Dark Goddesses

Lilith Rituals for the Dark Goddess Worshiper

The Queen of the left-hand path is the great dark Goddess Lilith! She is the ruler of all the occult and ostracised belief systems and should be worshiped by all who do not fit into societies boring typical belief systems. Lilith is one of the best feminine guides. She is unapologetically a goddess but with a heart of a wild animal connecting both divinity and wild nature into one being.

Lilith is called upon through the color black, and that it is best to use a Black Candle when calling upon Lilith in a ritual. Other dark-colored candles can work for summoning Willis as well, as she represents the darkest parts of the universe being so far away from the Sun and Moon she is the void. The word Lilith originates from the word Lilit meaning night in Sumerian, which is why the Goddess is associated so strongly with the dark.

The ritual needs to include a few items that can be necessary, but alternatives can be just as useful. Here are some recommended articles to use for the Lilith Ritual.

  1. A Statue of Lilith can also be any symbol that can represent the goddess and does not have to be exact
  2. Black and Red Candles, which are the best to invoke this dark goddesses energy
  3. Incense. I always prefer Frankincense myself, but any dark musky smell will do good to invoke the wild woman
  4. An Offering, preferably Meat (she is a wrathful goddess, and an offering should be made to her, meat is ideal. If you oppose this, you may use an egg)
  5. A Piece of paper and a pen.
  6. A Bowl where you can safely burn the paper
  7. And a copy of the prayer to Lilith
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Prayer to LilithFace North and speak the words.”From the dark pits of the Earth! I call you wild, black goddess! Lillith arises and comes forth.”Face West and speak the words.”From the Serpent’s lair in the magickal Waters, I call you the queen of blasphemy! Arise and come forth to free our wild side!Face South and speak the words.” From the mountains and hills where the sabbatic fires burn, I call you the mother of fornication! arise and come forth.”Face East and speak the words” from the black Skies and eternal night, I call you the princess of screeching! arise and come forth.”Face The Altar and speak the words.” the gates are open wide, and the children of Lilith are coming on the wings of The Shadow and all those who have been cast aside!”

It is best to do this ritual on a moonless night during a new moon or Black Moon as it can pull the dark aura of Lilith to the surface as she hides in the shadows. The Black Moon Lilith is on the farthest point from the moon and is in the darkest part of space. This goddess lives in the dark parts of the psyche and space, ruling over the shadow self. Another great tool to call upon the goddess Lilith is obsidian scrying mirrors or scrying to Wells, as they have a deep connection to the dark goddess.

Lilith was thought to be the first wife of Adam, and she was thrown out of the garden of Eden for defending herself for not being subservient to Adam. She went to the desert where she met Samael, supposedly Satan incarnate. This story has significant flaws as it completely rejects the idea of Adam being an absolute control freak. Still, it also warps Lillis into a sex-starved demon S, farthest from the truth as she is just the early parts of womankind. Then with all the creatures on Earth, she had a baby, supposedly creating the first demons. Ancient cultures believed Lilith caused Miscarriages and SIDs and would keep talisman in pregnant women’s houses or over cribs to protect against her influence.

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To invoke this goddess, we must channel the parts of ourselves that need to be opened up and stop having judgment cast upon it—creating the false narrative that allowed the Bible to warp the woman who has desires to be equal to her man and even sometimes dominant into a demoness quality. The false report we create in our heads every day is similar, and we all need a deprogrammer self to think the worst about our flaws as humans and be like Willis and embrace the imperfections, maybe even wear them as a badge of honor.

Lilith has helped rule over many misfits and those left behind by organizations that preach inclusiveness and savior complexes. This method of ostracizing has turned many to channel her energy through times of struggle, and directing her would be best to be done during times where you need her extra boost of confidence. The rainbow flag has been synonymous with the LGBTQ+ movement. Still, it is a very Lilith thing to have done by the first pioneers of this movement to wear their pride loud and proud regardless of the threat to life, liberty, or personal freedom. This is robust Lilith Energy as the dark goddess would be the type to wear her badge proud and make the world accept her for who she is regardless of any struggle. Man, woman or non-binary people should always channel this Lilith energy and never be afraid to be who they, well she encourages even more for those to be proud of who they are and use this wild black goddess to support them in this journey.

Use the black Lilith goddess when people may be attacking your spirit in reputation, especially false narratives. Lilith is not the cause of thing should be miscarriages and if anything, she should be prayed to for protection as she was the first true mother of life and civilization. Also, channel the black goddess to support struggles in self-identity and confidence.

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