Dark Goddesses

Lilith the Banished Goddess

The most common knowledge about the myth of Lilith is biased on many levels. Lilith has received a bad reputation from biblical sources, which has also given any woman who may have similar tendencies just as horrible of a reputation. Lately, there have been movements on a larger scale to embrace the Lilith energy that resides in all females. Events like slutwalks and supporting sex worker cursades spotlight these once considered shameful aspects of Lilith to gain the attention of mainstream society. Movements celebrating Lilith are progressive for all womankind, yet still, there is much more work to be done to free the wild woman and bring her to the equality of men!

Out of the different stories of Lilith’s creation, the most common myth is she was born at the same time as Adam, from the same essence. They came into the world as equals in life and during creation. She refused to be subservient to him because she saw the equality of men and women and how they could benefit the world differently. Adam would not treat Lilith like an equal partner, as Lilith would not stick around to live in misery, so she left Adam to wallow in his arrogance. Forward to modern times, this is the same struggle that many empowered women have to this day, which began in biblical times. Then Eve came into the picture and was the subservient archetype, the one who would be okay with being beneath Adam. Embracing Lilith is not about shaming the Eve archetype as a woman must not shame another woman for what she accepts. Lilith was not losing any sleep over being replaced by Eve, as in some myths, Lilith may have been the snake in the garden, luring Eve to find her empowered woman energy.

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The awakened women movement must take priority to study into the vast goddess energy but especially Lilith. Lilith is the Goddess of the left-hand path and represents all the taboo aspects in the world and not only the sexual taboos commonly associated with Lilith energy. Lilith can represent a demon because Christianity has declared heresy on so many spiritual movements. She is the one always pushing the status quo for nothing being off-limits for her. Lilith is the Goddess that represents heresy in itself and the questioning of belief structures. Lilith embraces the outcasts and the angry energy that can form from being cast out from peers or being ostracized by a family for not believing in what they believe. Lilith will be the one to embrace the cast out like the mother to her dark flock.

The black moon Lilith is the most common Lilith placement on a star chart gathered from popular astrology sites. Each Lilith placement in an individual star chart can highlight the possible struggles a woman can face in her own identity and what conflicts may arise with not embracing the personality of her black moon Lilith. A woman with a Cancer in Lilith will have a whole unique set of struggles compared to a Leo Lilith and the same with the house aspects. A Cancer Lilith placement would have a different set of areas to work on if her Lilith was in her 7th house compared to her 8th. Gaining knowledge of the Lilith placement in an individual star chart is vital as the Lilith will not ever be the same for two women, even with the exact sign/house placements, since the rest of the planets can also create differences of interactions. A woman who has her Venus close to Lilith in her star chart may find that she will never be satisfied with the subservient role and may always wonder why she cannot find relationships with men that want her to be the perfect housewife. Men are not exempt from this study into their Lilith placement as it can show them what kind of woman they are lusting after and if they’re ready to handle that wild Lilith energy.

My recommendation for both sexes is to learn the Lilith placement in the star chart. Then see which sign and house the black moon Lilith is under to understand that wild side of a person, man or woman. Men who have Lilith in a sign/house position will be looking for women that encompass those traits, along with the Venus traits he has in his chart. The same goes for a woman who may embrace her Venus as her romantic side but also needs to know Lilith. Lilith will always come into play in any romantic relationship as well. Lilith will be the one that comes out when the honeymoon phase ends, and the real relationship begins. The best way to sum it up for women embracing their Lilith in relationships is: If my partner can’t handle me at my Lilith, he doesn’t deserve me at my Venus!