-tumbled-moss-agate-for-healing-nurturing-and-grounding-energy

Now close your eyes and take three deep breaths. With each breath you want to hold it for a count of 15 seconds and then slowly release it. What this does is calm the mind and also calm the physical body and rebalance.

Now for the fun part. Focus on the grounding stone between your feet and visualize the energy going from the universe down through the crown of your head, down your arms, stomach, legs and feet into the crystal at your feet.

Now picture that energy continuing on into the ground and all the way to the center of the earth and connect that energy with the largest magnetic crystal on this planet, the crystal at the earth’s core.

Now you are grounded to this space and have a link back when you are done with your work.

Start to focus on your intention, manifestation, or spell. Ask your spirit guides, goddesses or others to come to you at this time to support you in your ask and your goals.

If you feel a tingling feeling, warmth, cold or actually taken across the veil, that is OK. Go with what you are feeling and allow the experience to unfold as it should.

Once you feel you have completed your work, keep your eyes closed and give thanks to your spiritual guides and thank them for the work done during your meditation.

Once you feel yourself present and back in your physical place, disconnect the energy of the stone between your feet with the core of the earth, thank your crystals for their help. Your work is now done.

There are two times in the year where this kind of work is the strongest, Oct 31 – Nov 1 and December 31 – Jan 1. Mark down both these dates and prepare for some strong vibes and results during these times of the year.