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Let’s Get Lusty this Valentine’s Day

Hello, I am Astro Lily


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Dave Wood Photography

My amazing readers here may know me as Lily De Rose, but today I wanted to, as Astro Lily, introduce you to the Dream Girls! This group of women got me through the worse year of my life and inspired me to follow my dreams. In the process, I became a Dream Girl. The way everything fell into place for the Dream Girls Burlesque troupe was truly magick with dedication and a bit of fairy dust. A group of like-minded magickal creatures created shows that transcended space and time. These dancers were not going to let the pandemic dull their shine. The way the group has put on outstanding performances and have grown closer as a coven is one of the best experiences of my life so far.

The Dream Girls have shown not only can magick create multiple amazing shows, but we can also empower and support our community of dancers and Sex Workers! We have connected through the wired world in a more in-depth and more intense way than ever before. These women have my soul and have brought life into my dance. This Valentine’s day, it will be about celebrating the Lusty sex magick these Witches have in store and celebrating the love build between community members and women supporting women!

Dream Girls burlesque will be creating magic this Valentine’s Day with the Lust Witch performance on Zoom. Lust Witch, A Thirst Trap Love Story is channeling the movie ‘Love Witch.” A black comedy and horror film released in the late 2010s as a throwback to the 1960s cult films. Love Witch is a film about women taking over and showing that beauty can be deadly. The Dream Girls resonate with that magick as we have owned our power and are taking over the dance scene with our witchy power.

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The Dream Girls were formed last year due to pure magick coming together in a shadow time. The quarantine had locked us all down, and as performing artists and burlesque dancers, we were starting to get a push into performing and burlesque. It was exactly a year ago that I performed in Prudence DeVilliere’s burlesque workshop with Pennie Please at the beautiful Clocktower Cabaret in Downtown Denver. I saw that both Pennie and I were ready to take this burlesque thing by the horns and make the most of it. That somewhat came to a halt with the horrid arrival of the 2020 pandemic. Our burlesque dreams for the stage seemed to be on hold. Not one for sitting the quarantine out, Pennie was inspired to do a show online. When I saw her call for performers, I jumped right on board, and the rest is Dream Girl history.

Pennie ended up crafting a magickal group of witches, and all of our performances have been these magickal experiences of connection and sexy movement. It would make sense that we would all have witchy qualities since our coven of dancers magick has been flowing for a while now. I am so excited to introduce you to the Dream Girls and let you see why I believe these witches are genuinely magickal!

Introducing the Dream Girls!…in their Own Words

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Pennie Please


Creator and Manager of Dream Girls Burlesque

The Sensual Empress: Astrology, Tarot, Relationship & Intimacy Educator

Wild Women Podcast: Edgy Girl Talk, Sex, Astrology, Feminism

Pennie Please is an animal lover, obsessed with the cosmos, about that bread, kind, yoga junkie, audiophile, pop art/kawaii queen

What inspires me?

I’ve spent most of my life being the underdog in most situations. I feel like I’ve always had to work hard to prove my worthiness. I don’t feel that way anymore, and burlesque has helped me heal my issues around self-worth. I’m driven to provide a platform and open space for anyone who feels they have a form of creative expression that needs to be released and seen. There is not enough inclusiveness in the community, and my goal is to expand the reach of burlesque and the world of sensual art. I got into burlesque after experiencing a horrible breakup where my spirit and self-confidence were broken. I was terrified and nervous, but I pushed myself to use burlesque and getting down to pasties and panties on stage as a way to express my pain and heal. For me, there is nothing more empowering than moving your body and creating a happy, sensual experience for your audience.

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Favorite part of magick?

My favorite part of magick is working with the planets, stars, and crystals. I love casting spells and rituals! Tarot and astrology are my favorite magical resources to channel messages from the spirit world.

My Thirst Trap Strategy?

Spending hours and hours perfecting sensual dance moves and teasing fuckboys online.

Favorite part of being a Dream Girl?

I get to work with amazingly creative, hardworking, and passionate women. The Dream Girls was created to help us keep the art of burlesque and sensual movement alive during the pandemic. The stress of the world has been an emotional rollercoaster, and the Dream Girls have kept me going through the nightmare that was 2020. We hope to grow and evolve in 2021, and I can’t wait to continue down this path with such a great group of powerful women.

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Cherrie Blossom


Social Media Vixen for @Dreamyburlesque

Cherrie Blossom is a sexy and seductive witch who can break hearts with just one glance. She encompasses the authentic Lust Witch vibe with an old school cool mixed with a bohemian vibe that makes all the magick happen with only one glance.

