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Life Is A Journey Worth Living

Today’s Room of Shadow’s post is a little different. I want to introduce you to someone I have followed for a while. Someone that has changed my view on life and how I live my life. I normally don’t share things like this, but I believe her energy is needed right now.

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Sometimes you come upon a spirit that was placed here on this planet to raise the level of everything that is good. A gentle spirit or Wicca, who can change a person’s perspective on life and better the world with just her presence.

Sometimes the beauty of a goddess can be found right here on earth. Their words, photos, actions, and views of life are a blessing that has a lasting effect. You don’t need to meditate to find them or interact with them. Just being in the presence of some of these people is enough to make a lasting change in your life.

It is those little things in life that matter the most. It is living in the present that can make a lasting change and effect on your life.

I want to introduce you to Annabel Margaret. Some of you may already know her, but for those that do not, she is a spirit that is worth your time. Sit back, grab a cup of tea or coffee. Quiet your mind and watch a few of her videos. She is a person who has seen a lot of life-changing health problems but still finds an enormous amount of beauty in life and shares it with you through her many beautiful videos. I placed one of her videos below for you to watch.

Annabel Margaret

Annabel’s journey is extremely uplifting. Her energy is gentle and beautiful. Her words are a hypnotic journey that aligns with nature and living for the moment because you never know when your life will change.

Focus not on the past or the future, but only on what you can control. Live in that moment and happiness follows.