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Is it Safe to Get What You Want from Magick?

When you are working with energies that are called from the Otherworld, it can work in a few different ways. Although all energies can be to your benefit, how it comes can be an enjoyable experience or a concern.

Knowing where you stand is important before engaging in any kind of magick or manifestation work. If you believe in them or not, there is energy beyond what we know that is dangerous to your well-being. You need to know what energy you want coming to you and what energy is good for yourself before doing any work. And as I mention to anyone that partakes in any kind of magick both light or dark, if it does not feel right, then it is OK to stop and to try something different. You control your own destiny and control what comes into your life.

Now with all that said, let’s jump into some examples of manifestation and invoking. The examples below are two extremes, there are many layers in between and some of the light work and dark work can mingle. So what you read below is not set in stone or exactly how things work. It is simply an extreme way to present the subject so that is clear and understandable.

Light Energy from the Universal Ether

The first way of doing this would be to create a crystal grid, use crystal spheres, meditate, or work with the gentle guidance of the goddesses. In this way, you are not demanding or invoking an immediate result, but simply for general abundance in the form of some kind of financial positive gain. What you ask you are willing to wait for and know that it will come at the right time and in a gentle sustainable way.

The gentle sustainable energy comes from the universal ether. It is the Celestial Energy that fills all spaces. Slowly sipping from this energy, your intentions are manifested in ways that are sustainable and to your overall benefit. This energy does not work fast. It can take a month, too many months to bring the kind of results you are looking for.

An example of results may be for an increase in a business’ sales, or an unexpected bonus at a job. Perhaps you may receive a new job offer with better pay and benefits. New business ventures may come out of nowhere. There are many more examples, but these are some basic ones.

Dark Energy Taken from the Otherworld

The other way to get the same thing, but much faster is something I refer to as kicking in the door to the Otherworld and saying, “Here I am, give me what I want!”

With this example, the bringing of wealth through money is stated. Using some of the darker energy tools such as an ouija board, mirror scrying, demon board, complex dark spells, etc. will have a faster result, but may come with a few unexpected outcomes.

When magick used in this manner, it must be taken from another source. It does not have time to slowly build.

With this method, you may get a huge bonus for the year, but the result is a huge layoff for others in your company. Or you may receive an unexpected check in the mail, but find other bill amounts increasing which nullifying most of your gains. There are many others, but I believe you get where this is going. There has to be something taken from somewhere else for this work to manifest quickly.

There is no judgment within this article. Everyone has a place and reason for being in this universe. You are the balance that is needed to keep the dark energies in line or the light energies in line. If you are moving through life in this manner, you have served your purpose.