What got you into burlesque?

I have always been dancing, ever since I can remember, I was dancing with the fridge door and breaking door knobs from dipping and spinning with them. I have explored various types of dance like hip hop, belly, flow, gogo, pole, and burlesque. I pulled a lot of influences from my favorite movies like Flashdance, striptease, girls just wanna have fun, dirty dancing (I & II), and burlesque with Cher. The art of seduction is my most favorite thing about dance. I draw a lot of power and self-love from dancing.

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What’s your most witchy quality

I would say my most witchy quality is my skill of divination. I know things through “feeling” someone or something is coming. I practice tarot, palmistry, pendulum swinging, and crystal ball gazing.

What is your favorite part of magick?

My favorite part of magick is my ability to craft the reality right for me. Magick is how I help myself, my friends, and get my groove back.

What is your thirst trap?

My thirst trap is my eyes. I can seduce using just the gaze.

What is your favorite part of being a Dream Girl?

My favorite part of being a dream girl is not only that we have become pioneers in new ways of watching live shows during this pandemic, but without even meaning too we have created a coven of strong and unique women who all practice witchcraft as well as various forms of dance.

Blue Lightning


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Blue Lightning is a Los Angeles-based dancer on a mission to empower audiences to live out loud and not give a fuck what anybody thinks. Dancing since the age of 5, she brings masterful skill to every performance. A beam of brilliant light, she is lightning personified. Unapologetic. Electrifying. Awe-inspiring.

What got me into burlesque? What inspires me about burlesque?

Burlesque gives me a space to be a sexual, sensual woman without apology. It hasn’t always been safe to wear that identity out in the world, but on stage, I feel powerful and in control. I can play with my shadows and share my light, and hopefully inspire others to live in their fullest expression. Seeing other burlesque dancers captivate their audiences in this way gives me so much permission to do the same.

What is my most witchy quality?

My most witchy quality is my ability to feel the world around me. Feelings often hit my body before I’ve had the chance to process them consciously. I have a keen awareness of how others are feeling, and that helps me hold space in a compassionate way.

What is my favorite part about magick?

Believing in magick makes my life so much more vibrant. It is so empowering to work with the cycles of nature and subtle energies. I love the sense of support and interconnectedness it brings. Magick has the ability to transmute anything into something lighter, sweeter, more loving. It has helped me out of the darkness so many times, and for that, I am infinitely grateful.

What is my thirst trap?

Neck bites and my man’s cooking.

What is my favorite part about being a Dream Girl?

My favorite part about being a Dream Girl is the community. We’re our own little coven! Each dancer is so badass in her own right, and we’ve really been there for each other through the dark times of Covid. I’m awe-inspired by the creativity and magick in this circle of women.

Candi Cosmic


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Candi Cosmic is a performer based in sunny LA who is made of the stars, both of light and the dark, and shows up in her most authentic self unapologetically. Calling in the goddess through every act, Candi embodies truth, presence, and pure love. Sweet and sensual, but bold and fearless. Candi guides us through facing and embracing all of ourselves in order to find our way back to wholeness, freedom, and feminine empowerment.

Who got me into burlesque? What inspires me about burlesque?

What I love most about burlesque is the empowerment it gives to all figures. Women have been repressed, silenced, shamed for centuries. Burlesque allows all bodies to reclaim what has been taken from them. Watching other burlesque performers radiate their self-worth and self-love on stage allows me to do the same. I’m typically a shy creature, but on stage, I can be loud and fully in my power.

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What is my most witchy quality?

My most witchy quality is my expansive heart. I have the ability to feel deeply into other people’s emotions. I am a giver and will naturally want to nurture you. With this gift, I’m learning how to filter the world through my intuition. Remembering to center myself and let go of any energy that doesn’t belong to me.

What is my favorite part about magick?

Ever since I brought magick into my world, I’ve felt more connected to nature, my soul, and all beings. When I’m fully aligned with Spirit, I can feel the abundance in my daily life. And that is the beauty of magick – it is available to anyone at any time. You just have to trust and surrender that the Universe has got your back.

What is my thirst trap?

My man’s tattoo of a cross on his chest and when he’s bossy in bed.

What is my favorite part about being a Dream Girl?

