Invest In Love Under the Libra Full Moon

This past worm moon in Libra’s time was beautiful as it peaked on March 28th. Still, spell work is intense after the full moon, so feel free to harness this energy to surround yourself in love and invest in yourself if needed.LibraMoon is a time where all the attention, love, and support go into your most significant investment. The priority is yourself and your dreams during this confidence-building time. You are using this energy to focus on dreams coming true with a self-dedication which is the only way to get results. Libra’s full moon will be a great time for focusing on lofty goals and ambitions and must be in line with intelligence as Libra is a solid, intelligent character.

Libra also in touch with emotions, so your deepest desires will come to your fruit in this next full moon. Libra’s full moon creates a dynamic new cycle with the following practice working towards becoming a new moon in Aries and then onto the next full moon of April 26th, in Scorpio. This cycle’s goals could center around things you’ve never tried before or ambitious dreams that may seem unachievable. This dynamic pace is excellent for creating new goals and set them in motion during this next cycle. Libra can be intelligent in the plans that will change dynamically through the Aries new moon. Then the Aries will be covered by the Scorpio to find and heal any deep holes left, and the goals will then come to absolute fruition.

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and they are strong-willed and determined while encompassing beauty and class. They can be complex and secretive, with skeletons in their closet. They are objective and will give in to keep the peace since they have very justice-seeking instincts. They are brilliant and know when to hold out for good results. Libra, like Taurus, is ruled by the planet Venus but dominated by the opposite element to Tauruses Earth. This air sign encompasses a much different side to the Goddess of love than many commonly are used to seeing. They are more of the brains behind love and want the perfect mate even if it seems unrealistic. They want to look at love as intellectual compatibility and can sometimes be very inconsistent and the way that they love.

We began the money jars with the new moon in Virgo, and following up is the full moon in Libra, which signifies the completion of the prosperity spell and moves us onto investing. The spell process completes between a new moon to a full moon, and then it is time to send the magick out into the universe and begin a new spell in the jars. Since we did the prosperity spell, we will relish our good fortune and start making plans for the future by investing this prosperity. Since Virgo rules organization and Earth elements like planning and security, the money or prosperous self tools gained from the prosperity spell will be abundant for dreams and goals being ushered in by intelligent Libra.

The prosperity jar I created, in particular, has the foundation for my self-investment, the goals I have for my dance, my life, and my witchy powers. I’ve had prosperity within my life recently and have thanked the money jar that brought me so much luck in the Virgo moon. It is now time for me to invest that power in my self-investment and work towards the future of consistent happiness. Into the investment jar, I added heather, which represents Libra energy of strong, girly, and valuable. Most Libras have the power of beautiful feminine aspects, and heather has that beautiful color but also an intense healing ability as both a herb for healing and a plant for magickal properties. Heather has been used in ancient cultures to open portals between this world and the fairy world, and the Fae represents Venus and Libra energy.

The Libra full moon enforces solid interactions with people in relationships as it moves into the new moon in Aries, solidifying any relationship goals. The next cycle continues onto the next full moon that will be in Scorpio. The Libra full moon represents an investment, and doing a jar spell is a great way to move from one ruling sign to another. Libra represents the end to the Virgo money jar planning and prepping and now looking at our dreams with intelligent execution. The Libra full moon power is a time to channel the Venus energy of what we desire within our hearts. Extravagant desires or simple desires that direct us to be better people will do the best investing under this Libra full moon.