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Interviewing a Minx with Muse Energy

My inspiration to interview Crimson from Minx + Muse was her fantastic personality and the tremendous sensual business in Austin, TX. Minx + Muse transcends all types of studios or mystical places with the community aspect and the incredible magickal knowledge with every class. Crimson has combined sensual dance with magickal practice, and every person who walks through the door feels this magickal studio’s innate power. Even those who have never experienced sensual dance realize this sacred place is special from their first class. It has created a coven environment that transcended the physical to create a unique space virtually by bringing the same quality classes online after the physical business experienced the pandemics lockdown. Minx + Muse has cemented their place in mystical and witchy expression by finding success in this new environment and keeping the dynamic that drew so many to the magickal location in the first place. Crimson has shown what hard work and magick can build, and Minx + Muse has even shaken up the open-minded Austin, TX community. Minx + Muse is a mystical and magickal business that has built a loyal following and supports woman-run, sensual dance spaces and magickal businesses through the Austin area.

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I appreciate Crimson connecting with me since she is a very busy woman who spends most of her time running Minx + Muse, her online classes, and keeping her community together through social media engagement. She is one of the most dynamic but sweetest witches and mentors I’ve ever met, and I feel blessed with every interaction I have with this beautiful witch. Anyone who comes into contact with Crimson immediately falls in love, and I hope to show her beautiful personality with this interview. Check out Minx + Muse even outside the ATX area and especially if you enjoyed this interview.

After watching the podcast with Aeriel Hour Podcast, I gained some insight into Crimson that was new to me. I was happy to experience the interview through that platform in preparing for my own. The Aerial Hour Podcast is one of the best resources for all aerial and pole podcast interviews and information that’s up to date with pole dance and the community. During this podcast, a great dynamic between Crimson and Tara explores the history of Crimson’s sensual magickal journey and the core motivations to start the fantastic Minx + Muse studio.

I learned from the podcast that Crimson started doing sensual dance at the Secret Pole Dance studio in Culver City, California. She passed by the Secret Pole Studio one day and felt the draw to the sexuality and sensuality of pole dance and the studio. Crimson learned pole at this studio and took lessons for a while. Even though she was beginning this journey in her mid-30s, it still changed her life in many ways. She felt the activation by the sensuality and empowerment of exotic dance. She then started a blog focused on pole dance and sold T-shirts, which Crimson thoroughly enjoyed. She filled a missing place in the pole dance community when she began the Pole Parlour podcast and enjoyed doing it for many years until she opened up Minx + Muse. She had a large social media following and thought she could translate that into something different by helping others grow with their spirituality and sexuality. She opened the studio in October of 2017 after making a business plan from a book she bought off Amazon. Crimson is a Jersey girl who went from Baltimore to NYC and then California, discovering her passion. This journey helped create the foundation for the magick that came when she moved to Austin, TX.

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The Interview

Why did you pick Austin, TX to open up Minx + Muse?

I was looking for somewhere affordable and had visited Austin a few times and loved the cities energy. I imagined I could settle down in the town, and they also had no winter, which was a plus coming from colder areas. Austin is a city that had a very easy-going and creative vibe, which made Austin an ideal destination for Minx + Muse.

What do you hope your coven students learn from your studio?

It is my goal that through classes and experiences at Minx + Muse that students are able to tap into their innate magick. This is a form of personal empowerment activated through various means, including physical embodiment, reclaiming one’s sexual sovereignty, and understanding the mystical powers of witchcraft. Once we reclaim these parts of ourselves, we are accessing our ultimate creatrix energy!

What about those that come for bachelorette parties for a one-time studio visit?

The energy is very different for those who come for a bachelorette party, and I hope to give them the experience of having fun and exploring sensual movement. It can be scary for those who have never experienced this type of energy, and I hope to give them a fun time with not as much focus on awakening and more of just dipping the toe into sensual movement. The goal is to get the visitors to freely dance and move among women and play with sensual movement with no expectations.

Where do you see Minx plus Muse in the next five years?

My goals for Minx + Muse over the next five years are to have a more robust schedule that includes both day and evening in-studio and virtual classes and workshops, and we hope to continue growing our coven to include more witches both in and outside of Austin. And I am constantly seeking to bring in high-quality educators and experiences to serve our community! We also just launched “Minx + Muse Mystics”, where we offer private readings in our new witch house located in the backyard of our studio. We have some amazingly talented astrologers, tarot readers, intuitives, energy workers, and more ready to work one-on-one with those looking to dive deeper into their journey. It is definitely my desire to have that grow, and expand our in-person and virtual bookings!

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What are your favorite classes to teach?

My favorite movement-based class is “Esoerotic Floorcravt” because this form of floor work seems to be the most transformational. It allows students to tap into their bodies and sexuality in powerful, unapologetic ways. Then for non-movement, my favorite is our weekly “Minx + Muse Coven” class. Since the pandemic, these experiences are now virtual, so we have witches joining us from around the globe! I love this class because we explore all different forms of magick, witchcraft, and mysticism, without the limitations of focusing on one narrowed religion or dogma. We are opening our minds to all the witchy potential, then crafting our own personal beliefs and practices!

How do you feel when others gush about how the studio change their lives? ( this comes from the inspiration that I have multiple times been guilty of this to Crimson)

That is what motivates me, and I save all the little anecdotes people send me in a file, which is my motivator. It is why I do this every day, and it humbles me completely. I love when those who have come to the studio say the class has helped bring out their sensual side since my main goal with the studio.

Did you have any idea Minx + Muse would resonate so accurately with the original message you set out to share?

Yes, I did not doubt it one bit! Everything aligned with the universe, and the fantastic instructors came at the right time and gave me that last push.

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After this beautiful conversation between myself and Crimson, I got some great insight into how she feels about the studio and its evolution into a safe space for many to experience. Minx + Muse’s focus is not on fitness but focuses on feminine energy in its pure form. Most people justify taking pole classes as it’s okay since they are getting in shape, and Minx + Muse is working to break that justification of experiencing sensual dance for anything but the self-empowerment. That is not to say that those fitness movements did not help create the studio’s ability to be open with erotic themes. The fantasy pole fitness movement was integral to open the door to how this amazing place has evolved. Minx + Muse does not do inversions, and most classes have many modifications for all skill abilities and comfort levels.

The coven aspect has benefited the most from the virtual and the pandemic. Since going virtual, the coven has been more accessible to all types of members from any location. The coven used to be capped by the size limit of how many witches could fit in the studio. Now anyone can join the coven, and there are more feelings of belonging in the virtual space. I could tell by talking to Crimson that she is happy with the way Minx + Muse is going, and I could tell it feels right for her to run the studio this way. Crimson is an inspiration to me and anyone she comes into contact with, she lives her best life and does what she loves every day. She has combined her passion for sensual dance and empowering witches through magick and the power of the movement. It is my opinion that she is changing the world every day. She has opened my eyes to the expansive feeling of sensual movement and magickal connections. I never thought my eyes could ever be this open, and as I have been toying with my sensual side for a long time, but this has brought it to a whole other level. I feel a lot of women experience the same sort of feelings with the studio. It is a blessing to both the Austin, TX community and the whole world, as anyone can join these fantastic classes virtually now.