Being connected with such a creative, badass coven! I’m honored to perform alongside such talented dancers during such a bleak, depressing timeline. Connection has been difficult during Covid, to say the least, but this troupe has brought me so much joy and belonging. I am so grateful to be dancing with like-minded witches. This is only the beginning.

Penny Spectacular


Penny Spectacular lives up to her name as a dynamic drag queen who is absolutely Spectacular in every performance. She transforms herself into the sexiest and most stunning avant-garde performer channeling the same energy as her hero Gaga!

What inspires me

Lady Gaga, Drag Queens, Weird Al, circus, any kind of performance art!

What got you into burlesque?

I got into burlesque in 2012, I took Vivienne Vavoom’s courses and started to get involved in the Denver burlesque community. I started performing in drag shows around 2015 and fully embraced the art of Draglesque summer 2017.

My most witchy quality…

I would consider myself a color witch, the energy of colors inspire and heal me, so I celebrate them. I love to study tarot and astrology. Daily mantras help me keep my sanity. My favorite part about magick is that it is always inside of you, and we can access it in so many different ways.

What is your Thirst Trap?

I would say my thirst trap is smart nerdy peeps.

Favorite part about being a dream girl

My favorite part about being a Dream Girl is being able to perform for a wider audience online and getting to know these amazing, strong women who inspire me all of the time. I am so thankful to the dream girls for helping me keep my sanity during the pandemic. I cannot wait to travel around and perform with them!

Sexy Guests!

Spunky Sauvignon


Spunky is a triple Cancer heart-centered hostess with the most-est who is also red hot in every way! Spunky has a vibe that invokes flowing around a bed or pool in lingerie. Spunky hosts with our own Pennie Please, the Wild Woman Podcast. This podcast is so magick and lusty that you need to tune it to these babes’ dynamic to experience a ritual empowered chat among powerful lusty beings. She is all water, and her energy flows effortlessly, especially with her cohost Pennie Please. Persephone is the Goddess she feels closest to, and you can tell with her sunny disposition and sultry nature. Spunky is a witch who encompasses both the bright spring frolicking in fields and the chilly winter vibes of cuddling in bed.

Serpentine Siren


A slinky serpent indeed, as Serpentine Siren can channel the true witchcraft spirit and connection to her body that is in tune with nature and the universe. She is seducing the audience with the tribal magick of her slow sensual moves. She is a caster who channels the dark goddess, which demands intense devotion from the audience. Magickal creatures of the mossy forest inspire her magick. You will not be able to take your eyes off this slinky witch when she spellbinds you with her mesmerizing movement. Wild women represent our goddess Lilith, but Serpent encompasses the kundalini energy with the force of Lilith.

Devi Letalis




Our International witch is flying in from Austria through magickal means to perform on your screens for Lust Witch. She encompasses many ancient goddesses and witches of dark and profound energy. Devi is the goddess Nyx at one moment with magick and mystery than the next moment as Aprohdite with sophistication and elegance. Devi is a crafty and talented witch with costume and jewelry making skills, hosting her troupe, Cabaret Curiosas burlesque show, and is an all-around fantastic mentor and inspiration for many burlesque dancers and witches.

Tessa Breathless


Another special burlesque witch zooming in from New York is Tessa Breathless. Tessa is a comedic burlesque dancer who radiates magick on stage, and we are lucky to be able to experience it in our Lust Witch show. A unique form of magick and power releases from Tessa, and those who see her act will be blown away by the Lust leaking from the screen. When Tessa Breathless works to take your breath away, you will wonder what spell you have fallen under to be so devoted to this witchy mistress.

The Lust Witch will be the 5th show hosted by the Dream Girls, but the magickal momentum has no end in sight. We have taken on a new dynamic in the online presentations, which synchronically has fueled us through the crazy pandemic while also putting on a great show. We have had so many beautiful guests throughout the performances, and the Dream Girls have no plans on stopping the magick anytime soon. Check out our Instagram or the individual dancers’ Instagrams to get more information on upcoming shows or buy tickets for Lust Witch here.

My last thoughts are that sensual dance is one of the most profound connections feminine energy can fill to true bliss. The Dream Girl community has lit a fire in my passion for dance that I could never be grateful enough for in this life. The strong community of women that are all about supporting each other is priceless. It is right to let your magick shine since the sensual connection is vital to a full human experience. The Dream Girls have saved my mind, body, and soul with their devotion and support to my dance and magick. I am the luckiest witch to have a coven that sends the best energy and encapsulates real wild woman power and feminine connection. I hope every being can feel that level of support in their life and through their passions.